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Holiday Giveaway #21: Assouline- 12.15.11

cocktails0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Happy Holidays! We’re up to Holiday Giveaway #21 ~ To make drinks like Eskimo Kisses, Golden Lions, Black Phantoms, Irish Pears, French 65s, and more… which you can pair with delicious Squid & Chorizo, Shiso-Ponzu Fluke, or Yuzu Razor Clam Ceviche… Daniel Boulud’s Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches, For Her & For Him duo from Assouline have you covered.

For a chance to win the Daniel Boulud’s Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches, For Her & For Him from Assouline, leave a comment with your favorite drink or amuse bouche before midnight PST on Dec 20th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! Take a peek inside the books on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner, Christina in Warwick, RI!










For a chance to win the Daniel Boulud’s Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches, For Her & For Him from Assouline, leave a comment with your favorite drink or amuse bouche before midnight PST on Dec 20th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!


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----- Amanda M 20.12.11 23:12

Just had a cacao-nib infused mezcal and campari cocktail … sippy savory super

----- Greg Hines 20.12.11 21:09

Going for the Last Word cocktail, please.

----- Matt 20.12.11 19:56

Jack on the rocks.

----- OscarMartinez 20.12.11 18:50

I love sour beers right now but for mixed drink it would have to be a gin martini.

----- Jamie 20.12.11 17:16

My favorite drink of all time is a Hendricks and Tonic with mint and cucumber…. The perfect warm weather drank…

----- Sid Law 20.12.11 16:54

Gin and tonic with extra lime.

----- Kathryn 20.12.11 15:00

got to be a Manhattan

----- phil 20.12.11 12:41

I am at times partial to the more ridiculously named drinks like the “Duck Fart” (Crown Royal and Baileys).

----- Vu 20.12.11 10:54

Right now you can’t go wrong with a cup of spiced egg nog. Happy holidays

----- Kathy 19.12.11 21:35

GRATEFUL DEAD. it’s a long island iced tea + blue raspberry liquor, so amazing that after two you don’t even remember what drunk is.

----- Eric 19.12.11 21:15

I don’t know if this drink has a name, but the cocktail contains a shot of melon liqueur, with pineapple juice and a splash of Sprite. Garnish with a pineapple wedge. Tastes like summer, every time.

----- Robyn 19.12.11 20:56

One of my favorites is the lychee martini. Refreshing and delicious!

----- Tuan 19.12.11 19:30

Moscow Mule, with gin instead of vodka…so the British Mule :p

----- Tony S 19.12.11 16:29


----- Justin R 19.12.11 16:05

sex on the beach!

----- amanda 19.12.11 13:18

My favorite cocktail is champagne + Domaine de Canton

----- Zena 19.12.11 13:16

A Gin and Tonic, with 2 lime wedges. Perfection!

----- John G. 19.12.11 11:54

My favorite drink is the fall-inspired white sangria I recently made where I added cinnamon sticks and cinnamon spike pears. My doubters were excitedly proven wrong.

----- Paul M. 19.12.11 11:19

My favorite drink f the moment is The Aviation Cocktail-it’s the color of the late afternoon winter sky. Looking at the recipes here, I am curious to try the Irish Pear. It is the color of sunshine, and I’m not getting enough of that these days, so I’ll try it in a glass!

----- Susan Patterson 19.12.11 10:48

Pear Martini!

----- Marcie V. 19.12.11 10:33

I’m a martini lady (made with gin, thank you very much). I like to think it makes me fancy. My go-to is a cucumber martini. Refreshing and delicious!

----- Jenn 19.12.11 10:00

any kind of infused gin and tonic - it’s best with lavender or ginger!

----- Allie 19.12.11 09:44

My Favorite drink is a rum and coke.

----- Jan Umbao 19.12.11 09:28

My favorite is the Black Manhattan. I had it at the Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco.
Rye whiskey, Averna, bitters, and a maraschino cherry.

----- Whitney 19.12.11 09:07

Gotta love a bloody mary!

----- Betsy Bull 19.12.11 08:21

Can’t beat a Maker’s Manhattan when it’s put together with love and just the right amount of orange zest complimenting that wonderful smokiness.

----- Justin 19.12.11 08:18


----- Válter Venâncio 19.12.11 06:58

A simple black vodka with lemon juice and ice, is nice :P

----- Tiffany Mauricio 19.12.11 05:28

My favorite drink is a Johnny Black old fashioned, no cherries.

