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Map of CA Car Design Studios- 10.25.11

carstudios.jpg More fun that just came in via email from my Dad ~ this time after he checked out the Art Center Car Classic over the weekend… i loved this map visualizing where the many post WWII automotive design studios of southern california are. We definitely have no shortage! Take a peek at a bigger view on the next page.


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Forgot about the Isuzu studio that closed in 2009…

----- Designguy 26.10.11 19:32

“Censored” bits may include:

- Subaru Research & Design (Cypress, center)
- Mitsubishi Research and Design of America (Cypress, center)
- Chrysler Pacifica Advanced Design Center (Lower center, facility was taken over by MB Advanced Design)

Don’t see any mention of the Porsche/Samsung studios either…

----- Designguy 26.10.11 12:03

What are the covered up bits?

----- Shieldsy 25.10.11 21:45

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