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Mar Mar Co’s Cocoon Flask- 10.26.11

cocoon0.jpg On fun new thermos/water bottle options, just came across this Cocoon Flask from Mar Mar Co., which debuted at London Design Week. Love that it’s packaging is in an inflatable “air box” case to protect it. The flask is designed by Torsten Neeland, and apparently it can keep liquids hot or cold for 3 hours. It comes in both matte and gloss finishes and holds 500mL. Something about the design reminds me of little gas cartridges… and i’m curious what the materials are like… and what the top lip is like if it all unscrews? Does that mean you can use the bottle with just the clear part? Anyhow, while i go look in to it all more ~ take a peek at close ups on the next page!


Higher res pics found at Fabio Ciquera:




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3 Notes

Heh, really creative =) And looks cool

----- Eldar 29.10.11 15:23

It seems with the current trend of sustainability, this bottle use a lot of material that doesn’t need to be used, my two scents worth.

----- JMH 27.10.11 08:00

This is interesting, he’s taken a traditional thermos and pretty much swapped the materials around.

Now you don’t have the fear of the glass breaking on the inside - ruining your thermos AND your drink!

----- Imran Shamsul 26.10.11 17:25

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