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Holiday Giveaway #26: Baggu- 12.20.11

baggu0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Giveaway #26!!! We’re down to the final 5… Here’s a fun one from our old friends at Baggu who branched their reusable bags in to leather this year! Whether for groceries, a makeshift purse, a random carry-all, a backpack and more… Baggu has you covered in quite the rainbow of colors and patterns… for this giveaway they are giving one lucky winner: a Backpack, a Daypack, an Original Baggu, and a black M Leather pouch!

For a chance to win a set containing a Backpack, a Daypack, an Original Baggu, and a black M Leather pouch from Baggu, leave a comment with what unexpected thing you have in your bag before midnight PST on Dec 25th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email! See more pics and a coupon on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winner Jeremy in Brooklyn, NY!

baggu1.jpg Backpack!

baggu2.jpg Daypack!

baggu3.jpg Original Baggu!

baggu4.jpg black M Leather pouch!

For a chance to win a set containing a Backpack, a Daypack, an Original Baggu, and a black M Leather pouch from Baggu, leave a comment with what unexpected thing you have in your bag before midnight PST on Dec 25th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winner by email!



450 Notes

cough drops, napkins, fortunes from cookies, crumpled up paper scraps. nothing very unusual, aha

----- Amanda 25.12.11 23:32


----- delanie 25.12.11 18:17

A home-made locknut wrench wrapped up in a piece of pink tutu

----- Jenny Lou Privat 25.12.11 15:41

I have somebody else’s sketchbook in my bag.

----- M Tucker 25.12.11 15:31

a ton of napkins

----- Paulina 25.12.11 15:02

mine is absolutely empty :)

----- mizuki 25.12.11 13:49

a tuning fork

----- Jess 25.12.11 11:55

finger puppets

----- Burçin 25.12.11 11:38

a big stuffed monkey!

----- Denise 25.12.11 07:41

a role of washi tape, old post-its and…some dust :)

----- Lauranne 25.12.11 07:20

Pins, Candies, a mini parfume & an extra packet of biscuits fr the street ppl….

----- Aashka 25.12.11 02:59

About 10 copies of the sheet music for “Do It Again” by George Gershwin

----- Jon 24.12.11 23:02

Bottle of Vitamin B.

----- Tray 24.12.11 22:33

A 3 1/2 in floppy disk.

----- Brad 24.12.11 20:56

Emergency chocolate. Every girl should carry some. They can change a crap day into something lovely.

----- Juli 24.12.11 20:50

A Subway footlong!

----- BJ 24.12.11 17:21

a plastic spoon and knife

----- Michelle 24.12.11 15:08

An Elephants Trunk.

----- Shane O'Brien 24.12.11 14:26

3 reeses peanut butter cups…

----- Bethany 24.12.11 13:55

A wireless computer router :)

----- Alex Tsai 24.12.11 12:07

an impressive pencil collection

----- liz 24.12.11 11:41

A Seafood Watch Guide from Monterrey Bay Aquarium :]

----- Steph 24.12.11 09:52

a felt pretzel to bring me luck :)

----- luisa 24.12.11 09:51

Fruit! My father was hypoglycemic, so we all learned to carry food, just in case. This time of year, it’s clementines.

----- Katharine 24.12.11 07:20


----- James 24.12.11 06:34

red classic toms!

----- jinfeng 24.12.11 01:13

a pair of hashi (chopsticks). in case i get attacked by a meal…

----- lisa 24.12.11 00:05

These are some cute bags! :) Unexpected thing I have in my bag? hahaha….a pair of toddler’s underpants. My little girl is on potty train now and that really helps reminding her (and me) she needs to let me know whenever she needs to go.

amy [at] utry [dot] it

----- amy @ uTryIta 23.12.11 23:54

A green minifan that i stole from my sister :P

----- Rocio 23.12.11 23:26

red classic toms!

----- jinfeng 23.12.11 23:20

pewter paisley charm

----- Sharon 23.12.11 22:42

A mini panettone

----- Clara 23.12.11 20:41

I always have a pair of drumsticks with me for random jamming sessions! :)

----- Zoe 23.12.11 19:50

set of brass knuckles….fake of course………

----- Lauren 23.12.11 18:27

Three ketchup packets.

----- Jaclyn Rodriguez 23.12.11 17:29

open safety pins to keep life exciting

----- kelly wood 23.12.11 16:50

A particular charger for any kind of device: it works through solar energy. Be sustainable, switch to renewable sources!

----- federica 23.12.11 16:38

Three pocket knives?

----- Wooster 23.12.11 12:58

a box with 365 handwritten messages of love, funny memories, and affirmations for my grandma for 2012!

----- Erica 23.12.11 12:33

Two scarves and three pairs of gloves…

----- Stav 23.12.11 11:52


----- Carrie 23.12.11 10:25

A Cloth flower pin my friend in Hongkong got me for my birthday.

----- Diana Tan 23.12.11 09:53

A half knitted jockstrap!

----- Jeremy 23.12.11 09:52

a hot glue gun, i’ve been using it to finish off some crafting masterpieces and never know when i’ll need it

----- MJ 23.12.11 09:26

I have a Naked Bee sunblock stick. Unexpected since it’s now winter in Montreal!

----- Naomi 23.12.11 08:02

It’s sort of horrendous, but the other day while out in the city, I stubbed my toe pretty badly. When I pulled off my shoe to have a look, my middle toenail simply came off. I was too embarrassed to look for a trash can so stashed it in my purse, and forgot all about it until today x__x

----- Mish 23.12.11 07:52

Broken cellphone

----- Al Eklund 23.12.11 06:11

Toilet cleansing wipes. In case I need to use a public restroom.

----- james 23.12.11 04:29

A dead grasshopper.

----- Calvin 23.12.11 00:47

A large brown glass bead that came off one of my favorite necklaces. It broke about a year ago, but I’ve kept the bead in my bag for good luck

----- Laura B. 23.12.11 00:16

I moved 6 brand new chicks and their mother hen in a baggu. It worked perfectly!

