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Santa Cruz Sea Lions- 08.23.11

sealion00.jpg Last night we stayed at the Dream Inn Santa Cruz, and from the balcony there was an amazing view of the wharf, boardwalk, and the bay… and all night we heard a mix of waves crashing, fog horn going, and what sounded like tons of sea lions barking… but we never saw them! When i asked about the upon check out ~ i didn’t believe the woman that they were all tucked away on the pylons beneath the wharf… so, first stop was the wharf! And she wasn’t kidding… you have to see it for yourself ~ they balance and nap beneath the wharf on the thin pylons. They even leap up on to them (sometimes after many tries and much splashing) ~ and you can get closer to all of them than at a zoo, etc. It’s fascinating. They are SO loud with the echo created under the wharf. You can peek at them at a few spots ~ under the wharf, on the floating barge near the boat launch, and through various areas in the center of the wharf near the far end… Endlessly amusing, and a gorgeously sunny day in Santa Cruz ~ take a peek at our post-car-weekend adventure on the next page…

This is the view from our room… of the wharf and boardwalk! sealion0.jpg

And here’s a peek of the hotel from the wharf! sealion1.jpg



















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These are great photos! I live in Santa Cruz, CA and was totally surprised (and jealous) to see that you were in town. I can actually hear those sea lions at night before I go to bed. The wharf echoes does an incredible job of echoing those loud calls of theirs! Santa Cruz is a beautiful place and I hope you had a great stay. Keep that artistic eye of yours going, I love seeing your travels.

----- Chris Cromwell 23.08.11 23:25

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