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Tom Back and Ben Fursdon @ New Designers- 07.10.11


More of Justine’s highlights from part 2 of New Designers.

I love the fun pieces from Tom Back and Ben Fursdon of Kingston University London. Back’s Thrive Hive and Fursdon’s High Rise Wormery are perfect for urban balcony gardeners! These contraptions are great additions to any compact urban garden. The Thrive Hive provides an adjustable, insulated hive for urban beekepers and the High Rise Wormery users worms to turn your food waste into ready to use compost and liquid fertilizer.

Tom Back (Thumb Designs)’s Thrive Hive, a modern bee hive that combines the traditional techniques of a Kenyan top bar with a traditional skep bee hive for added insulation. It reminds me of a traditional basket/cradle for the bees! The hive is also adjustable in height, allowing access to beekeepers of all ages.




Ben Fursdon’s High Rise Wormery is the perfect solution for balcony gardens, combining simple household items to create a composting wormery. The wormery takes in household food waste and turns it into nutritious compost and liquid fertilizer with the help of worms. Food waste goes in the trash can and “finished” compost fills up in the ready to use planter. Liquid fertilizer can be collected below. Despite its simplicity, it seems to work too! Just look at those basil plants!



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