----- Gina F 22.12.11 23:57

cloth diapers

----- Christina C 22.12.11 21:08

a ceramic mug!

----- Amanda N 22.12.11 20:24

A small cockroach fossilized in resin.

----- OJ Desuasido 22.12.11 20:22

I’ve got a Dungeons and Dragons Core Rule book in my leather Fossil purse. I’m a 5’5” Homecoming Queen.

----- Sarah Robertson 22.12.11 20:11

i actually have a baggu bag i got as a gift in my bag

----- carol 22.12.11 20:02

i actually have a hot pink baggu bag that i got as a gift my my bag.

----- carol 22.12.11 19:58

i actually have a hot pink baggu bag in my bag.

----- carol 22.12.11 19:57

two miniature wooden pegs attached to each other in the shape of a spaceship. my friendship spaceship.

----- Abby 22.12.11 19:53

1TB portable harddrive

----- Jeff 22.12.11 19:47

Currently, the most unexpected item in my purse would be a handful of fishing lures. You never know when you might need some…

----- Kristin 22.12.11 18:29

A baggu inside of a baggu, and a sharpie.

----- Diana 22.12.11 17:52

A pacifier and toy helicopter

----- Betsy 22.12.11 17:20

i always have an extra pair of socks. they’ve come in handy so many times!

----- siena 22.12.11 17:10

I keep another bag in my bag! A foldable reusable bag - you never know when you might need it!

----- Shauna 22.12.11 16:28

My handy ear filters.. you never know when things may get a little loud!

----- Emily 22.12.11 16:00

My ukuelele! His name is Thom and he goes with me just about everywhere.

----- taryn 22.12.11 15:33

I once found a rock in my purse. Not sure how it got there…

----- Nancy 22.12.11 15:16

A Hot Dog on a Stick punch card I last used…oh, 6 or 7 years ago.

----- Kelly Fischer 22.12.11 14:57

A stethoscope!

----- Robyn 22.12.11 14:55

A deck of uno cards.

----- Jennifer 22.12.11 14:39

Rubber bouncy ball that looks like an eye ball.

----- Lauren 22.12.11 14:19

100 coupons for 75c off salad.

----- Mai-Chi 22.12.11 13:48

a hammer

----- Paula 22.12.11 13:31

I have a Warmachine Satyxis raider sea witch, unassembled and un-painted, in my purse!

----- Natasha 22.12.11 13:14

a tissue microarray (TMA) of human pediatric medulloblastoma (that’s a type of childhood brain tumor) samples from a Russian study cohort.

----- blue 22.12.11 12:28

Unfortunity a money clip without an money in it.

----- academic one 22.12.11 11:54

I always have a snack with me - at the moment, it’s roasted & salted sunflower seed kernels.

----- Bri 22.12.11 11:20

A bar of Michel Cluizel Mangaro 64% Madagascar chocolate

----- Margaret 22.12.11 11:20

A stuffed animal.

----- Michele M 22.12.11 10:31

Always a pen and notebook (I’m a writer). Current random occupants of my purse: glass jar, one mitten, toothbrush but no toothpaste, and my personal favorite - a disposable camera with one image left to take that I have been saving for the perfect moment for at least 4 months.

----- Kacey D. 22.12.11 09:44

I have at least 3 different multitools and a pig shaped lighter. Used to keep floss in there too, it is WAY more useful than you might think.

----- Pam 22.12.11 09:34

Toothpaste, peanut butter pretzels, 2 year old Mets tickets and a baby nightgown….It looks like I live out of my purse…

----- Brittany 22.12.11 09:12

UFO solar balloon (rises when you put it out in the sun, like magic!) — thank you, parents, for bizarre gifts!

----- Ali 22.12.11 09:11

Xacto knives, always.

----- Cameron 22.12.11 08:34

a mini survival kit… you can never be too prepared

----- Tamara 22.12.11 08:18

I found a diaper in my bag…but my youngest is 21.so, is someone trying to tell me something?

----- beth 22.12.11 08:11

A map of my own city, Singapore. Though I’m a local, that does not mean I will never get lost. Hey it’s better to be prepared than to be embarrassed by asking other locals. (:

----- rifdi 22.12.11 07:50

Box of paperclips. never know when you need to clip paper.

----- allen 22.12.11 07:38

A paleo pack-in case I get hit with the caveman munchies.

----- Fiona 22.12.11 07:28

A lint roller. I’m a clean freak.

----- Mara 22.12.11 07:26

I found 4 Chapsticks in my bag one time…shows how prepared I am!

----- Michelle 22.12.11 07:14

my crochet material, which is an upcycled bedcover and a pear

----- Lilli Föhres 22.12.11 07:11

What i have right now is about 100 of those little metal things you stick ski passes to…. Don’t ask..

----- Helen 22.12.11 07:10

I always carry a tape measure with me. There’s so much stuff to measure :D

----- Ula 22.12.11 06:46

A home-made locknut wrench wrapped up in a piece of pink tutu

----- Jenny Lou Privat 22.12.11 06:41

2 Baggus so I’m always prepared and a couple of reusable produce bags, too.

----- Ruth 22.12.11 06:13

All my missing socks.

----- kimberly 22.12.11 06:08

Another baggu inside!

----- Nicole 22.12.11 03:40

Fantastic Design!

----- Leslie Roberson 22.12.11 03:25

A teddy bear. A small one, but still fluffy. And a bit dusty. But still fluffy. And lovely.

----- Cahaya 22.12.11 03:15

always have a camera in my handbag

----- Lucia M 22.12.11 01:43

a pair of mini scissors for cutting off those pesky loose threads

----- Jenny Lai 22.12.11 01:29

a half-eaten sandwich :P

----- Sara Wong 21.12.11 23:55

A banana and some pink stuff for my upset stomach

----- Charina 21.12.11 23:26

red classic toms!

----- jinfeng 21.12.11 23:22

A fork. No, actually a spork.

----- Joseph 21.12.11 23:04

A wax cast of a human hand, skin-colored and everything… needless to say it freaks a few people out when I have it with me! (I’m using it as a reference for a painting)

----- Haley 21.12.11 22:51

My “emergency pocket” contains earplugs and a can opener, among other items.

