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Unboxing the Parrot AR.Drone- 10.17.11

drone0.jpg I’ve been lusting after the Parrot AR.Drone for years, (remember their amazing outdoor play area at CES in jan?) not sure why i never gave in to it till now, but NOTlabs definitely needs some fun toys… and running around Fry’s, there was one just there… calling to be brought home! So here’s a peek at the unboxing ~ and a few random images from test flights… but to be honest, it’s so fun to fly, it’s hard to remember to take pics of it at the same time, especially cell phone pics since you’re using iPhone/iPad and/or Android to control it! Touted as the first AR Flying Video Game, it’s gorgeous, amusing, surprisingly stable and even has two cameras mounted on it (front facing and downward facing)… so take a look at what’s inside the box on the next page…

p.s. i’m sure Shawn will be coming up with more NOTlabs projects to dronehack this one in to when we’re not busy flying it around the lab/yard. So more to come… and we might need another to properly play each other!

p.p.s. fun to see what other apps people have been developing for it!




In the box are two tops ~ one with the protective foam rings as you bounce off walls and such, and another without! Battery is easy to charge and plug in… and it comes with universal chargers ready for any country you may fly to… drone4.jpg






And testing it out… IMAG0763.jpg


Here you can see how its controlled ~ works on both iphone and android… just sync up to the drone’s wifi! drone10.jpg


Testing it out in the gym basketball court… IMAG0765.jpg

Here’s a peek of video roundups!

Also, to understand how simple it is ~ take a look at their tutorial walkthrough vids!

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