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Holiday Giveaway #20: Fawn & Forest- 12.14.11

dollhouse0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

I was never a dollhouse kind of girl, but these ultra modern ones fascinate me. How pretty is this Brinca Dada Dylan House that the awesome kid’s shop Fawn & Forest is giving away? Check out that staircase! And those windows! While the dollhouse will not be coming with any furniture, i trust that the winner would be creative enough to find the perfect kid and make some awesome furniture for it!

For a chance to win the Brinca Dada Dylan House from Fawn & Forest, leave a comment with your ideal mini piece of furniture to go in the house before midnight PST on Dec 19th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pictures of the stunning dollhouse from various angles on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Joni in Alexandria, VA!





For a chance to win the Brinca Dada Dylan House from Fawn & Forest, leave a comment with your ideal mini piece of furniture to go in the house before midnight PST on Dec 19th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!


158 Notes

The Zettle Z’ lamp!

----- hoister 20.12.11 00:00

They have this amazing cloud bed out. Not the feels like a cloud bed, an ACTUAL bed shaped as a CLOUD. Talk about heaven.

----- brea 19.12.11 21:12

A mini bookshelf, with space for a record player.

----- Robyn 19.12.11 20:54

I would love to see 3 hanging bubble chairs - all with different colored cushions. I’m thinking red, blue and yellow.

----- Linda 19.12.11 18:25

I would love to see 3 hanging bubble chairs - all with different colored cushions. I’m thinking red, blue and yellow.

----- Linda 19.12.11 18:25

Eames Lounge Chair

----- Justin R 19.12.11 16:03

A vending machine!!! :D

----- Maria 19.12.11 13:33

Some sort of Italian lacquered dining table and a flower display for a warm dinner party.

----- Annabelle Roggen 19.12.11 12:12

Id love to see a mini womb chair and some dollhouse dolls that don’t look like Little House on the Prairie!

----- Mari, small for big 19.12.11 11:52

a miniature 50s panther planter lamp in chartreuse!!

----- Jen 19.12.11 11:40

A mini cow skin rug (in brindle, of course) would be lovely.

----- Paul M. 19.12.11 11:18

I think it needs a nice lime green rug and a cute orange chair :)

----- April 19.12.11 11:06

I think it needs a modern white leather couch.

----- David 19.12.11 11:05

I think it needs some bright colorful artwork!

----- april 19.12.11 11:03

Definitely an ecological green sofa!!!!

----- Maria 19.12.11 08:07

A little tiny eco-friendly and energy star approved dishwasher.

----- jacob 19.12.11 07:04

Jacobsen’s egg chair! its curves will the perfect contrast for all those straight lines and corners of this lovely lovely doll house. :)

----- bonks 19.12.11 01:41

a nice modern couch

----- Sam 18.12.11 18:40

a toilet, every house needs a thrown

----- Edward 18.12.11 15:37

A mini clawfoot tub

----- Arezu Maz 18.12.11 09:37

My mini Mackintosh ladder back chair.

----- Roy 17.12.11 21:57

A red mini Eames LCW

----- Michael 17.12.11 20:16

Since this is a 21st Century doll house, I think it should feature a home fabber with which to make everything else going in it.

----- Eric Hunting 17.12.11 19:34

A Saarinen marble-topped tulip table and chairs

----- Sharon Berlin 17.12.11 19:24

I’ve got an iPod Touch that can’t hold a charge anymore. I’d wire it up as a big-screen TV.

----- Greg 17.12.11 15:10

Books furnish any room, you see. So I would make a bunch of little hardback books… large art books with clips from design catalogs and Magritte prints, a complete set of Borges’ works, Murakami’s YA stuff, some bestiaries. My nieces, you see, are both avid readers. Tables made of books, couches made of books. Bookshelves made of books?

Well, why not after all?

----- Rabbit 17.12.11 09:46

a floor lamp.

----- Wendy 17.12.11 08:55

the herman miller eames lounge chair.

----- rich 17.12.11 08:11

Simply a sofa! Thank you for this opportunity :)

----- Careolyn 16.12.11 17:58

karaoke machine!

----- Jacob 16.12.11 14:57

A tiny microwave

----- Thu 16.12.11 14:25

I would put in a great big bath tub and lots of bubbles.

----- Brittany 16.12.11 14:06

I would put in an entertainment system that is connected and ready to blow your mind!

----- Tyler 16.12.11 14:03

Eames chair.

----- Mikell Johnson 16.12.11 10:56

A miniature iPad

----- Valerie Theberge 16.12.11 10:50

I’d make mini versions of my own furniture designs!

----- Scott B 16.12.11 06:29

A miniature Maximo Riera Octopus Chair would be awesome.

