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Spyshots: 2012 Honda CR-V Accident?- 07.27.11

2012honda0.jpg So i already showed you the car accident mess i was in here. Sadly my car is totalled, but luckily i’m on the mend ~ and trying to figure out the next car and how to get better as fast as possible! On a separate note… friends and family checking out the accident pics noticed that i might have been hit by a 2012 Honda CR-V in stealth super secret prototype mode? (Bonus points to my dad and Acquire for noticing this!) And all the info and mysterious lack of data on the year/make/ of the car by the police/guy who hit me… and that he was from Ohio and may work for Honda… and checking out spyshots of the 2012 Honda CR-V the design and coverings seem to match really well… So it does seem to point to them being right? Did i really nearly get crushed in my car by a super stealth 2012 Honda CR-V?!?! See pics from the scene of the accident as well as spyshots for comparison on the next page!

p.s. looks like even Autoblog noticed… as did Jalopnik… and Automobile

It did seem odd that the police said they’d call me later to give me the make/model of the “Honda 4DR BLK” car… when they knew the rest of ours! And he is from OH where American Honda Motor Co is based… and he does use a Japanese insurance company that Honda Assurance is partners with… (and no, the police still haven’t called with that make and model number) 2012honda00.jpg

Here’s a close up from one of the pics i took out of the ambulance to see what was going on outside that i couldn’t see while strapped down in neckbrace on the stretcher… 2012honda.jpg

Here are some peeks of the car from the accident scene photos… the wraps on the car and the black wheels do match the spy shots surfacing around the internet as well… 2012honda1.jpg





Spyshots of the 2012 Honda CR-V in Death Valley shot by Scoopy found over at Auto Evolution:




See more spyshots over at Car & Driver as well: 2012honda11.jpg


9 Notes

Didn’t you know…that’s how Honda does crash tests?

----- Anonymous 29.10.11 17:20

Yup, that’s how they mask the new models when they road test them. Get well soon!

----- Nate 31.07.11 18:32

Be honest buddy. Were you chasing this car? We remember a certain paparazzi….

----- Harry 28.07.11 20:46

Hope you get well soon.
By the way did you notice that the guy who drove the stealth car in the accident (http://www.notcot.com/images/2011/07/accident3.jpg) looks quiet like the guy on the passenger seat in the Scoopy shots (http://www.notcot.com/images/2011/07/2012honda9.jpg)?

----- Alex 28.07.11 00:21

I hope it was the other driver’s fault. Probably didn’t see you in the blind spot with that back window blacked out too.

----- jamie k 27.07.11 20:21

hope your doing good on the mend. car accidents can be life altering events. I hope Honda compensates you well enough. Also I gotta say that Ducati bike is pretty dope.

----- chris 27.07.11 20:07

lol funny aspect of a scary story! heel fast!

----- i_am_human_beep_beep 27.07.11 15:17

Ha! Leave it up to Jean to scoop on new cars even in car accident situations. Glad it wasn’t a Nissan. ;) Heal fast, little lady!

----- Ann N. 27.07.11 13:16

Are you’re doing okay? Hope the soreness and what not has subsided!

----- Khoa Phan 27.07.11 12:08

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