----- Don 19.12.11 03:04

Ramos Gin Fizz (best from a particular bar in my hometown)

----- Khanh 19.12.11 01:35

Rye Old Fashioned.

----- Ian M 18.12.11 23:47

I recently panicked and purchased a ‘Macallan Ice Ball Machine’ (which you might need to feature in the future), so it must be a Macallan 15 year… on ice ball.

----- David Serling 18.12.11 23:21

Ramos gin fizz

----- Natalie G 18.12.11 21:31

Mojito…mint and lime in one delicious package

----- Katie V 18.12.11 21:27

Long Island Iced Tea

----- Dustin 18.12.11 19:24

Rum and cokes do the trick :)

----- Sam 18.12.11 18:38

For my favorite amuse bouche, I had this wonderful almond pana cotta, It was heavenly!

----- Jay B. 18.12.11 18:11

Bellini (champagne + peach puree)

----- Jill H. 18.12.11 17:46

Depends on the time of year, but around now I love Dark & Stormys, Hot Toddys & Milk Punch!

----- April Brooks 18.12.11 17:34

Buttery Nipples

----- LauraPerryman 18.12.11 16:48

Definitely Madeira - it’s got a neat history, and it’s so darn tasty! :D

----- Ayla 18.12.11 15:26

gin and tonic

----- Edward 18.12.11 15:20

lemon drops! but i’m definitely still testing my taste around the bar ;)

----- Trina 18.12.11 09:53

Cocktail - Hemingway Daiquiri: Santa Teresa Rum, Grapefruit, Luxardo Maraschino & Lime
Amuse: Granny Smith Apple, Smoked Trout Pate, Cassis “Caviar”, Micro Tangerine Lace

----- Christina 18.12.11 09:41

white russian made by my boyfriend’s brother mixed with cheap lithuanian coffee liquor and milk from grandma’s cow

----- Monika 18.12.11 09:25

I like mine shaken, not stirred…

----- Grant G 18.12.11 09:16

whiskey on the sour, yum

----- steven 18.12.11 08:38

American in Paris!

----- Jenny G 18.12.11 05:29

Americano, w campari & martini….

----- Bjørn Lindergaard 18.12.11 02:08

Mojito!!! makes me want to dance

----- Elizabeth López-Sandoval 17.12.11 21:55

Run and cola

----- Jennifer 17.12.11 17:08

Bourbon on the rocks.

----- Daniel 17.12.11 15:21


----- matthew harrison smith 17.12.11 11:45

Paralyzer - 1/2 oz tequila
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz coffee liqueur
4 oz light cream
4 1/2 oz Coke
Super tasty and strong, love it!

----- Ruth D. 17.12.11 10:42

St. Germain Cocktail. It’s basically 1 part Chambourd to 2 parts St. Germain, shaken and served in a martini glass.

----- Rabbit 17.12.11 10:06

Corpse Reviver #2: lemon juice, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, gin, pastis.

----- Lynnea 17.12.11 09:02

The Starlite Mule, which is Organic Vodka, Ginger Beer, Lime & Angostura Bitters. Very refreshing.

----- rich 17.12.11 08:06

Vodka, straight.

----- James 17.12.11 07:33

a black russian, the ratio is critical..

----- Kai 17.12.11 07:10


----- leilani 17.12.11 06:51

I’m a sucker for a bloody mary.

----- Laura 16.12.11 22:04

I don’t have a go-to cocktail, although they say if the bar makes a good screwdriver, then you’re set. The latest cocktail that has been lingering in my mind though is a bit more trendy: a Blossom Saketini. It contains junmai, elderberry liquor, cranberry juice, and lime.
As for my favorite amuse-bouche, I haven’t had one that I particularly remember although if Cafe Mirò’s Beef Tataki appetizer (with Maui Onions and a Paprika Garlic Soy Sauce) were made in one-bite portions, it would be my pick.

----- Lisa 16.12.11 19:20

Favorite drink? Whiskey sour at the Seven Grand in Los Angeles. There’s something simple and satisfying about the delightful cocktail.

----- Jennifer K. 16.12.11 15:22

I’m more of a beer kind of girl, but if I must have a mixed drink it’s usually a White Russian or vodka cranberry.

----- Lara 16.12.11 14:47

Eggnog is yummy!

----- Thu 16.12.11 14:24

i blame being from miami… but a mojito!

----- maggie 16.12.11 14:08

bourbon and ginger, slice of lime!

----- Julia 16.12.11 13:39

Depends on mood/weather/time. For the most part a Corpse Reviver #2 (w/ Cocchi Americano) and a tiny crab cake.