----- Sam 21.12.11 22:29

bra in my bag!…wahaa cos i would always wear them in the morning to work, but take them out in the middle of the day and go bra-less for the rest of the afternoon, evening & night! wohooo~ :)

----- jessica 21.12.11 22:21

A stag beetle and also a chick-o-stick for emergencies.

----- Cill 21.12.11 22:08

one double-pointed knitting needle.

----- Debbie 21.12.11 22:06

That little tool that lets you pop out SIM cards from iPhones….

----- Allison 21.12.11 21:51

I have dental floss with me all the time. Food stuck in your teeth is one of the worst feeling in the world for me!

----- Jay B. 21.12.11 21:50

Mentos! The freshmaker.

----- J Alexander 21.12.11 21:49

A door knob

----- Samantha 21.12.11 21:29

My collection of fortune cookie sayings.

----- Finn 21.12.11 21:29

A slingshot

----- Monica 21.12.11 21:17

A German/English dictionary!

----- Laura 21.12.11 21:08

That would have to be penguin stickers.

----- Sharon 21.12.11 20:56

gluesticks for my gluegun… I have no idea why it’s in my purse right now though…

----- Francis 21.12.11 20:16

A spongbob pouch

----- Eugenia 21.12.11 20:02

A used plaster.

----- Crystal 21.12.11 19:52

plastic cutlery!

----- irene 21.12.11 19:42

A mini torchlight. Y’know for those dark moments when you need a light to shine your way… ;)

----- Gary 21.12.11 19:40

I always like having a camera in my purse for unexpected photo opts! I also drive around a lot for work and love taking pictures while driving (which is probably way worse than texting! ;) )

----- Rachel F. 21.12.11 19:18

a lego sword

----- stacey w 21.12.11 19:18

An extension cord

----- Krystle 21.12.11 19:16

A pair of 3D glasses and a tea bag!

----- Ang 21.12.11 19:00

My dignity in tact after 5 bourbons.

----- v 21.12.11 18:53

Ever since I took a CPR class two months ago, it would be a Worldpoint Practi-valve.

----- Lisa 21.12.11 18:48

paint balls

----- cal 21.12.11 18:38

A headlamp and a change of socks

----- Sarah 21.12.11 18:36

wrapping paper

----- maria 21.12.11 18:35

Ledercort and Nutella on the Go!

----- Annabel 21.12.11 18:29


----- laura 21.12.11 18:26

A fruit knife. It’s from Japan, and it’s really sharp, but it handles apples really well.

----- Gaetan 21.12.11 18:25

a door nob

----- ina 21.12.11 18:23

car oil

----- stefany 21.12.11 18:20

mini electrical fan

----- mari 21.12.11 18:17

light bulbs

----- emi 21.12.11 18:12

dissecting kit

----- em 21.12.11 18:02

an xacto

----- steph 21.12.11 17:56

In my duck bag I have a 20ml of sterile water, 2 rolls of bandage, alcohol swaps, rexona men adventure deodorant and my freaking cool cardigan :D

----- Muhd Hafiz 21.12.11 17:39

I happen to have in my bag, a lovely pink stun gun that my mother bought me. She worries a lot.

----- Sarah 21.12.11 17:19

Right now: a ghost[hidden], one cocoa bean, 3 bags of tea, small sketchbook one, small sketchbook two, hohner harmonica, 2-3 small toy cars, scooter handlebar, pine needles, 3 lists of things TO DO, squeezable yogurt + the usual….baggage.

----- Olja 21.12.11 17:15

I have a baby baggu and a smurf…both the same color blue :)

----- Kris 21.12.11 17:05

Baggu pouches without Baggus!Helped a friend move and she is still unpacking.

----- Deb 21.12.11 17:03

There’s a dried squid tentacle at the bottom of my bag. I’ll eat it, as soon as I de-dust it with my keyboard cleaner.

----- Christian O 21.12.11 17:03

Small toy wallet that I got as a joke from a little tourist shop in Branson Missouri, like 4 months ago.

----- Harmony 21.12.11 16:58

all of fortunes from thai dinners with my boyfriend :)

----- sabella 21.12.11 16:54

packets of chilli sauce, and crumpled old receipts from weird, foreign countries.

----- pamela s. 21.12.11 16:46

A string of LED christmas lights and a laminated mini periodic table!

----- Hillary 21.12.11 16:44

A book! Call me crazy but I always, always cary one with me. Even when going out at night, you never know when you encounter an oportunity to read something. Right now it is a copy of ‘A small history of nearly everything’ and its one I would recommand highly. Great insights in how the world around us works.

----- Sarah 21.12.11 16:44

work. i carry a large bag, and am somewhat of a nerd.

----- Isabelle 21.12.11 16:28


----- Jessica C 21.12.11 16:24

Condoms ;)

----- Pauliina 21.12.11 16:24

I always carry a Tide stain stick in my bag. I’ve been known to stain my clothes!

----- Pamela Mullins 21.12.11 16:24

A mini architect’s scale. You never know when you’ll need it!

----- Nina 21.12.11 16:23

To the Finland Station.

----- Amy 21.12.11 16:19

a duck.

----- laura 21.12.11 16:16

DayQuil and a Baggu. Never know when I feel a cold or a shopping spree coming on!

----- Josh H 21.12.11 16:16

Michael Jackson’s glove.

----- julie 21.12.11 16:09

My planner, sunglasses (always) & way too many chapstick/lipgloss/lipsticks. I keep putting them in but never take them back out!

----- Khalei 21.12.11 16:06

lots of baby feeding spoons… they all just fall to the bottom and get stuck in there.

----- Debbie 21.12.11 16:05

a small teddy bear named bee-ar from my lovely bee! :)

----- Anjani 21.12.11 16:02


----- ying 21.12.11 16:02

I have a toothbrush and toothpaste,tweezers,a needle for splinters,and a screwdriver,and flashlight.

