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Scumco & Sons ABC Decks- 06.13.11

scumco0.jpg It’s not often you see Letterpress mixed with Skateboard art… mixed with exotic hardwoods… mixed with ABCs… especially the ABC’s of offensive rap lyrics. Amazingly Scumco & Sons seems to have managed to merged all of that… and more. Crafted in their Pittsburgh studios, Scumco & Sons have launched this one of a kind 26 piece art series of decks. Nick Teodori grabbed my attention with them in person last weekend, and i must say they are even more stunning in person! His attention to detail is hard to miss. Layer upon layer of graphics, colors, woods, and meaning for you to decipher and interpret as you wish. Can you name all of the rap songs that inspired them? Can you name the beautiful exotic woods used? Can you imagine teaching kids the alphabets off of these? Which letter would you pick to adorn your wall? The Process: Standard 7 layer maple deck with an 8th layer of 0.06 mm furniture veneer, with prints made on a Vandercook Universal III then heat transferred. The lovely photos are courtesy of Demian Aspinwall, and making of coming soon… but first, check out all of the ABC’s on the next page as well as some close ups!

p.s. While some have been sold ~ a few letters are still available from the collection… so hard trying to decide which one/s my wall needs.

scumcoA.jpg AK-47 is the tool on Makore Pomellé

scumcoB.jpg Bitch, go change your cotex on Fiddelback African Satinwood

scumcoC.jpg Catch a Ho and another Ho, Merry Christmas on Angelstep Maple

scumcoD.jpg Do The Smurf on Indian Rosewood

scumcoE.jpg The Eight-O-Eight kick drum makes the girlies get dumb on dyed Birdeye Maple

scumcoF.jpg Fire! Fire! The ism is my desire! on Figured Cherry

scumcoG.jpg Girls act stupid-aly when I’m pumpin’ em on Curly Greyheart Maple

scumcoH.jpg Ho go home and wash out your beaver on Japanese Ash Tamo

scumcoI.jpg I got techniques drippin’ out my buttcheeks on Santos Rosewood

scumcoJ.jpg The J is for Just, the other’s for Jammin’ on Mottled Makore

scumcoK.jpg Kill kill kill, murder murder murder! on Walnut Burl

scumcoL.jpg Low Life Loser, Life Like Lunar, Lacksadaisical Listless Lunatic, Lives Lifeless, Livin’ Likeness, Lusting Longing, Lyrics Like this, Little League Large, Larcenist Liar, Label Ledger Left, the Leper Liar, Bull, Lull, Lateral Learning, Lacks Language, Latent Lurking, Languish Language, Local Logo, Light Laboring, Limited Loco on Australian Myrtle

scumcoM.jpg My JVC vibrates the concrete on Pimento Burl

scumcoN.jpg No pickles, no onion, no playin’ on Sapele Ribbon

scumcoO.jpg One Ribbit on Maple

scumcoP.jpg Pussy smell like water on Sapele Pomellé

scumcoQ.jpg Queens keeps on fakin’ it on Cerejeira Crotch

scumcoR.jpg Remorse? What the fuck is that? on Goncalo Alves

scumcoS.jpg Stab his ass in the leg and the chest and the back and mouth on French Ash Burl

scumcoT.jpg Two Ribbit on Italian Laurel

scumcoU.jpg Understand my rhythm, my pattern of lecture on Cherry

scumcoV.jpg Vanglorious! on Hawaiian Koa

scumcoW.jpg Why I got this pink on when I’m black like dirt? on dyed Lacewood

scumcoX.jpg X - C - A - L - then to the N on English Yew

scumcoY.jpg Yo, who the fuck used my toothbrush? on Cherry

scumcoZ.jpg His Zodiac sign is Capricorn on American Elm Burl

And if you’ve made it this far down, here are some fun close ups to see just how detailed they get! close1.jpg






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