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Holiday Giveaway #19: Greenaid- 12.13.11

greenaid0.jpg Happy Holidays! 2011 is flying by, and we’re finishing the year with some great coupons from our favorite stores as well as 30 giveaways from now through Christmas!

Seedbombs!!! Guerilla gardening at its funnest… Holiday Giveaway #19 is from Greenaid ~ and we have 10 holiday gift kits to give away! This limited edition holiday gift kit comes with 12 seedbombs and a wooden slingshot, all wrapped in a custom bandana which you can wear to your next guerilla gardening excursion!

For a chance to win a one of the 10 Limited Edition Guerilla Gardening Gift Sets from Greenaid, leave a comment with where you’d plant your seedbombs before midnight PST on Dec 18th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email! See more pictures as well as a coupon on the next page!

CONGRATS to our winners: Lindsay in Baltimore, MD, Margaret in Mequon, WI, Ashley in Broomfield, CO, Tom in South Ogden, Utah, Cemile in New York, NY, Jason in New York, NY, Francis in Santa Ana, CA, Mike in Antioch, TN, Amir in Concord, CA, and Jorge in Providence, RI.






For a chance to win a one of the 10 Limited Edition Guerilla Gardening Gift Sets from Greenaid, leave a comment with where you’d plant your seedbombs before midnight PST on Dec 18th, 2011 and we’ll notify the winners by email!



212 Notes

i’d plant them next to the abandoned packard dealership on my block.

----- Josh Wilburne 18.12.11 22:04

Zuccotti Park! Cultivate change!

----- nikki 18.12.11 20:59

I’d plant them in a friend’s yard secretly…

----- Alberto Villa 18.12.11 19:02

I’d scatter them across New York City

----- Sam 18.12.11 18:41

i would go all around Chicago and just randomly throw a bomb here and there

----- Edward 18.12.11 15:33

Just because Seattle is called the “Emerald City” doesn’t mean that this city is green. There are so many eyesores and abused plots around this town. The most abused lot in town right now is where Occupy Seattle took up camp and completely destroyed and killed the whole lawn around Seattle Central. That would be my first target. After i got my green revenge there i’d Make sure to bomb all the alley ways that people have neglected yet we have to walk past all over this city. A chain-link fence doesn’t beautify anything nor hide the ugly concrete on the other side.

----- Andrew 18.12.11 14:08

I would leave a seed bomb in every state and country I visit throughout the year… connecting them to my guerilla art, inciting people to “watch them grow”

----- Marie 18.12.11 09:48

Outside city hall!

----- Arezu Maz 18.12.11 09:36

Richmond, VA.

----- Kenny Trinh 18.12.11 08:29

I’d bomb a land mine field!

----- Grant G 18.12.11 01:07

I’d launch them from the roof of my Uncanny Valley-style Office Building, into the Weirdly and Unnaturally manicured, huge and empty waste of giant green lawn.

----- Rabbit 17.12.11 10:04

This is awesome! I’d take them on our cross country road trips and plant them in the less cared for rest stops.

----- Lynnea 17.12.11 09:05

I’d seedbomb my own concrete garden.

----- James 17.12.11 07:38

I want to plant all around my mom’s new house!

----- Katie 17.12.11 06:23

I would plant them outside along the sidewalk so I’d pass them wherever I walk!

----- Jenny 16.12.11 14:42

I would plant my bombs up and down Centennial Trail.

----- Brittany 16.12.11 14:10

In my dad’s back field

----- Valerie Theberge 16.12.11 10:52

my neighbors dead lawn. brighten it up for spring

----- amir 16.12.11 09:45

One of the places I would seed bomb would be the small patch of scraggly weeds by my bus stop. That way, it would give me something to look forward to as I go to work!

----- Lisa 16.12.11 01:27

In front of city hall

----- nat g 15.12.11 21:53

With my daughter at her school.

----- J Alexander 15.12.11 19:30

I’m going to plant them between the eyes of the corporate giant, and grow old playing with kids in the verdant mountains that are left where it falls.

----- Josh 15.12.11 17:31

I’d toss them along the train tracks!!

----- bleu 15.12.11 14:51

I would plant them around the tent camps in Port-au-Prince so the residents have some fresh veggies in their diet.

----- Adam 15.12.11 14:19

In my mom’s back field

----- Cherie 15.12.11 14:10

I would grow them in my closet, I don’t have enough plants in my room.

----- Crystal 15.12.11 13:28

Just had my backyard mulched and I’ll need to tuck some greenery in!

----- eab 15.12.11 12:52

I’d shoot them over to my neighbors.

----- lace 15.12.11 11:23

I would plant it in the community playground behind my house.

----- Lily 15.12.11 11:07

I’d slingshot them down into my neighbors yard from my window to brighten up the view!

----- Karina 15.12.11 10:36

In my freshly made, self composted, tilled soiled!

----- Brian 15.12.11 09:27

I’d like to blast these bad boy seed bombs all over the hillside down at the end of my street and try to bring some life back to it! Maybe try and take out a target or two while I’m at it :-)

----- christian 15.12.11 08:53

I’d put some in my backyard and the rest would be scattered on lots throughout my SF neighborhood.

----- katalia 15.12.11 08:03

I’d plant them right outside my office downtown. There is never enough green in the city. :)

----- becca 15.12.11 07:31

The question is not where, the question is how: i will plant the seeds magnificently.

----- Arnon 14.12.11 23:25

I’d plant them underneath my brother’s bed.

