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Operation Window Seat - PMI-BCN Sunrise- 09.22.11

pmi-bcn1.jpg As painful as waking up at 4am was to grab a 5am cab to catch a 7am flight out of Mallorca earlier than planned (but for good reason! Off to german adventures to see siblings of my car being made and meet the guy who built my engine! but more on that later) ~ the sunrise was gorgeous out the airplane window from Mallorca to Barcelona… take a peek on the next page!






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I started doing this a few years go but would love to use whichever airline you’re using. It is frustrating all electronic devices are banned on the flights I take when on approach these days, and it offers some of the most amazing perspective on things we’ve come to know. I either have to sneak my camera out at the risk of crashing the plane (so they say) or use a lomo.

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