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Contour+ Camera Unboxing- 08.15.11

contour0.jpg If you recall, i’ve been a bit research obsessed with mini-HD-action cams ~ and while i have a GoPro, the Contour+ was the one i was waiting for… First impression, i’m impressed with the Contour+ ~ nice packaging, solid chunk of hardware, and the 1080p video quality with GPS and bluetooth connection to both iphone and android devices as monitors are great (though a bit finicky to get connected at times) ~ while this and a few other toys just got acquired for some more playful projects coming up this week, wanted to take a moment to share the unboxing with you to get a first look at what’s included (and you know i’m a sucker for simple matte black boxes with crisp graphics) ~ so check it out on the next page, and more soon as i start playing with it more and comparing it to my GoPro… so far it already has me wishing my GoPro was more aerodynamic and had apps to let my phones be the preview monitor… anyhow, to the unbox on the next page!

p.s. Unboxing occurred while famished at lunch at Father’s Office.




First thing to order ~ 32GB micro-sd card! contour4.jpg


A peek at all the pieces included… other thing we purchased that has been super useful is the universal mount adapter contour6.jpg

Nice that it has a simple rubbery lens cap ~ and the giant slide button makes it easy to flip between recording mode on/off/bluetooth without shaking up your set up too much. contour7.jpg

Ability to rotate the view to straighten it right on the lens is a breeze. contour8.jpg

Testing out the iPhone app ~ you can see what it’s seeing! And also adjust settings ~ but sadly you can’t take pics through this (would be awesome for tweeting! perhaps screenshot works?) ~ and you can’t live view/stream while shooting. contour9.jpg


Testing it out on a dual suction cup mount on the sunroof for the ride home… that thing holds on great even at 80mph… contour11.jpg

Did the firmware upgrade and it works like a charm with my Android HTC Sensation as well! contour12.jpg

The other part i’m loving ~ nice Contour Storyteller software ~ it maps the GPS data to google maps (you can pic between the usual views even) ~ and you can even jump around in the video based on GPS location… contour13.jpg

More fun to come, but this is just the first look… so far… definitely impressed.

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2 Notes

Ahahah Great thing while you’re driving! As it used by the men of TopGear during their tests and experiences.. I’m going to check some prices :) very interesting

----- Celin 18.08.11 10:27

Thanks for sharing… sooo cool. I didn’t know I needed a little cam - til now.

Did you ever get around to drinking the beer??

----- robin wade 15.08.11 16:52

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