----- OJ Desuasido 16.12.11 00:56

Bookshelves that double as stairs, and a big overstuffed chair, a cat, a proper pot of tea! I’m pretty sure my daughter would love it as soon as she is born, and learns what a doll is.

----- Matt Menefee 15.12.11 21:48

Definitely an Artichoke pendant lamp or the Mooi Horse lamp.

----- Rommel 15.12.11 20:45

A mini replica of my tripod chair! :)

----- Ian S. 15.12.11 20:43

A mini chaise lounge.

----- J Alexander 15.12.11 19:28

A completely furnished miniature dollhouse in side of the mini house. It might be cool and challenging (for us mostly, trying to reach this extra mini sweet house :).

----- Stav 15.12.11 19:22

My ideal mini piece of furniture would be a Rick Owens couch.

----- Jon 15.12.11 15:47

fake answer: a plush, leather la-z-boy recliner with cup holders. real answer: either a noguchi coffee table, or any number of transparent, phillippe starck/kartell ghost louis chairs.

----- Natalie Vu 15.12.11 15:28

I would love a platform bed, and some Eames chairs :D

----- Catherine Chandler 15.12.11 14:56

An mini RCA record player with tiny records.

----- Crystal 15.12.11 13:24

The Pastille Chair by Eero Aarnio, in lots of different colors!

----- Jane S. 15.12.11 13:12

a sectional sofa that can be as modular pieces, or a floor lamp that arcs over the room…

----- peggy 15.12.11 11:31

a mini Dutchtub would be perfect.

----- lace 15.12.11 11:28

I would put in a mini chandelier with working lights.

----- Lily 15.12.11 11:08

Anything miniature by Poul Kjærholm would be perfect in this house!

----- David 15.12.11 11:00

A miniature Polder sofa by Hella Jongerius

----- Darren 15.12.11 10:18

Anything Eames!

----- Shalihe 15.12.11 10:07

Mini Eames Lounge chair!

----- Tiffany 15.12.11 10:00

Eames molded plywood chair. Mold it. Miniature style.

----- Adam Edwards 15.12.11 09:57

Probably a mini toilet. Preferably Kohler.

----- Dan 15.12.11 09:53

a mini barcelona chair set!

----- daniel 15.12.11 09:45

A sumo bag chair

----- Gino V 15.12.11 09:43

A sweet looking bar.

----- Nick Robles 15.12.11 09:34

I think those old telephone tables/chairs are so cool. From like the 1950’s. Love them & would LOVE to see a mini one for this house, too. Maybe in a pretty Cherry Wood.

----- April B 15.12.11 09:06

I would have to go with a well designed modern looking miniature hot tub. Bonus if it had a miniature massage table next to it!

----- Amber 15.12.11 08:56

I would have to say a miniature Ligne Roset Togo sofa.

----- Justin H 15.12.11 08:17

a mini clapper. you know, to turn everything on.

----- Matt 15.12.11 08:09

a mini-clawfoot tub.

----- katalia 15.12.11 08:03

A rug would really tie the place together

----- John Norman 15.12.11 07:34

A mini fish-condo

----- Rav 15.12.11 07:32

I’d LOVE to juxtapose old Victorian rococo style furniture with the sleek modern design of the house. That is awesome!

----- becca 15.12.11 07:26

a miniature miniature Fallingwater lego

----- eliot 15.12.11 07:25

A mini fireplace and Christmas tree, with a mini Ikea Lack end table,(cause everyone had owned one) to put cookies for Santa on.

----- Joyce 15.12.11 07:10

I working hot-tub!

----- Erastos 15.12.11 07:08

A really nice blue and red art deco kitchen.

----- christi 15.12.11 06:47

I have a 6ft long solid teak kidney-bean shaped coffee table that would look great as a miniature in this dollhouse.

----- allen 15.12.11 06:47

A modern pet bed would be an awesome addition~

----- Cill 15.12.11 06:27

Cocktail Table Ms. PacMan Machine

----- Morgan Grimes 15.12.11 05:58

I think it needs a pool table

----- chris wilkinson 15.12.11 05:45

a mini Barcelona chair.

----- ben Bubar 15.12.11 05:00

A miniature resin fashion model (Freja Beha Erichsen) I created last semester in my sculptural design class.

----- Annie 15.12.11 04:29

I would like a mini marshmallow sofa to go in the house

----- Scott 15.12.11 01:49

A little toilet. I was fascinated by little toilets as a kid.

----- james 15.12.11 01:34

I would have to say a bath. My kids put there toys through the wringler… Im sure the toys appreciatte a bath too ;)

----- Greg Gerv 15.12.11 01:22

Mini Hookers.

