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PenGo Brushpen- 07.31.11

pengo1.jpg On surprising Comic-con discoveries, i had a great chat with the LA based, PenGo. Their latest tablet apps for painting/drawing and their new Brush Pen with three swappable tips (thick, thin, and brush!) were available to demo before launch, and they are more impressive than any others i’ve played with! As you can see in the pic above, they’ve managed to create Wacom-like pressure based sensitivity in their latest version of their app which hasn’t been released yet. It was such a tease to get to play with their app and brush without being able to buy it yet! The ability to draw and doodle was incredibly fun! Take a peek at their newest product the Brush Pen on the next page… and keep an eye on their site for the official product launch!







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I, too, am interested in the stand in your photo. Can you tell us the manufacturer and name of that stand?



----- Nancy 15.12.11 16:29

I, too, am interested in the name and manufacturer of the IPad easel (stand) that you are using. Thanks!

----- Nancy 15.12.11 16:02

Would love to talk to you about making a stylus integrated with PenMoto.
Any interest?

Inventor of PenMoto

----- Kelvin 01.08.11 14:39

Thanks for the review of PenGo which is a must get for me.

Can you tell me the name, manufacturer and url for the iPad stand that is in your photos? This is just what I need for drawing/art work on the iPad.

----- Nick 01.08.11 04:16

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