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Sonicare Charging Glass and USB Case- 08.12.11

chargingcup.jpg When i wake up to an email that is like “Charging Glass? USB? I kind of want it.” and the link goes to a TOOTHBRUSH. I pop up in bed to pay attention. Sonicare’s new DiamondClean USB 5 mode rechargeable sonic toothbrush… beyond on the minor tweaks here and there that improve on my brushing… let’s talk accessories. How will any normal CUP compare to this magical charging GLASS? That yes, you can also use like a glass to rinse with. But more importantly, it looks nicer on your sink than having that charger for it to dock in to! More natural. What a nice user experience shift… also while on the go (or at your desk, or in your car, or when you forget your charger and just let it share with your ipad, etc) USB charging travel case! So its the accessories, and the laughable product shots with models that have me half awake and curious about this new toothbrush… or dreaming about how to convert my charger into a glass… see more pics on the next page!






What is going on? He gets so much pleasure out of spying on her happily brushing… chargingcup6.jpg

… that he then runs off to brush with his as well? chargingcup7.jpg


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I broke the glass and the Sonicare customer service folks say, “the only way to obtain a new one is to buy a new system.”

That’s not good. I would gladly pay $20 for a replacement, but they say ” no.”

----- Tom 05.07.13 19:34

P.S.: The USB charging travel case is genius!

----- Liza 16.08.11 07:39

Design wise it’s great. In real life that glass is going to get dirty fast.

The charging base of my current Sonicare toothbrush is dirty even though I wipe it clean twice a week.

Still I really like the design except for the brush leaning against the glass and not standing up straight. I understand why but still would prefer it to be standing up straight. The water from the brush is going to drip down to the surface outside of the glass.

----- Liza 16.08.11 07:29

What a great idea. I was thrilled to see that it is by Philips. My late uncle an ex WW11 RAF navigator was a patent expert for Philips.

----- Seb 13.08.11 10:25

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