----- alisha 21.12.11 15:54

I don’t think it’s that odd but I have a bottle of wine (soon to be a gift) and way too many postcard stamps and a baby BAGGu and regular BAGGU. I need to get more! ;)

----- Jamie 21.12.11 15:54

santa chocolates!

----- Eva 21.12.11 15:50

Turns out I have one sock and that movie ticket that I thought I lost which costed me Harry potter!

----- Drina R. 21.12.11 15:49

a cup of noodles or hot cocoa :3

----- Ridan A. 21.12.11 15:48

Hmm, right now I have an amaryllis bulb. Loooove me some Baggu!

----- Kendra 21.12.11 15:45

Chocolate lumps of coal!

----- Ashlie 21.12.11 15:40

A shot for migraines.

----- Stephane 21.12.11 15:40


----- Naimah 21.12.11 15:39

A bakugan toy….that would be my son’s. When out and about, its always good to have a toy for the little one.

----- shauna 21.12.11 15:39

A wrap bracelet/necklace that I’ve been meaning to give my sister for almost a month

----- Rachelle 21.12.11 15:39

A screwdriver. For no reason? I’m feminine woman, I don’t have a clue why it was there. :)

----- SP Inkeroinen 21.12.11 15:39

One unicorn horn (no unicorns were harmed).

----- Heidi 21.12.11 15:38

a picture frame

----- Zoe Hogan 21.12.11 15:33

My baggus carry everything from lunch goodies to beach gear to all my holiday cheer ;)

----- Jules Morgan 21.12.11 15:30

i always carry tylenol with me, but that doesn’t mean i’m popping pills every few hours!

----- jireh 21.12.11 15:30

A small balloon pump with extra balloons. Whenever I see my baby cousins, I usually make balloon animals to entertain them and they love it!

----- Andrea 21.12.11 15:30


----- lauren 21.12.11 15:28

I have toilet seat covers for my daughter…

----- Michelle 21.12.11 15:28

6 yuan from a trip to china that I went on 2 years ago… I actually got very sick on that trip and was in the hospital for more than a week, but I still like having that yuan in my bag as a reminder of my experience!

----- Elizabeth 21.12.11 15:26

another Baggu!

----- LC 21.12.11 15:26

A shooting range target o.O

----- Francis 21.12.11 15:21

I found a tablet still in blister packet cut out from the rest…I have no idea how old it is or what it is.

----- Andrew Chau 21.12.11 15:06

a tiny silver and enamel St. Christopher medal that a vendor gave me at a flea market in Wisconsin

----- Susanna 21.12.11 15:01

my metric rope :-D

----- Miky 21.12.11 14:33

a small plastic container with air blessed by a Cambodian Buddhist monk

----- Annie 21.12.11 14:19

Peppermint tea and reindeer slipper socks - always prepared to be cozy!

----- Julie 21.12.11 14:02

A ‘Crush’ from Finding Nemo turtle keychain, given to me from my best friend who I affectionately call my turtle.

----- Christine 21.12.11 13:51

a power cord for my iphone

----- Courtney 21.12.11 13:39

I have a measuring tape

----- HANNAH 21.12.11 13:27

A pitch pipe!

----- Greg Weaver 21.12.11 13:21

A stress ball that’s an army guy’s head.

----- Jen D. 21.12.11 13:21

A hamster.

----- Antoana 21.12.11 13:15

What what unexpected thing you have in your bag?
In my bag there is Bill, the lizard.

----- Cami Travis-Groves 21.12.11 13:08

Unexpected thing? Mini Vinturi travel wine aerator. I left it in my bag once, and it was extremely useful when a friend came by with a bottle. Ever since, I’ve been carrying it wherever I go. You never know when the urge to wine will strike!

----- Jennifer K. 21.12.11 12:33

hmm..most unusual thing in my bag? Sackboy figurine from Little Big Planet

----- Michelle Gerard 21.12.11 12:20

I always have little trucks and/or action figures (I have an 20 month old son.) My co-workers laugh every time one falls out!

----- shari 21.12.11 12:13

Uhmm, let’s see.. oh this is fun: A corkscrew :D always be prepared!

----- Fannie Boudreau 21.12.11 11:49

let’s see…some floss…and… .. Bilbo Baggins! WTH?!

----- Earl 21.12.11 11:17

A $5 bill from Grenada & a bunch of fortune cookie fortunes.

----- Kimberly M 21.12.11 11:09

Some French Polynesian coins, two chapsticks and a lip gloss, and a few sugar in the raw packets.

----- chrissy 21.12.11 10:55

I always have an egg of silly putty in my bag!

----- Rachel 21.12.11 10:44

three micron pens, a ruler, paint brush, and a sketch book

----- Nick Robles 21.12.11 10:00

Bandaids in several shapes and sizes - comes in handy when someone is in need of a little fix-‘em-up.

----- Laylah 21.12.11 09:47

Diana Mini 35mm camera!

----- John 21.12.11 09:35

a bag in a bag incase you need more bag

----- Austin 21.12.11 09:29

I have a pacifier in my bag—and my daughter has definitely outgrown them!

----- Bee C 21.12.11 09:17

a sewing or knitting project to keep me busy on the train

----- Kate 21.12.11 09:15

Bus tokens for the Los Angeles MTA. I live in Vancouver.

----- lauren 21.12.11 09:12


----- Agata 21.12.11 09:08

a screwdriver. at least one, at all times.

----- rachel m 21.12.11 08:55

Another Baggu!

----- Daniella 21.12.11 08:53


----- Trinh 21.12.11 08:41

my favorite wireless mouse… because you never know.
That’s about as unexpected as it gets

----- Erastos 21.12.11 08:36

A carabiner and glucosamine pills

----- Melody 21.12.11 08:17

Socks. You never know when you’re gonna need an extra pair of socks. Also, reusable chopsticks - handy and eco-friendly!

----- Mae 21.12.11 08:08

two vintage patches from my brother reading: “leave no trace”
Thank you, I had been wondering where those went.