----- cody 15.12.11 00:19

One of those screens you can get dressed behind cause there’s like no privacy in that house.

----- Doug 14.12.11 23:41

I would say a grand piano but I think elegant shelves would look best in this house!

----- Tatiana Lee 14.12.11 23:29

I think a sleek bookshelf, with some classics and design books would add some cozy to the awesomeness of this dollhouse.

----- Kylene 14.12.11 23:03

Ikea Billy bookshelves from floor to ceiling.

----- neza 14.12.11 23:00

A big comfy couch :D

----- Victor 14.12.11 22:41

Most definitely a mini couch :D

----- Sara Wong 14.12.11 22:40

Definitely gotta throw a hot tub in that beast and maybe a halfpipe for the tech decks and a few mini poles for ughh…. finger dancing? My grilfriend would make this thing look like Cribs. xD

----- Chris Rands 14.12.11 21:37

I think one of those little white “tables” that come with a pizza, that keep the pizza from sticking to the lid would make a great piece of furniture for the dining room, along with cutting out some pictures from the MOMA museum catalog or other catalogs to provide some art for the walls.

----- Tom W 14.12.11 21:19

I think the perfect piece of furniture would be an enormous, low, squishy, backless couch that wraps all along the three walls of the lower floor following those glorious windows! It would need a brilliant patchwork of tasteful upholstery in florescent colors (including the green of the roof panel) by Studio Job. Thematically it would recall the square panels on the roof, and be something that the tiny inhabitants would never tire of touching and admiring. This crucial centerpiece serves as a place to read, sleep, relax, dine, and as an office space with the addition of well-paired small tables of various heights.

----- Ali Kurke 14.12.11 21:19

A mini Bar.

----- Yoshio 14.12.11 21:09

Smock Sofa by Patricia Urquila. for a splash of colour, texture and femininity in this fantastic modernist dolls house.

----- steven 14.12.11 21:08

Mini beanbag chair for the win!

----- Ryan J 14.12.11 20:51

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Bauhaus Lampe WA 24

----- Agnes 14.12.11 20:51

miniature cowhide rug + david weeks black sarus chandelier

----- jemy 14.12.11 20:38

To the mini hot tub

----- Marc D 14.12.11 20:37

To the mini hot tub

----- Marc D 14.12.11 20:37

I’d love to have a beautiful Restoration Hardware coffee table in that dollhouse!

----- Elora 14.12.11 20:17

a chaise longue. but an eames chair would be super awesome too.

----- Andrea 14.12.11 20:01

At my parents home I have a mini bed made of a cardboard jewelry box & yogurt lid with fancy lace trimmed lady bug bedspread that I made when I was about ten (got the idea from an american girl catalogue) . It has a coordinating ‘side table’ from a baby food jar…I never let my parents throw it out and If I won this house I would finally have a place to store the bed to save for my child one day!

----- Natalie Kay 14.12.11 19:16

I would make a craft room. So, sewing machine and sock machine and work table and tool cabinets.

----- tane 14.12.11 19:02

A bed for sure and then some miniature pillows and blanket.

----- Iris 14.12.11 19:01

ow! The flexible love chair. The chair that is like an accordion. The kids would love changing it’s shape too.

----- Garry Hannah 14.12.11 18:43

the best min piece would be a mini iPhone

----- joseph Sarti 14.12.11 18:22

Eero Aarnio Ball Chair.

----- Chris 14.12.11 18:05

I could see an inch-high version of myself chilling in big fluffy bean bag with a martini in my hand, listening to some tunes and checking out the view.

----- Mick 14.12.11 17:50

Maybe a mini french armchair.

----- Alex 14.12.11 17:45

I would make a mini grand piano (white to match)
my nephew would dig this.

----- Jessie 14.12.11 17:41

my father made me some simple moden furniture for my doll house when I was small, I would pass them and house to my niece who lives in a modernest home.

----- Christina 14.12.11 17:03

love, love ryan berkleys male squirrel plywerk panel

----- wolfie 14.12.11 16:52

There’s nothing that place needs more than the much-beloved Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman!

----- Natalie 14.12.11 16:37

There’s nothing that place needs more than the much-beloved Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman!

----- Natalie 14.12.11 16:37

An Eames armchair and ottoman or a couple of Barcelona

----- Ignaciogl 14.12.11 16:33

An Eames chair with a replica of the handmade log coffee table made by my boyfriend’s father.

----- Sharon 14.12.11 16:32

miniature sketchchairs

----- merve 14.12.11 16:15

a miniature Knoll sofa + a miniature version of my kitty, The Tabbiest Tabby inside this perfect dollhouse = an even *more perfect* dollhouse!!!

