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Mondrian SoHo: Views + iPads = Room Service- 06.15.11

monfood0.jpg So, you’ve seen my stunning full moon views tonight ~ and in the past, Jackson came to the Mondrian SoHo’s staycation and showed us the ipad/room service magic that was breakfast. Well needing a hotel for a night, i decided to try out the Morgan’s Global Card, one of the perks being a “complimentary night at all of our new hotel openings around the world “… and amazingly, even on an expensive and rather full night, calling the number on the back of the card, somehow a room was procured (even the night before)… and upon arrival, even upgraded into a penthouse level suite. I must say i’m impressed. The heinous stress of a last minute booking in the chaos of NY hotels being transformed into a seemless and painfree experience filled with surprises was perfect. But anyhow, back to the view! And the iPad! And the food! Having forgotten to have breakfast before my flight, and not really having food on JetBlue, i was famished by the time i got in around 8pm… and drawn out to the patio with the iPad, room service was ordered with a few quick taps between being mesmerized by the view… it arrived incredibly fast! (Or i just lost track of time out there, but i swear, it was faster than the time i picked - which was essentially ASAP.) So take a peek at MY version of experiencing the views, precariously balancing the iPad on the corner of the railing 25 stories up, breakfast/dinner in a fried egg burger/salad, and a look around the adorable room ~ all on the next page!

With a view and balcony like this, i had to go outside! Luckily the iPad that does it all easily came with… even greeting me by name. monfood1.jpg

… Dining! monfood2.jpg

… IN room! monfood3.jpg

… All Day Dining, please! monfood4.jpg

And order away! After selecting it even gives you options for how you’d like your burger… monfood5.jpg

It even prompts you to add appetizer or beverages when it “notices” you didn’t have any… monfood6.jpg

Cute flourish using the spinner to select how many people you’ll be feeding… monfood7.jpg

How far down could the iPad have dropped if the wind blew the wrong way? monfood7a.jpg

… this far down! 25 floors! monfood7b.jpg

And so quickly it all appeared! monfood8.jpg

The burger was delicious but messy enough that it was better with a fork and knife… monfood9.jpg

The salad swimming in miso dressing, but delicious. monfood10.jpg

Chocolate/Caramel tarts were waiting in the room… monfood11.jpg

Ooey gooey deliciousness… topped with sea salt! monfood12.jpg

And here’s a peek into the room itself… monfood13.jpg

The bathroom… monfood14.jpg

And i’m not sure who would sit here tending to the door… but it’s comfy! monfood15.jpg

And the view looking in from the door… into the sitting room and off to the left is the patio… monfood00.jpg

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