----- jessie 21.12.11 08:06

I’ve a hat that looks like a red velvet cupcake. I work in a cupcake shop so I tend to gravitate towards most things cupcake-shaped.

----- Anne 21.12.11 07:59

Aside from 3 books and a nook? A deck of zombie fluxx and a bag of zombie dice.

----- jennifer 21.12.11 07:56

I have an air pump with a needle?

----- Adam Edwards 21.12.11 07:46

A blue Munny from kidrobot

----- C. Power 21.12.11 07:40

i always carry a tape measure with me!

----- sarah 21.12.11 07:37

mini wine bottle and chips for a movie night :)

----- tanya 21.12.11 07:33

another bag

----- eliot 21.12.11 07:08

My hopes and dreams.

----- Jasper 21.12.11 07:04

my red berry fruits scented candle!
it smells so great and i love how i can take off the lid, sniff the scent and put it back to my bag lol
handy and refreshing:)

----- Soniaaaa 21.12.11 06:59

Notebook and rowing kit

----- Tim 21.12.11 06:46

Bottle opener with corkscrew.

----- Roonie 21.12.11 06:16

headlamp…. never be left in the dark.

----- Greg G 21.12.11 06:14

4 USB drives….. a bit excessive, i really should put them away.

----- Naysa 21.12.11 06:10

Toddler Toothpaste

----- noel drumbor 21.12.11 06:01

another bag in case I need more space. a bag within a bag; BAGCEPTION!

----- Allison King 21.12.11 05:59


----- Rebecca 21.12.11 04:59

i just found water balloons in there. it’s december. in chicago.

----- sarah 21.12.11 04:35

My mother-in-law’s credit card. She loaned it to me to do some online Christmas shopping for her. (I fear I will lose it!)

----- Erin 21.12.11 04:33

I always carry around a multi-tool, it’s come in handy a million times.

----- Don 21.12.11 04:17

First of all, reading all these comments were both entertaining, and also gave me some great ideas.

In my bag, always - a knife, earplugs, chocolate, shea butter, red lipstick, rescue remedy, tea, almonds, & incense.

----- natasha 21.12.11 03:31

Chicken, Fish, Barry

----- John Norman 21.12.11 03:22

I always have knitting needles and some yarn. Never a dull moment!

----- Rae 21.12.11 02:26

I always carry flashcards for my students! I´m teaching english at a spanish primary school!

----- Brittany Papale 21.12.11 01:46

Dental tools, which are surprisingly useful in a variety of unanticipated ways.

----- greg 21.12.11 01:39

a vintage Oscar de La Renta 100% silk top that I bought at the thrift-store for 1 dollar!

----- Grace 21.12.11 01:17

a penguin soap dispenser :)

----- April T 21.12.11 00:27

a pretzel.

----- janete 21.12.11 00:21

An old uneaten fortune cookie

----- Thu 21.12.11 00:16

My Nikon Monarch binoculars.

----- Allison 21.12.11 00:16

Roll-up shoes!

----- Lily 20.12.11 23:53

A very big lollipop which was a present from a friend.

----- Iris 20.12.11 23:50

A Bjorklund cheese slicer — a gift for a special someone :)

----- Megan 20.12.11 23:46

hand lotion always

----- Meagan Gonzaga 20.12.11 23:32

meteorites… three of them. what?! hahaha

----- kelli 20.12.11 22:51

I keep a folded up Target bag in my purses and school bags. What if it rains? What if I need to unexpectedly carry something? Baggus would be a much better version of that :-)

----- Domi 20.12.11 22:44

A Tibetan Phantom Quartz crystal.

Its my secret sidekick: mood/confidence stabilizer, energy magnifier, complementary human attractor and evil person repeller all in one ;)

----- jjj 20.12.11 22:34

a tiny stuffed anteater covered in spilled blush.

----- Amanda M 20.12.11 22:20

I have a mini teddy bear to keep me company when I’m on the move :P

----- Juliana 20.12.11 22:17

i am a graphic designer, but i have a pliers in my bag. you never know…

----- viktoria papp 20.12.11 21:50

a VHS copy of Ghostbusters 2 (just in case…)

----- cole 20.12.11 21:50

I keep a flashlight in my purse for safety purpose.

----- An 20.12.11 21:36

everything. somehow i never carry what i’m expecting to find in there.

----- flavia 20.12.11 21:32

I carry essential oils and incense in my bag all the time.

----- Michael 20.12.11 21:27

A copy of David Sedaris’ “Holidays on Ice.”

----- Jessica L. 20.12.11 21:27

I actually carry a pencil case with everything from a stapler, tape, pens, highlighter, pencils, x-acto knife, and etc :) Gots to be prepared anywhere! Thank you NOTCOT for this opportunity!

----- Carolyn T. 20.12.11 21:25

One or more lids for sippy cups. Never any cups. Just lids.

----- Speck 20.12.11 21:15

I carry around a slip of paper from last New Year’s Eve that reminds me of the three things that I am most grateful for.

----- Ethel 20.12.11 21:10

A 50ml Baileys Mini; my 4pm snack.

----- Cindy C. 20.12.11 20:57

A hobo nickel. It’s good luck.

----- Dave 20.12.11 20:39

Insulin, glucometer, candy bar , epi pen and bad genes.

----- Joyce 20.12.11 20:37

1 sachet of instant milk tea.

----- Astrid 20.12.11 20:15

This morning I had bullets that are no longer legal…

----- Liz 20.12.11 20:15

Screwdriver… you’ll never know what you’ll lose right? :)

----- Mellissa 20.12.11 20:13

jordan almonds

----- Dustin 20.12.11 19:46

ginger candy

----- Suzi-an 20.12.11 19:45

A tape measure- it comes in handy more times than you’d think!

----- nat 20.12.11 19:34

Well, having money is unexpected (at least for me), but more unexpected would be a votive candle (leather scented). Sometimes I just need a good sniff of it, you know?

----- Jane S. 20.12.11 19:30

Christmas cards waiting to be addressed and sent. A free gift coupon to a local antique store.

