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Dogpatch - SF, Triple Aught Design Style- 08.27.11

dogpatch1.jpg Staying at a friend’s in Dogpatch, San Francisco ~ we wandered over to Serpentine for brunch today, and of course ended up next door at NOTCOT favorite, Triple Aught Design’s store/studio! In addition to checking out all their new wares, i love that they have made a morale patch for the area. “The origins of morale patches trace back to the fighter plane nose art of World War I. During the VIetnam War, units often created ironic, humorous morale patches.” This one is their homage to their Dogpatch location. Take a peek at both the Dogpatch patch, as well as the Ranger Eyes (mini, rubber, and glow in the dark) on the next page.

Dogpatch patch dogpatch2.jpg

Dogpatch Ranger Eyes dogpatch3.jpg

If you’re curious where you’d put your velcro patches, there are spots on the Triple Aught Design jackets and backpacks for them… dogpatch4.jpg

Here’s a peek at the patches i couldn’t resist bringing home… dogpatch5.jpg


The black on black Mean T-Skull Patch ~ a classic TAD design! dogpatch7.jpg

And since i don’t have any of my Triple Aught Design jackets with me this trip (bad move on my part, i forgot how cold it gets when foggy in SF!) ~ my camera swaddle (Domke protective wrap) is all velcro… so these are actually the perfect addition to differentiate between cameras/lenses/etc in your bag! dogpatch8.jpg

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Love this patch!! I’m a K9 officer and would love to get my hands on one.
Any clue how to get one??

Thank u,


----- Heather Aldridge 25.08.13 15:30

Great choppin’ it up with you guys. Looking forward to the next time our paths and brains will cross. ;-)

----- Patrick 28.08.11 23:42

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