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Baked Chicken Smashing: Clay vs Bread- 10.11.11

chickensmash.jpg Amazing. Cooking just got way more fun ~ Jackson has been going nuts with some awesome Tasteologie Features as of late ~ and today’s is AWESOME. Baking with CLAY. Smashing it open! And poof — chicken! A full chicken! And another in bread! Equally satisfying… you have to see the pics of the chickens in action!

p.s. So… ca i build a whole clay scene atop the chicken before baking? or have other clay pods attached cooking OTHER things to smash open? Hmmmm… the possibilities!

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There is a famous dish here called “hobo chicken”that uses clay. The legend has it that there is a famous local living buddha that invented this recipe. BTW, it is very very delicious.

----- Liam 13.10.11 21:07

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