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NOTCOT Picks: Weekender Bags- 07.14.11

nivea0.jpg Presented to you by Nivea for Men. Look like you give a damn!

When prompted with the challenge from Nivea for Men to let them sponsor a series of posts on “Men Who Look Like They Give A Damn” ~ i couldn’t resist. After all, who can resist a man who looks like they give a damn, right? Well, actually i think the perfect combo is more the man that can NOT look like they give a damn, while still looking better than those who try ~ it’s about effortless execution, no? SO anyhow ~ lets kick this off with some weekender bags that are perfect enough for men ~ and lustworthy enough for women too! Some of my favorites, that i’ve wanted for some time now, and recent updates… all gorgeous, simple, and highly functional… check out the picks on the next page!

killspencer.jpg Killspencer Repurposed Weekender 2.0 - “Repurposed ‘used in combat’ military truck tarp material, black riri water resistant ‘aquazip’ zipper, 2 exterior button snap pockets, interior padded laptop compartment with elastic securty strap, Killspencer wall mount system and hub, and shiny black leather bullhide handle with pull the dot button snaps.”

jackspace.jpg Jack Spade Waxwear Soft Duffle Bag in Chocolate - There’s just something so beautiful yet functional about the details of this bag!

hardgraft.jpg Hard Graft’s 3 Fold Nero - one of our classic favorites ~ goes from weekender to laptop case to portfolio case… whatever you need!

freitag.jpg Freitag Lovejoy Overnighter Bag - “Volume 46 x 29 x 20 cm, metal buckles, quick access A4 document pouch, textile inner compartments, shaft for 15” and 17” MacBooks with padded floor. Hand and shoulder straps.”

dunhill.jpg Dunhill Chassis Leather Holdall Bag - “Black leather Alfred Dunhill holdall with rubber handles and side buckles to extend size. With a uniquely treated leather that defies scratching and water damage, this piece meets every modern demand.”

vivier.jpg Claire Vivier’s Weekender - available in canvas and dyed leather, gorgeous, simple, minimalist.

saddleback.jpg Saddleback Leather Co. Waterbag

mcqueen.jpg Alexander McQueen Duffle Bag - How can you resist that buttery leather and that subtle skull on the side?

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3 Notes

I own 3 Saddleback bags and 9 Freitags and love them all and can highly recommend both companies.

The Hard Graft is gorgeous but almost $900 for a leather bag that’s not even full-grain is outrageous, imo.

----- Lincoln 16.07.11 21:33

Even though the hard graft bag is 589 euro, it’s a reasonable purchase since it’s three bags in one right? I’ll keep repeating that to myself in my mind…

----- rooth 14.07.11 22:57

great picks! huge fan of killspencer and hard graft

----- Stephen Sulistiawan 14.07.11 15:09

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