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Cocktails with Bompas & Parr- 10.01.11

cocktailsbp.jpg Fresh in from our London editor Justine Aw.

Following on from their successful book on jelly, jellymongering duo Bompas & Parr have launched a new book on cocktails, available for pre-order here.

The launch was celebrated with a party at their studio/lab near Borough. With ‘Cocktails, Snakes and Ether’ on the invite, I couldn’t resist checking things out and taking a peek inside the studio where all the magic happens! As Sam promised, there was indeed a medieval castle (complete with separate tower for the saxophonist, an abundance of cocktails from the new book served in an assortment of glasses, teacups and jam jars as well as a wide range of curiosities from Hendrick’s (penny farthings, scrimshaw and more!). It was also great to see some props from previous events we’ve attended and a glimpse into future projects (delectable elderflower/chili candy pills!). As always with Bompas & Parr, there were surprises everywhere, even in the bathroom, which was transformed a glitter snake pit/privy! More photos on the next page!


And in we go!


Taking a look at the new book, Cocktails with Bompas & Parr!




There were four drinks stations: By the book ether cocktails! jellys.jpg

It wouldn’t be Bompas & Parr without a bit of jelly. Another station had kebabs and the ‘Jellies of the Castle’, Violet Elderflower and Prosseco, Whisky, Orange and Raspberry. Yum!


A third station had 4 delectable cocktails served in jam jars: Evelyn Waugh’s Noonday Reviver, Loving Cup, Black Gin Punch and Portcullis Punch.



The fourth station was Hendrick’s Kiosk of Curiosities serving up Gin & Tonics, and Gin & Ginger Beer…



They also had “Field Guide to Hendrick’s” cocktail book, but unfortunately it was not for sale at the event.



As for sneak peeks of what the future holds ~ I got a look at the new pillmaking machine they are using to experiment with elderflower/chili sugar pills.



As for the promised snakes… they were above the bathroom! toilet.jpg

Later in the evening, Bompas & Parr rode in on horseback too! See their grand entrance in this video of the event from the Implausible Blog:

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Nice set of photos, looks as if you enjoyed the evening as much as we did :)

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