----- Victor 16.12.11 11:43

JD & Coke, or a nice well made martini

----- Karina 16.12.11 11:31

I am going to go with a homemade mojito in summer. Winter would be a white russian.

----- Mikell Johnson 16.12.11 10:55

makers n ginger. simple n good

----- amir 16.12.11 09:47

The old standby: Fish House Punch. Good for crowd.

----- Chip McCarthy 16.12.11 09:03

An Old Fashion is my favorite drink! It gives you “swagger” ;)

----- Russ! 16.12.11 08:51

A Bacon Old Fashion from the Patterson House in Nashville, TN.

----- Mike 16.12.11 07:44

The classic Sidecar is currently my favorite.

----- Scott B 16.12.11 06:26

My favourite for winter nights is hot Amaretto and milk and I guess the perfect amuse bouche to go with could be gingerbread topped with mascarpone cream and pistachios…

----- Carla 16.12.11 05:41

Bison Vodka & Apple Juice, so tasty its dangerous!

----- Sam Foster 16.12.11 05:04

though not a classic ‘girlie’ drink my favorite will always be the classic manhattan, i’d love to learn what kind of amuse bouche might go with that drink because honestly i’m stumped…i think maybe something like a blini with sour cream, smoked salmon and salmon roe would do nicely. but then sour cream, smoked salmon and salmon roe always do nicely in my book, just as a manhattan does.

----- mieke 16.12.11 00:23

Rusty Nail is my favorite cocktail.

----- Randi Lynne 15.12.11 22:37


----- Gerry Jobe 15.12.11 22:02

Dark and stormy made with a strong ginger beer.

----- Matt Menefee 15.12.11 21:49

Ooooh, gin martini, 2 olives. With bacon wrapped dated stuffed with blue cheese. Yum! Although, I’d happily take a mojito or caipinha in it’s place.

----- Sharon 15.12.11 21:36

Pear brandy sidecar, with Clear Creek pear eau de vie. Yum yum.

----- lex 15.12.11 20:56

A good single malt scotch is perfect any time, but particularly in winter.

----- Arthur Kosasih 15.12.11 20:24

Hemingway Daiquiri.

----- Hannah H. 15.12.11 19:52

St. Germain and Ginger Ale…elderflower deliciousness!

----- Natalie 15.12.11 19:51

My favorite drink by far would have to be the Aviation. I prefer mine with Ransom Old Tom gin and reluctantly settle for those made without the creme violette. Sure, I like it sweeter, but it really gives the lofty flavor of juniper some real body.

----- Joshua M 15.12.11 19:40

Mexican Mule

----- Emmanuel Carrillo 15.12.11 19:28

Ketel & Club. Double lime. Simple and lovely.

----- J Alexander 15.12.11 19:27

So many to choose from… I guess I would go with a Manhattan… though anything with whiskey is pretty good.

----- Joshua Reubens 15.12.11 19:16

Just a simple gin and tonic

----- Iris 15.12.11 18:59

It’s summer here, so I have to go with a large jug of Pimm’s and Lemonade, enjoyed in the garden

----- Hilary 15.12.11 18:53

As a Badger, I have a soft spot for a properly constructed Whiskey Old Fashioned!

----- Christina Ward 15.12.11 18:46

Negroni. my favorite drink definitly.

----- Thiago 15.12.11 18:20

My favorite drink is a screwdriver. Simple, but great!

----- Elora 15.12.11 17:50

A Manhattan will always hit the spot.

----- aldo 15.12.11 17:09

I’m simple, love a vodka soda…..

----- wolfie 15.12.11 16:47

French 75. Smooth. Perfect

----- Gary 15.12.11 16:05

I had a great Veal Tatare with a dollop of creme fraiche amuse the other day!

----- Chris 15.12.11 16:02

My favorite drink is a White Russian.

----- Jon 15.12.11 15:46

I discovered shrubs this summer. Still debating my favorite drink to make with them, as well as my favorite flavor. But was happy to have a fun use for the peach peels as I made pie and strawberries that I wasn’t going to eat quickly enough.

----- Sarah 15.12.11 15:38

favorite drink is a southern screw :)

----- Natalie Kay 15.12.11 15:11

fav amuse bouche is the candy floss-wrapped foie gras on a stick from the NOTCOT archive

----- Marc 15.12.11 15:10

The misses and I decided to make “RonRon Juice” from Jersey shore (largely it’s watermelon, cherries, a bit of sugar and vodka). Long story short, I broke my hand and ended up with no girlfriend after drinking it. Still, it tasted great though!

