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Evil Robot Designs’ Bespoke Toy Lamps- 11.03.11

lamp1.jpg What to do with all of those old toys? Well over at Freshome, just found out that you can commission Evil Robot Designs to merge your toys into a bespoke sculptural lamp… then finish it off in a single color high gloss finish… fun concept, playful execution… take a look at some closeup examples on the next page.




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4 Notes

Muito bonito. Parabéns!!!!!!!!!!!!!I loved it

----- Sonia Santiago 29.04.12 12:35

Why do I have a sudden urge to grab my 6 year old, a bottle of modeling glue, a cheap lamp and the hundreds of kid’s meal toys. Instant, tragic, awesomeness. I think surviving with my fingers glued together will be worth it.

----- Erik 08.11.11 02:37

These lamps are incredible, the ultimate in repurposing: elegant, sohisticated and whimsical at the same time. I totally love them.

----- elisa peterson 06.11.11 20:14

That’s INSANE! I love it!

----- Viv 04.11.11 14:33

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