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LUMIÉRE New York by Stephanie Izzo- 11.08.11

canony1.jpg This post is part of NOTCOT Having Fun In The Dark series sponsored by Canon Powershot’s Your Second Shot! While taking pictures in the dark means standing super still, you may still end up with more graininess than usual …armed with Canon’s low-light HS SYSTEM, you can trust the tech to help you capture the perfect shot the first time!

One of the most surreal and perhaps even magical aspects of night photography is when the camera manages to capture views that even your naked eye couldn’t imagine. To turn that sensitivity so far up that every seemingly dim/dark speck of light simply glows is stunning. One of the photographers who’s night photos we love does this beautifully ~ Stephanie Izzo’s Lumiére series of magically sparkling postcard like images are gorgeous! Take a peek at her view on New York on the next page… makes me almost ready to hop a plane over now!





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