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Romantic Star Projector- 10.05.11

starry1.jpg When i first saw the post titled “romantic star projector” over at Design Crush, i thought it sounded ridiculous. Then i couldn’t seem to stop staring at the pics. And there is something overwhelmingly awesome about the abundance of lights all around the room… and i can’t help wondering what it would look like if i turned off all the lights in my office, dimmed the monitors… and turned one on! You build it yourself ~ but can purchase the set up ~ and can even arrange it to mimic the night sky outside ~ or pick another spot on the globe… or another time. Take a peek at the pics and the set up on the next page.



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2 Notes

I love the star images too! Looks amazing.

I used to have one of these:

The site is rubbish… but that thing was amazing! Check the video to get an inkling of how amazing. It’s a shame the site does it such a disservice.

----- Justin 11.10.11 10:44

The DIY Romantic Star Projector has some poor ratings from buyers. I agree the photos look amazing. But, the reviews don’t seem to match what is being shown here. Too bad!

----- MGVaughAn 05.10.11 10:09

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