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Unboxing the Mutewatch at A+R- 09.11.11

mutewatch0.jpg The Mutewatch is here! Well the first batch coming in to the US landed at A+R, and during Fashion’s Night Out, Andy had me over to do the honors of unboxing with him! I’m sure you’ve seen the video by now of this magical swedish watch that is MUTE ~ visually and audibly. A flick of the wrist or the slightest caress and it will show you the time. Swipe with the finger to start changing modes. Pinch to delete an alarm… an alarm which is ALSO mute ~ and will vibrate to wake you… Beautiful packaging, it will definitely make for a fun and unexpected gift! Take a peek at the details on the next page ~ and the video to catch you up on how it all works too!






My singular pet peeve with the packaging ~ LIFT? appears once you’ve already lifted the watch… and when you pull all the foam out, there’s nothing below… that we could find. Hmmmmm. mutewatch5.jpg





Cast of Vices did a great installation in their window! The message was too cute not to share… Happy Shopping! mutewatch10.jpg

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When u lift the foam that the watch is in, and turn the foam upside-down, u will find the usb-extension chord inside the foam. Thats why it says lift ;) This watch is truly the shit!!! I love it!

----- Chris 12.09.11 05:11

just to let you know that the watch is only available in grey at this time — White and Red should be released before the end of the year.

----- Andy 11.09.11 21:35

Thank you for your awe-inspiring blog and all the mind-boggling updates on our dynamic zeitgeist. I am actually stunned that this exists, and I now I need it in my life! The white color is already sold out though… any word on when they might re-stock?

----- Ami 11.09.11 16:20

I would love to have such a beautifully designed minimalistic watch. Time for me to save my pennies!

----- Khoa 11.09.11 12:08

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