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The Macallan 12yo X-ray Veasey Boxes- 11.10.11

macpillar1.jpg Wow. Nick Veasey x-rayed the Macallan HOUSE! I can see the room i stayed in in there! If i ever wanted to be someone’s intern ~ i think this would be it. I’m also reinstating an xray machine to the top of my wishlist…

Take a close up look at these awesome limited edition Macallan 12 boxes for the holiday season featuring Nick Veasey’s x-ray imagery of the Macallan’s six pillars. Each box is sold individually and features a feather, scissors, liquid drop, still, cask or the house to represent the six pillars. Take a peek at the beautiful images in high res on the next page ~ i can’t wait to see these all in person!

p.s. I’d love it if the back of the box was an xray of the box itself printed on showing the bottle within!

p.p.s. They should have x-rayed a highland cow from the property.

Here are the 6 pillars: macpillar9.jpg








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Amazing! I need also a X RAy machineeeee…


----- evasèe 10.11.11 17:18

Where can I buy these limited edition bottles of Macallan?

----- Heinz 10.11.11 14:52

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