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Bentley Supersports - It’s Different At Night- 08.18.11

IMG_7668.jpg It’s a beautiful thing when a brand wants to encourage passionate, playful exploration. When Bentley invited us to join a fleet of their cars, Brian Gush - Head of Drivetrain and Motorsports, Robin Page - Head of Interior, a skeleton film crew, designer Cory Grosser, and former lead designer of Nokia/founder of Vertu - Frank Nuovo at Mister C in Beverly Hills, to just “be creative and play,” how could i resist? So we loaded up a bunch of new (and old) toys ~ and spent the day all over beverly hills and bel air playfully exploring these cars in new and inspiring ways… and while there is much to come from that… first things first!


At around 11am we ended up borrowing the Bentley Supersports Convertible ~ jetting back out to one of my favorite bluffs near home, and had fun playfully shooting it underneath the unbelievably bright moon and stars while overlooking pacific coast highway far below and the vast expanse of ocean and ~ it’s definitely different at night! Shawn managed to take some stunning shots of the car ~ and while he patiently took those, you can also see some of the silliness i ran around shooting in between on the next page! The car simply glows in the moonlight…




Beautiful isn’t it? Shawn really captured some stunning images of the Bentley Supersports convertible with the late night glow of PCH beyond… and the stars above.

In the mean time… i was crawling around in the car, mesmerized by what a convertible offers as far as car/sky views! And the moon is just incredible…



The iconic Breitling clock in the center of the dash is awesome at night… and yes thats the moon right behind it! darkness5.jpg

Something fun about the rings in the spedometer… darkness6.jpg










the carbon fiber dash is lustworthy ~ and even continues to the back shell of the seats (all 4 of them!) darkness17.jpg

Then i got a bit bored and started playing with lightwriting Bs… it was 3am… darkness18.jpg

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