----- Edward 15.12.11 14:58

flaming dr pepper

----- michael higdon 15.12.11 14:29

Bourbon, Cider and Soda — “A Stonewall”

----- Andrew 15.12.11 14:06

I could go with something fancy, but nothing beats a great gin and tonic with a twist of lime.

----- Yenn 15.12.11 14:04

Liquorice mojito (molecular version: soft bubbles of liquorice immersed in the tradiotional mojito, with a crunched slice of lemon caramelized on the top)…

----- FEDERICA 15.12.11 13:54

Perfect Rob Roy straight up with a twist!

----- eab 15.12.11 13:47

Greyhound. Refreshing and light.

----- Sarah 15.12.11 13:45

Milkyway martini!!!

----- Solmaz 15.12.11 13:45

My favorite drink as of late is a Ti Punch with St. George Distiller rum.

----- Wesley 15.12.11 13:41

Adios Motherfucker :P

----- M K 15.12.11 13:40

Shandy… 50% lemonade and 50% beer

----- Paula 15.12.11 13:31

I like Brain Hemorrages! They taste like candy you can have five at once and you will give you a good intoxication, lol.

----- Chris Rands 15.12.11 12:51

I love old fashioneds - this is the drink that my grandfather was known for making at all my grandparents’ parties. Not only are they delicious, but they remind me of him.

----- Mary 15.12.11 12:48

Sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist. It always makes me think of Rome, the way the sun hits the buildings. Now toast to the Groundhog!

----- Morgan Grimes 15.12.11 12:44

Irish Whiskey on the rocks.

----- Eric B. 15.12.11 12:29

I have the feeling that this Black Phantom cocktail will be my new favourite!

----- Ralitsa 15.12.11 12:12

Nothing fancy here, but still my favorite, G & T

----- Ryan 15.12.11 12:04

It’s probably a “him” drink, but I’m obsessed with the Smoke and Spice at Locanda in San Francisco. Also they make amazing Posset!

----- Daisy 15.12.11 12:00

I don’t know if one could classify it as a drink, but Jameson in my coffee warms me up and keeps me that way. It’s subtle and enjoyable.

----- Rachael B 15.12.11 11:47

Skinny Cosmo :)

----- McKenzie 15.12.11 11:27

Corpse Reviver No. 2 has my vote for the most refreshing gin cocktail!

----- Natasa 15.12.11 11:18

Green goddess (a cannabis infused absinthe).

----- John 15.12.11 11:16

My favourite drink is the Bamboo: Melon liquor, white wine, lychee juice, soda. Mmm delicous!

----- Lily 15.12.11 11:12

Give me a Manhattan and I’m happy. ^_^

----- Tom 15.12.11 11:08

The negroni or a really caipirina

----- Roberto 15.12.11 10:57

French 75. Yumm.

----- Leslie 15.12.11 10:52

My favorite cocktail is a Drambuie and Ginger Ale; I don’t know that I have a favorite Amuse Bouche, but I do enjoy bourbon cocktail wieners.

----- Jennifer 15.12.11 10:43

Bobby Burns.
1 1/2 oz sweet vermouth
1 1/2 oz Scotch whisky
1 1/4 tsp benedictine herbal liqueur
1 twist lemon peel
Finish it with a smooth raquetball sized chunk of ice and tuck yourself into bed to enjoy.

----- Daimian 15.12.11 10:33

I love rum daquiris, but not the sugary frozen drink: I like it with high quality rum, fresh lime juice, & simple syrup, on the rocks. Thanks!

----- Kimberly M 15.12.11 10:30

LOVE Coke Zero and Crown Royal!

----- Corey 15.12.11 10:27

the Sidecar!

----- Carlos 15.12.11 10:19

Love the French KIss :)

----- DIana 15.12.11 10:17

an old fashion.

----- Joe B 15.12.11 10:13

Whiskey Sour. And if I may quote one Miss Peggy Olson: “You need three ingredients for a cocktail. [Two] is an emergency.” Edited for subject-appropriateness.

----- Meghan 15.12.11 10:10

Dark and Stormy.

----- Stacy B. 15.12.11 10:06

Dark & Stormy

----- Josh W 15.12.11 10:03

Wiens Amour L’Orange champagne! So good!

----- Diana 15.12.11 10:01

I love a good ol’ gin and tonic with extra limes.

----- kathryn 15.12.11 09:58

Sapphire Gin & Tonic w/ olives. Perfection.

