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Hendrick’s Most Unusual 13th day of Christmas- 11.22.11

london-xmas-windows-0.jpg Catch up with the latest from London with our UK-based editor Justine Aw.

I was intrigued when I got an email about Hendrick’s Most Unusual 13th day of Christmas. The window promised to house “ten sleazy ‘Lords a Leaping’, twelve ‘Wild haggis drumming’ to, three ‘Giant snails’ pretending to be French hens to a lone partridge in a cucumber plant”. So we popped down to Jerboams Belgravia to see what it was all about!

Sure enough, the display was a proper cabinet of curiosities featuring work from a number of artists all curated by Matthew Killick and including plenty of twists on James Halliwell’s 1842 classic Christmas carol. I especially loved the haggis drummers from the Little Theatre of Dolls and what’s not to love about giant African land snails posing as French hens?

You can catch the window at Jerboams for the next two weeks, or catch it in Peckham’s, Edinburgh in December and be sure to see more photos on the next page.


Now for the challenge! Can you spot all the parts of the carol?


We’ll start you off. You’ve got lords a leaping on a carousel at the bottom left, ladies dancing at the theater in the top left, maids a milking in the oval photographs.

A closer look at Sophie Turner’s Partridge in a Cucumber Bush!



12 Drummers Drumming by the Little Theatre of Dolls. Love the little haggis drummers and their tiny Hendrick’s nips for drums!


Hannah Martin’s 5 Gold Rings.


Matthew Killick’s 2 Turtle Doves and 6 “Geeza” laying.


Colly birds? Which we’ve just learned is an archaic term for blackbirds!



A closer look at those haggis drummers and Giant African land snails (painted with French flags) to become 3 French Hens by Matthew Killick.


The window launch was accompanied by a deliciously warm Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch. What better way to get ready for the holiday season?




And the full list to help you work them out!


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