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Unboxing the Jawbone UP- 11.18.11

upunbox0.jpg Magical tech filled bracelet that tracks my sleeping, eating, activeness? Who wouldn’t be curious? And with this trend of iOS app driven sleep trackers (see also Lark on your wrist and Zeo on your head) ~ with silent vibrating alarm clocks that dont wake neighbors/bedmates/etc (thinking of the Mute Watch?) ~ a sudden wealth of health data at your fingertips (think fitbit?) ~ this holiday season personal data overload/data visualizations are definitely the hot trend of the moment… and as always ~ when Jawbone jumps in to the game, you can count on gorgeously designed packaging, product design, and user experience…

The Jawbone UP made quite a splash ~ and tonight i couldn’t resist and had to give it a try ~ a week of terrible sleep seemed a good enough excuse to try out the new gizmo. And using MotionX sensor technology it tracks the slightest movements ~ and combined with some discipline on your part ~ you can switch between active, workout, and sleep modes… and the app will have you tracking meals (with pics!), calories, activities, setting vibration alarms and trying to meet various goals throughout the day… you can even compete/share/motivate your friends. Granted this isn’t an exact science by any means ~ it seems that just providing more data and creating more awareness of ones activities might help in ways you didn’t even imagine… or does it? I guess playing around with it for the next week or so will help me find out! For now though ~ take a peek at the initial unboxing and set up on the next page!



On brilliantly useful details ~ the UPs come in S, M, L ~ and there’s a flap on the back of the packaging for you to try on the size before you buy! upunbox3.jpg

Like many of their bluetooth headsets the packaging showcases the product on top, and has the booklet and cable tucked away below with tabs prompting you along the way. upunbox4.jpg


All there really is to it is the bracelet and charger (headphone jack to USB) ~ and you just need your iphone/ipad/touch upunbox6.jpg

Pushing the button will start the different modes ~ with adorably colorful little flower/sun and moon icons… on the other end you remove the cap to expose the headphone jack… upunbox7.jpg

Here’s how it fits ~ its not bendy ~ but it gives enough to get it on and off ~ like a rubbery overlapping cuff that is thicker in the middle and thins out to the button/jack upunbox8.jpg

To set it up and sync it, you simply load up the app and plug it in to your phone. upunbox9.jpg

And off to start tracking! NO data yet… but we’ll see what happens the next few days. upunbox10.jpg


if you’re curious what’s inside there… upunbox11.jpg

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7 Notes

Nice! too bad its only for iphones, would buy the UP dirr if it was android compatible :/

----- Simon 23.11.11 16:09

Very curious how this little device knows the ideal time to wake you, and if that feature really works or not.

----- Jordan 20.11.11 10:39

This device sounds like its from a sci-fi movie. The way it innocently disguises itself as a bracelet, and at the same time, collects and syncs data on your phone.

Its a pity its only available for Apple devices, I think there could be quite a boost in sales if it came out with an Android app and/or a Blackberry app.

----- Thebes 20.11.11 02:16

Really interested in this device. But is it really worth getting… hmmm. Can’t wait to read the follow up post. If you wear it all the time when do you charge it up.

Love the idea from Alex about getting it to vibrate for notifications. Although not when I’m sleeping.

----- Gary 19.11.11 11:05

You have to make a post as soon as you find out if its good or not! :D

It looks really interesting. But I wonder if it really does work

----- Elenya 19.11.11 05:42

I wonder too ~ but so far the device doesn’t actually communicate with your phone except for when you plug it in and sync it…

----- Jean/NOTCOT 18.11.11 11:51

I wonder if you can hack this to vibrate every time you have a txt message or a phone call.

----- alex 18.11.11 10:08

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