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Pocket Dept Notebooks- 08.29.11

pocketdept0.jpg Adorable little package came ~ in that perfectly cute “brown paper packages tied up with string” way ~ from Pocket Dept! They are quite simply, as their tagline states, “A notebook for every pocket” ~ from back pocket to shirt pocket to messenger bag pocket, they have you covered. “Pocket Dept is a line of handy notebooks inspired by vintage stationery and designed to suit every pocket. Each Pocket Dept book is made from the finest writing papers and perfect bound for strength and durability. Designed and manufactured with recycled materials by Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY - from our workshop to your pocket.” And they are quite lovely! Take a peek at their simple functional goodness on the next page.

p.s. I love that they have blank pages.





See more on the Pocket Dept website! pocketdept5.jpg

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how can i be part of this amazing pocket book.

This is so cool !!!



----- Zenab 17.01.12 17:05

Wow, they look so beautiful, i enjoy this retro notebook as moleskine for example to use in every situation.. the only negative thing is that at today, with our big and useful smartphone is difficult to remember writing your memo and notes on this paper an not on your iphone.. as the other comment you need patience! :)

----- Celine 02.09.11 15:06

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