----- Shannon 15.12.11 09:55

A good gin, soda water and a slice of cucumber!

----- Bartal Djurhuus 15.12.11 09:52

My favorite is a Tom Collins with some crushed mint and cucumber.

----- Steph 15.12.11 09:52

A manhattan, everyone does it different, so its always a surprise.

----- Nick Robles 15.12.11 09:35

Hot toddy (just hot water, scotch, lemon juice, and a lemon slice with a few cloves stuck in it). Best when sipped from a thermos during a long late-night lab meeting.

----- Laura 15.12.11 09:34

I have to say the White Russian has always been there for me, through the thick of it.

----- Brett K. 15.12.11 09:33

Liquid Cocaine

----- Gino V 15.12.11 09:32

I love a good whiskey sour, not too sweet though, with a cherry or two in it. Makes me wanna put on some spurs and do my best cowboy drawl.

----- Brooke B. 15.12.11 09:29

A Chartreuse smash. I’m in a giant european herbal liquor kick at the moment.

----- James N 15.12.11 09:27

Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale!

----- Anders 15.12.11 09:26

The Ramos Gin Fizz in the warmth and Hot Buttered Rum in the winter. As for Amuse-bouches, maybe scallops wrapped in bacon? Do those count?

----- tyler weston 15.12.11 09:25

Classy and simple. Glenlivet/rocks.

----- Adam Edwards 15.12.11 09:21

straight up Bourbon on the rocks!

----- Brian 15.12.11 09:21

Jameson and ginger ale

----- christi 15.12.11 09:19

You can’t beat a good Gin & Tonic.

----- Erastos 15.12.11 09:18

I lovvvvve a lavender gin & tonic. I also recently had a carrot margarita that unexpectedly knocked my socks off.

----- Noelle 15.12.11 09:17

white russian dude.

----- angela nguyen 15.12.11 09:12

Amaretto Sour - no contest - although it has to be made right, with proper egg white.

----- Dan Gilmore 15.12.11 09:12

Give the Moscow Mule what he wants!

----- Matt 15.12.11 09:06

gin martini

----- Mike 15.12.11 09:05

My favorite drink is The Long Island :) Yummy & will get ya buzzed nice & proper ! I rarely have a hangover with those, too :)

----- april B 15.12.11 09:04

Gotta be the Sazerac for me. Hard to find in Canada because Peychaud’s Bitters are not sold here.

----- Ryan J 15.12.11 09:03

An Aviation.

----- Robert W. 15.12.11 08:58

Jack and cock yummmmm!!

----- Garry Hannah 15.12.11 08:56

No matter what season, what reason a Vieux Carre is my fav! But for xmas time The Burbank goes down frothy and smooth and full of Holiday flavor!!

----- Christian 15.12.11 08:51

White russian

----- Josh 15.12.11 08:48

Amaretto Sour! :D

----- Norman 15.12.11 08:48

French 75 in the summer and a Templeton Rye Manhattan in the winter.

----- Ashlee 15.12.11 08:45

my favorite is grandma’s revenge. only the mixer knows what’s in it.

----- viktoria papp 15.12.11 08:40


----- Gaetan 15.12.11 08:39

A good Manhattan (read: bitters and non-toxic looking cherry) is my go to, but my latest love is the Brooklyn. Basically, the Manhattan, but a little sweeter and edgier.

----- sarah 15.12.11 08:37

My favorite drink remains a Manhattan (despite my frequent summer dalliances with gin and tonic.)

----- Elyn 15.12.11 08:28

Gin and Tonic

----- Tran Nguyen 15.12.11 08:27

fave drink: pimm’s cup or vodka tonic + extra lime
fave amuse bouche: pate de foie gras or gougeres!

----- siena 15.12.11 08:13

Forget the French 65, a French 75, direct from Arnauds in New Orleans. Made with Veuve of course :-)

----- Matt 15.12.11 08:11


----- jenna 15.12.11 08:08

An Old Fashioned.

----- Jeremy 15.12.11 08:04

A good bourbon with anything in the winter… especially with some orange peel

----- Kate 15.12.11 08:00

this time of year, I am all about a good hot-buttered rum!

----- katalia 15.12.11 07:59

Nothing better than a Scotch with no more than 3 cubes of ice

----- Sebastian 15.12.11 07:58

I would have to say at this point in time it’s a Negroni.