----- Jenn 20.12.11 19:27


----- Jayme 20.12.11 19:24

I don’t have a bag… That’s the problem :P

----- Bartal Djurhuus 20.12.11 19:23

vitamins :P

----- Tia 20.12.11 19:04

I carry around a firesteel in the back pocket of my purse, just cause you never know :P

----- Jane Burger 20.12.11 19:03

more lazy than unexpected - empty pack of gum and many crumpled receipts.

----- grace 20.12.11 18:55

the arm from a plastic baby doll…

----- Michelle 20.12.11 18:49

Small bags of loose leaf tea. Can’t LIVE with the thought of not having a good cup of tea anytime of the day.

----- Mel 20.12.11 18:46

Super Grover mini race car and acorns (for my 3-year-old son)

----- Khristian 20.12.11 18:42

My tax returns from 2007 and 2008. I keep taking them to work and forgetting to shred them.

----- Wesley 20.12.11 18:32

a miniature plunger (it’s actually a stand for my iPhone)

----- Ashley 20.12.11 18:28


----- Sarah 20.12.11 18:25

I have a tiny scale for weighing leftover yarn

----- Liz 20.12.11 18:25


----- Randi Lynne 20.12.11 18:19

Most of the time needles and a vial of Lovenox (blood-thinners). My friends and family always says someone’s going to find my bag and think I’m on drugs or something :p

----- Han 20.12.11 18:14

In rainy Vancouver-spare socks!

----- Nicole 20.12.11 18:01

dental floss, gum, toothpaste and a travel toothbrush

----- Andrea 20.12.11 18:00

A pocket Brazilian Portuguese dictionary.

----- L 20.12.11 17:54

I have 2 jutebeutel in my bag. So i dont need plastic bags whene i go shopping XD

----- Agnes 20.12.11 17:52

A quarter.

----- tlynnd 20.12.11 17:43

Old trash. Gnarly, sticky, stinky, moldy old trash. But this was in 7th grade.

----- Angus Macmillan 20.12.11 17:39

An Uglydoll vinyl toy!

----- hoister 20.12.11 17:34

The receipt to the bag itself just because I love the way it has yellowed over the years.

----- Alice 20.12.11 17:22

Floss… in a credit card shaped holder. It always fits!

----- Melissa 20.12.11 17:15

A cast sterling silver LEGO man. I cast the little guy a while back, and while he didn’t quite cast correctly (he looks a little like a ‘LEGO man of Willendorf’, I can’t bring myself to remelt him. At one point or another I stuffed him in my bag, and he’s just kind of been hanging out in there ever since.

----- Tara J. Brannigan 20.12.11 17:14

A bottle of wine.

----- Stacy B. 20.12.11 17:11

a computer keyboard. I’m a germaphob and I can’t stand touching public keboards because they are so dirty. Yuck.

----- brea 20.12.11 17:07

A bathingsuit, even though its winter

----- sid Law 20.12.11 17:07

A stapler! You never know when you’ll need one! ;)

----- Victor 20.12.11 17:07

A roll of masking tape and pair of needle-nose vice-grips….and this is my purse, not a tool box!

----- Natalie 20.12.11 17:02

A 1.0m piece of 4mm paracord, just in case a Scout asks how to tie a Sheepshank.

----- TimD 20.12.11 16:59

A puppy ID tag for when I go onto the pediatric floors of the hospital because the kids love it :)

----- Suzie 20.12.11 16:57

In my big blue Ikea bag? Old clothes and sand paper.
My re-usable Roundy’s bag? Wire mesh and spray paint.
My purse? A bottle of wine and a rotary cutter.
On the bus to a Naked Lady/Craft party for some last minute gift creation, clothes swapping and Holiday cheer!

----- Betsy S 20.12.11 16:47

I always carry with me a fold-up water bowl for my Boxer Karmin! I love these bags!

----- Dani 20.12.11 16:46

One unexpected thing I have in my bag is some of my puppy Sailor’s teeth that he recently lost ‘cause his big ones are coming in now!

----- April b 20.12.11 16:27

A mini bottle of listerine! Ha ha, it was in my bag when I went to the last stop of Jay-Z and Kanye’s tour … they guards asked me what it was and I apologized and said that they could take it if they like. Laughter and a “No thanks, we believe you” insued.

----- Lish 20.12.11 16:21

Cough drops and Japanese eye drops?
Not sure if that’s unusual…

----- Lara 20.12.11 16:14

A box of cookies!

----- Chris 20.12.11 16:11

A little bag of cloves from a catering gig i worked at a synagogue. Keeps my purse smelling fresh!

----- Alexis 20.12.11 16:07


----- Jan Umbao 20.12.11 16:05

The most unexpected thing in my bag are knitting needle point protectors.

----- Jacquelynn 20.12.11 16:05

A Leatherman Surge - it’s a million tools in one!

----- Monique 20.12.11 16:04

a giant jar of homemade kimchi my mother made for my birthday!

----- sonia 20.12.11 16:04

garlic. for good luck! and to ward off vampires

----- maggie 20.12.11 15:57

A coupon for free fish and chips - I’m allergic to fish.

----- James 20.12.11 15:35

A harmonica (the only way to survive LA traffic with your sanity!).

----- Carolyn 20.12.11 15:31

I have a whittling knife and a block of wood in my purse for when I am bored.

----- Angela Nguyen 20.12.11 15:18

fake blood… i have never used it but if i come across a person trying to harass me i will put it on my self.. hopefully it will scare the guy away

----- Cecilia 20.12.11 15:18

A screwdriver, can’t remember what I had to fix in my car a while back and now its permanently lives in my bag.

----- Solmaz 20.12.11 15:13

olfa utility knife and extra blades!

----- Olivia 20.12.11 15:13

a beirut ticket and a retainer.

----- Monica 20.12.11 15:08

A copy of the Constitution!

----- Suzanne 20.12.11 15:06

I always have a book in my bag! Right now, it’s The Tiger’s Wife.

----- Kathryn 20.12.11 14:57

The most unusual thing in my purse right now (since I’m carrying a smaller purse nowadays) is a nearly full toiletry kit. I have nearly everything…except deodorant.