----- Ethel 14.12.11 16:10

A bean bag would make the place all the more home-lier…

----- Gary 14.12.11 16:10

Nelson Marshmallow Sofa!

----- sarah 14.12.11 16:02

Some mini Banksy murals. Or maybe some mini Warhols.

----- Gaetan 14.12.11 15:32

I would love it if it were possible to get a mini one of those chandelier frames that get loaded with wine glasses. Totally the right feel for that dollhouse.

----- Jennifer 14.12.11 15:09

I would fill the place with shrunken versions of the recently profiled ‘Vad Wood’ chairs - a perfect modern match for the home’s architectural style.

----- Kyle 14.12.11 15:04

I gotta go with the Eames or Barcelona chairs as well!

----- Monica 14.12.11 14:54

Would definitely need a super comfortable couch and a little dog bed.

----- Tran Nguyen 14.12.11 14:52

I’d put a safe accessible through the floor. They’d never think to look in the dollhouse! Unless they regularly look at notcot.

----- rey 14.12.11 14:48

I would have a mini cnc router to make more mini furniture.

----- Andrew Chau 14.12.11 14:36

Hmmm… I’d say a mini Kitchenaid mixer in mint green would be adorable.

----- Ashley 14.12.11 14:25

Now this is a doll house I can die in. All it needs is one perfect chair, and nothing else.

----- Robert 14.12.11 14:14

A mini fridge: full size so it would be massive in there, but yet still have the title of mini

----- Edward 14.12.11 14:04

A mini verzion of The Barcelona chair

----- Leslie 14.12.11 13:52

i would have a miniature version of this custom-made rocking chair that my grandfather had when I was younger. I loved that rocking chair. It was made with Narra (Pterocarpus indicus) wood, a rattan backing, and this intricate wood carving on the top.

----- Francis 14.12.11 13:50

Miniature pink fainting couch.

----- Meghan 14.12.11 13:49

I’d want a mini drafting table with a mini iMac!

----- Dani 14.12.11 13:42

A mini Noguchi coffee table!

----- Robert W. 14.12.11 13:37

A walnut armoire.

----- Daniel 14.12.11 13:35

Eames chair!!

----- Angela Nguyen 14.12.11 13:30

mini vibrating waterbed.

----- carol 14.12.11 13:23

Without a doubt, anything Le Corbusier

----- Carla 14.12.11 13:22

no doubt herman miller scoop

----- Levi Montez 14.12.11 13:22

I miniature Ouef crib! Because my kids would be playing with it and they would want something that represented them.

----- Zara 14.12.11 13:21

both my wife and i love kids and want to have some of own sometime in the future. my ideal piece of furniture to go into this incredible doll house would be whatever my future daughters want to put into it and who knows if we have boys, this could (partly covered by a quilt) make an ideal bat cave.

----- BEN C. 14.12.11 13:14

A mini fridge….hahaha. Okay lame.

----- Jessi 14.12.11 13:13

A hacky sack would make a perfect bean bag chair.

----- Cole 14.12.11 13:08

Since this great house comes complete with a greenspace, it could use a mini kitchen to cook all the great things you make on the roof - which of course needs a mini BBQ.

----- Rachel S 14.12.11 13:07

a miniature Steinway piano

----- Tevi 14.12.11 12:56

I’d love a Corbusier LC4 chaise to enjoy the views!

----- Avery 14.12.11 12:53

I would totally put a mini Eames chair, and probably a mini tv in there with working lights, maybe even make it solar powered (that’s all the rage now in dollhouses).

----- Alexis 14.12.11 12:48

A tiny Womb couch! And I would love to make a rug and pillows for the place!!

----- Jess 14.12.11 12:47

I always always want a black leather couch.

----- Allison 14.12.11 12:45

new Emeco 111 Navy Chair.


a mini version of this chair would be ideal!

----- Matthew Harrison Smith 14.12.11 12:44

I think some Barcelonas would be perfect for this or even Le Corbusier’s 610 love seat/sofa/chair set. In black of course….

----- Ayumi 14.12.11 12:39

old school tv + super nintendo :(

----- Eric 14.12.11 12:36

I already have a teeny Panton chair in orange that’d go in this house!

----- Dan Gilmore 14.12.11 12:35

Do they make a mini version of the Bertoia Asymmetrical wire chair? That would be perfect here.

----- Edgar 14.12.11 12:35

A mini Triple Elvis by Andy Warhol

----- Alex Nardi 14.12.11 12:26

A miniature Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio

----- J_Walrus 14.12.11 12:22

mini tabletop ms. pacman arcade game

----- noel drumbor 14.12.11 11:44

A miniature Eames Chair.

----- Steve 14.12.11 11:43

Most definitely a big screen TV. ;o)

----- Michael 14.12.11 11:30

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