----- Bryan 15.12.11 07:53


----- Spencer 15.12.11 07:45


----- Alexander 15.12.11 07:44

Oh, something I have just discovered that has skyrocketed to the top of my favorite drinks: Mexican Martini with green chili infused tequila.

----- Mikaela 15.12.11 07:43

Vanilla vodka and Coke

----- J_Walrus 15.12.11 07:35

White Russian

----- John Norman 15.12.11 07:33

A White Russian, because I can actually make one.

----- Scott Dill 15.12.11 07:31

Jameson with Ale8 (ginger ale) is the tastiest drink ever.

----- Christina 15.12.11 07:28

Moscow Mule.

----- Tobias 15.12.11 07:26

I’m a fan of Caesars. :)

----- Rachel Bain 15.12.11 07:26

My new favorite: Whipped Cream Vodka & Sprite.

----- becca 15.12.11 07:24


----- eliot 15.12.11 07:23

Selfmade Mexicaner! spacyyyyyyyyyy and good

----- Agnes 15.12.11 07:23

Old Fashioned, light the orange on fire, you’re set.

----- Zack 15.12.11 07:18

Oh those books look amazing!!! Me, personally, anything with whiskey. Sometimes the basic whiskey sour is better than anything fancy and mixed up with multiple spirits….there was one cocktail (I dont remember the name) that I had when I was on holiday in south africa…..It had absinthe in it, it was fruity to the flavor, and came lit on fire…..but I havent been back to s. africa since then…so I doubt I will find that drink ever again!

----- Charlie Price 15.12.11 07:12

Silver Coin

----- rey 15.12.11 07:12


----- heather 15.12.11 07:04

I go for a classic Gin and Tonic…but that French65 looks like a perfect New Years drink!

----- Terra 15.12.11 07:00

I love an Arnold Palmer and a cheese ball.

----- Joyce 15.12.11 06:59

these books are incredible! so cool! Cranberry stolichnaya vodka and tonic.

----- allen 15.12.11 06:46

I would have to go with the amuse, and a winner is ‘White Asparagus Veloute with a bacon chip’

----- Greg Gerv 15.12.11 06:43


----- Geoff 15.12.11 06:28

i love anything with a touch of St. Germaine

----- cat 15.12.11 06:24

I love a classic Manhattan

----- Natalie N 15.12.11 06:20

Indian Summer, spicy and delicious and cool looking

----- Jim 15.12.11 05:48

I love Jameson and coke or rum and coke

----- chris wilkinson 15.12.11 05:47

Any variation on whiskey sours.

----- Jason 15.12.11 05:31

My favorite is Bloody Mary with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco & cerely.

----- Helen 15.12.11 04:30

My favourite drink at the moment is a Singapore Sling.

----- Annie 15.12.11 04:30

i love a good, strong long island iced tea.

----- sarah 15.12.11 04:24

My favorite drink is a Trinidad Sour. All too often bitters play a side role in a drink, but in this drink it’s the main ingredient. As a result, the flavor of the drink changes as you drink it. Everyone should definitely try it.

----- Steve T. 15.12.11 03:55

Apple Martini.

----- Vesa 15.12.11 03:35

French 65 looks fabulous. Thanks

----- Sam 15.12.11 03:07

Roy rogers ha

----- Levi Montez 15.12.11 01:13

Favorite drink—Cinzano on ice with a twist of lemon…memories of being in Europe….…or a Caprinha!!! So refreshing!

----- maura cowie 15.12.11 00:33

It’s got to be Kraken Rum, for the moment!

----- Tain 15.12.11 00:13

Well a wise man in bolivia taught me about Caprinha, so that.

----- Arnon L 14.12.11 23:28

tomodachi- sake and plum wine. served hot or cold, just depends on my mood and the weather.

----- Sara Moon 14.12.11 23:23

My favorite drink is a French 75…delicious!!!!

----- Jim B 14.12.11 23:15

Since it’s cold, my favorite fixation has been a Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista in SF. It (or they ^^) can take the chill out of any day.

----- Jason Ahn 14.12.11 22:55

midori sour :) yumyum

----- Victor 14.12.11 22:43

My favourite drink is Pina Colada (not virgin) mwahahahah ;D

----- Sara Wong 14.12.11 22:43

My standard is a rum and Diet Coke. I’m a simple girl!

----- Ashley 14.12.11 22:39

Well, it’s winter, despite the lack of snow in NY, right now I’d like a Hot Toddy.

----- Eric G. 14.12.11 22:10

My favorite drink is a lemon drop. Deliciously sweet and smooth.

----- Sarah R. 14.12.11 22:02

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