----- Maggie 20.12.11 14:52

The New York Times Sunday Crossword and Miss Piggy Pez dispensor.

----- Sarah 20.12.11 14:48


----- Lauren 20.12.11 14:42


----- wolfie 20.12.11 14:42

some chopsticks :D

----- Tiffany 20.12.11 14:40

Sticky notes so I can flag important points in whatever I happen to be reading.

----- Paul M. 20.12.11 14:32

Pepper spray. A girl has to be prepared!

----- Nancy 20.12.11 14:32

I carry pins that we had made for our wedding in my bag.

----- Edgar 20.12.11 14:30

A jar of raw honey. I don’t like the pasteurized versions you find in coffee and tea shops so I always have a jar stashed away for a hot cup on the go.

----- Breanna 20.12.11 14:30

A pack of yellow stickies and a garbage bag (wish I could replace that with something decent)

----- Ruurd Pels 20.12.11 14:26

Today: a spray can of cooking oil.

----- Rav 20.12.11 14:12

Tiny wooden chairs.

----- Daisy 20.12.11 14:08

I have a tepe measure. It comes in handy more often than you think…

----- Iva 20.12.11 14:06

An AeroPress coffee maker.

----- Kristina 20.12.11 13:55

a BB cream for men by The Face Shop “Neo Classic Homme”. and i bet most of u even never heard BB cream :D another day another lesson learned

----- erick hilmansyah 20.12.11 13:44

A real silver quarter, to replace the one I accidentally used to do laundry

----- Thea 20.12.11 13:40

Money. Since I’m usually broke.

----- Evan 20.12.11 13:40

once i found my remote control and a spoon in my bookbag. till this day i have no idea how it got in there

----- Narin S 20.12.11 13:28

The most unexpected thing in my bag is probably my fortune from a fortune cookie that reads “Don’t kiss an elephant on the lips today.”

----- kathryn dart 20.12.11 13:25

In my bag?? Something unexpexted?
My little iron!! To iron my tees when i need to be perfect :)

----- Cristina 20.12.11 13:06

A 1960s Filipino cookbook. Vintage, but inspired

----- Laura 20.12.11 12:58

There are some ticket stubs in my wallet…

----- Denise 20.12.11 12:54

An unexpected thing I keep in my bag is Ty Fortune the Beanie Baby to remind me to feed the pandas in the morning when I arrive for work.

----- Jon 20.12.11 12:51

a taser. what can i say, i live in la.

----- melissa 20.12.11 12:50

I carry needle, thread and scissors never know when I might need them

----- Daniela Aravena 20.12.11 12:49

a pair of socks!

----- Garry Hannah 20.12.11 12:43

The Monster That Ate Stars, a mini book by Souther Salazar. Always puts a smile on my face!

----- karla 20.12.11 12:42

origami paper.

----- tane 20.12.11 12:35

a sample of antique wallpaper from the 20s… gotta love working on period films!

----- ELLE 20.12.11 12:34

Several pairs of fingernail clippers!

----- Cianan 20.12.11 12:30

A leather-scented candle.

----- Toni 20.12.11 12:29

Right now I have an extension cord to take home so I can plug in some more Christmas lights to decorate my apartment!

----- Diana 20.12.11 12:21

Three packs of unopened gum…
Gum is usually pretty standard in a purse, but I hate the thought of being without a piece when I really need it. Also, I can’t say no when someone asks for a piece—even if it is my last. Now, I’m prepared.

----- Mikaela 20.12.11 12:21

loose swedish fish… was not expecting that

----- dylan 20.12.11 12:21

I keep a travel-sized deodorant, just to be safe

----- Meghan 20.12.11 12:08

I keep a travel-sized deodorant, just to be safe

----- Meghan 20.12.11 12:08

I always keep chopsticks. one time I bought sushi for lunch and forgot the chopsticks. never again. chopsticks.

----- Josh 20.12.11 12:01

Post last night’s work holiday party, this morning you would find a casserole dish, flask, and a tennis ball among the items stuffed in the bottomless pit that is my bag.

----- Noelle 20.12.11 12:00

First Response pregnancy test strip exp date 12/2013…unused #incaseofemergency

----- natalie 20.12.11 11:57

A water filter.

----- Ginger 20.12.11 11:46

A T-rex! Aka my plastic toy dinosaur. He is the guardian of my purse. I bring him everywhere. His name is Galbratrar.

----- Duyen 20.12.11 11:40

I carry a stuffed guinea pig for my toy chihuahua, Tokki. ^_^

----- Dennis 20.12.11 11:39

a holographic guitar pic with a terrifying alien face on it!

----- christine atturio 20.12.11 11:35

well look at that; the button that fell off a vest months ago… That, I didn’t expect! Should really get to it…

----- Dominique 20.12.11 11:35

A flask of Eagle Rare bourbon. Never know when I’ll need it to keep warm. Plus I make a lot of new friends with it.

----- Stephanie 20.12.11 11:34

I carry a stuffed guinea pig that belongs to my toy chihuahua, Tokki. ^_^

----- Dennis 20.12.11 11:33

a piece of plywood

----- Monika 20.12.11 11:26

pain killers and gum

----- LDM 20.12.11 11:23

A marshmallow man figurine.

----- Laura 20.12.11 11:21

An Eiffel tower!!!

----- Maria 20.12.11 11:11

Tea bags

----- christi 20.12.11 11:10

I have a good old fashioned seamstress tape measure. Who wants to wait in line for the dressing room!?

----- Jamie Grace-Duff 20.12.11 11:07

Multiple additional pouches hand-sewn by me.

----- Meghan 20.12.11 11:06

Half a dozen local satsumas. The perfect snack for on the go.

----- Mary 20.12.11 11:05

A scalpel, not for a surgery but for cutting paper.

----- Ayumi 20.12.11 11:05

tape leash for my dog:) its just happened so that I forgot to leave it at home today.

----- masha 20.12.11 11:01


----- Michelle 20.12.11 10:55

A Balisong

----- Gino V 20.12.11 10:49

flower essence!

----- sophie 20.12.11 10:40

I have knitting needles, yarn and a pattern book. (it’s a big bag)

----- Carmen 20.12.11 10:38

Some origami paper in case I get bored….

----- Molly 20.12.11 10:37

A few cans of spraypaint for the occasional streetside art show. xD

----- Chris Rands 20.12.11 10:33

graphing calculator

----- Winnie 20.12.11 10:33

A few whistles..no money for a taser!

----- Bianca 20.12.11 10:27

Back up ChapStick, and emergency cookies.

----- rey 20.12.11 10:24

earplugs in case i find myself at a concert that’s a bit too deafening

----- Jason 20.12.11 10:22

my little mini spray bottle of poo-pouri

----- Tran Nguyen 20.12.11 10:20

A travel-sized cribbage board and cards.

----- Monica 20.12.11 10:11

Season 4 of Madmen

----- Spencer 20.12.11 10:07

free french fries coupon and vinyl stickers from a sushi restaurant!

----- Natalie Kay 20.12.11 10:06

10 different coasters and a map of Bruges, Belgium.

----- Joe B 20.12.11 10:06

a butterfly knife.

----- Tiffany 20.12.11 10:06

I keep hand warmers in my bag for the Canadian weather.

----- Selina Wong 20.12.11 10:06

Currently I have a bottle of Peychaud’s bitters randomly in my giant purse.

----- Anna B 20.12.11 10:02

right now i have a stack of christmas cards in there that i need to write. guess i should get going on that…

----- fishgirl182 20.12.11 10:02

the paint chips used in my house; you never know when you might see some awesome curtains, pillows, or blankets…

----- jenni o 20.12.11 09:59

A small roll of duct tape.

----- Yoshio 20.12.11 09:55

Four razor blades, loose.

----- Elizabeth 20.12.11 09:52

A leather bound copy of the Aeneid, in the original Latin :)

----- Ian S. 20.12.11 09:51

Dental floss! Small but very important in times of need!

----- Angela 20.12.11 09:49

A sunhat - for the sun and the unexpected drizzle.

----- H Tay 20.12.11 09:44

I always carry my sketchbook in my bag.

----- Russ! 20.12.11 09:43


----- NIKI Marcheggiani 20.12.11 09:40

Nicholas Cage, wearing a John Travolta mask.

----- Jay Fung 20.12.11 09:39

cocaine & condoms, sketchbook, headphones, change of shoes.

----- amy 20.12.11 09:33

I think the most unexpected thing I have in my bag is a handful of Turkish coins.

----- Elora 20.12.11 09:32

Dental floss. Is that unusual enough?

----- heather 20.12.11 09:31

I currently have a bunch of 18-8 Ss Flat Undercut Head Phil Machine Screws 6-32 Thread in my bag, in assembly mode!

----- Katie T 20.12.11 09:30

I currently have a bottle of ranch dressing I brought in for lunch and forgot about in my purse. Thanks for the reminder!

----- Emma 20.12.11 09:27

A little box of chocolate drink! Oh boy, it’d just made my quick breakfast for the day.

----- Cayenne 20.12.11 09:13

I usually carry a magazine and journal. Sometimes my camera to catch some rare moments :)

----- Luis Gomez 20.12.11 09:00

I have mini bags in my bag (purse). Odd? Maybe, but I can’t stand an unorganized purse! I’m always on-the-go so having a neat purse is vital to my hectic lifestyle.

----- Loralee Tolentino 20.12.11 08:57

At least three colors of Muji pens. You never know when you need to jot some ideas down!

----- Diana 20.12.11 08:55

I have mini bags in my bag (purse). Silly? Maybe, but I can’t stand an unorganized purse! I’m always on-the-go so finding my things fast is key.

----- Loralee 20.12.11 08:53

Sleeping pills. I’m an insomniac and sometimes I forget to pack them when I travel, so I always keep a night’s worth on me.

----- Marcie V. 20.12.11 08:53

half eaten apple.

----- lace 20.12.11 08:46

A miniature harmonica, in case of boredom!

----- Jeannie 20.12.11 08:46

People are often surprised that I’ve got a flask in my bag, but they’re never sad about it.

----- J 20.12.11 08:39

i always have emergen-C and at least two books

----- kenny 20.12.11 08:38

A few copies of my resume.

…No, I guess that’s not particularly unexpected.

----- Rachel Bain 20.12.11 08:37

I keep a multitool that I have to remember before I go through TSA screening

----- Paulie 20.12.11 08:37

Coupon organizer and magnets

----- Abbie 20.12.11 08:31

Ooooo! I have a FN Herstal Tactical .45 pistol with a Trijicon miniature reflex amber dot sight on it!

----- Mikell Johnson 20.12.11 08:28

some kind of fresh fruit. today, a some clementines.

----- Molly 20.12.11 08:26

a signed misfits ticket stub

----- todd j 20.12.11 08:25

Tea … I love coffee, but I also love a soothing tea, that lets me calm down, get in a great and relaxed mood…why not have it with you in your bag all time…there is hot water everywhere!

----- Deniz 20.12.11 08:24

i have a baggu for emergencies!

----- bekee 20.12.11 08:23

Yeah, once I found $20 in my bag. What more can I ask for? Cold hard cash is awesome! And so are Baggu bags!

----- Tyler 20.12.11 08:20

ear plugs

----- jacob 20.12.11 08:15

Another bag!

----- Robert W. 20.12.11 08:12

A 15mm crescent wrench. And I am thankful that the person at Cleveland Airport security measured it twice and let me keep it even though it was 1/16” over the size for metal objects.

----- Brandon 20.12.11 08:07

my ukulele

----- tricia 20.12.11 08:05

i always have panadol and flu pills in my bag, hmm not that unexpected afterall =(

----- Kai 20.12.11 08:04

Peanut butter cups and curry!

----- Kim D 20.12.11 08:00

a $2.00 off coupon for whitening toothpaste

----- jenna 20.12.11 07:59

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