----- Sara Wong 14.12.11 22:41

I’d plant them on my balcony, lots and lots of sun!

----- Victor 14.12.11 22:41

I would aim for anywhere in the yard, because our fox look adorable playing in the grass and flowers. I would have to wait till they are out hunting. They will eat them if they see me them flinging what they might mistake for flying voles.

----- Two 14.12.11 22:39

I would send this to my former students trapped in the concrete jungle that is Seoul, Korea. I would give it to them as an important assignment but would assure them that it involves neither “home” nor “work” - ^^

----- Jason Ahn 14.12.11 22:29

I would plant them over at my grandmother’s house by my dog’s grave. She could use some beauty :).

----- Sarah R. 14.12.11 22:11

I’d shoot them onto fire ravaged hillsides in the Santa Monica mountains and along Pacific Coast Highway where there’ve been rockslides - anywhere reforestation is required to revitalize our glorious planet!

----- leigh 14.12.11 22:00

Anywhere that needs some plants as I explore the city.

----- Steph 14.12.11 21:33

I would plant that seed in my backyard!

----- Dan Yoon 14.12.11 21:23

All across the beautiful land of Oakland.

----- Yoshio 14.12.11 21:08

in the yards of people who drive hummers.

----- Mohit 14.12.11 20:44

I’ll plant them in my back yard to explode.

----- Joseph Sarti 14.12.11 18:25

I would seed downtown

----- Jim 14.12.11 17:52

My neighbor’s patch of grass is surprisingly empty and lonely all these years. It would look good to have a few plants sprouting from it…

----- Gary 14.12.11 16:07

I’d plant them in abandoned flowerpots and flowerboxes!

----- Margaret 14.12.11 15:41

I would plant these in the empty lots around my neighborhood; they could use a little life in them.

----- Katasha Wilson 14.12.11 15:00

I would plan a hot air balloon ride, and shoot those babies all across the land. I like the mystery of not knowing where they settle.

----- Emma 14.12.11 13:35

I would take a walk around nyc and where ever there needed to be some love, i would seedbomb.

----- carol 14.12.11 13:18

Our local park, with the impressive statue of Mr. Robert Fulton himself, lost 4 trees recently due to natural disasters. The seeds will have to go there.

----- blue 14.12.11 12:22

I’d make a drive by slingshot bombing of my neighbors painfully minimalist (read: boring) front yard. Pow, bloom!

----- Cale 14.12.11 12:09

I’d plant them along the bike path near us. :)

----- Michael 14.12.11 11:31

Everywhere within slingshot reach

----- Christina 14.12.11 10:30

If I were to win, I would plant my seed bombs in front of the school down the block from my house, to get rid of the brown grass they have in front of it

----- Jason Olivo 14.12.11 10:24

Open window. Close eyes. Shoot. Where ever it lands.

----- Jacob 14.12.11 10:04

i would plan a mini-war with friends and co-workers

----- SH 14.12.11 09:28

I’d plant them during the course of a road trip from las vegas to portland.

----- Kristen 14.12.11 09:21

Houston has a lot of unused green space along their Metro rail line. I’d color some of these spots with seed bombs for all the riders to appreciate.

----- Matthew Wettergreen 14.12.11 08:50

Both the front and back. All over the place. We need a Mario Land up in here.

----- Jali 14.12.11 08:31

There are a few places in our state capital that seem to think minimal plantings are best that might get these lobbed at them.

----- Keith Again 14.12.11 07:09

It would be fun to secretly plant them in my neighbors’ gardens, or maybe even the elementary school by my house!

----- Katherine 14.12.11 05:59

I would plant them in front of our university builing - a very dreary area at the moment.

----- Annie 14.12.11 05:44

I live in the north of Scotland, I’d plant a seed bomb on each of the offshore islands as I visit them next year, Orkney, Skye, Lewis, Harris, Islay etc

----- Phil Slater 14.12.11 05:36

I would seedboomb in GHOST TOWN town of CHERNOBYL.

----- Monika 14.12.11 05:30

i would plant these puppies in the garden that my apartment complex shares.

----- sarah 14.12.11 04:44


----- Cody 14.12.11 03:29

My kids plastic character pool on my rooftop patio… we could have a garden then.

----- Greg Gerv 14.12.11 01:41

I would launch some mean greens in the most forsaken corners of town as a kick against apathy! Ha, So there!! Oh and one in my square foot garden. It could use some help

----- Jamee 13.12.11 23:18

a few in my front yard, a few in the back, but most of them would have to go in the dirt between the sidewalk and the street in front of my house and the neighbors on either side. maybe one more i would save for my in-laws’ place - just to amuse myself.

----- rich 13.12.11 23:08

I would plant them on the montains that are practically in my back yard where there are tons of different beautiful trees to gaze upon. Theres a tiny water fall it will be a wonderful new edition to Jim Thorpe, Pa.

----- Jim Prevost 13.12.11 23:04


----- Andrea 13.12.11 22:32

Abandoned lot in my neighborhood.

----- Tris 13.12.11 22:24

I’d plant them on my desk and let the bamboo versus bomb battle begin. Who can grow longer, faster and more green…

----- Chris Clinton 13.12.11 22:11

In the middle of my school’s soccer field MUHAHAHAHAHA

----- Francis 13.12.11 22:09

In my backyard planter boxes and in my front window boxes

----- Jessica L. 13.12.11 21:21

I’d love to drop some bombs around town!!

----- Brian Swichkow 13.12.11 21:11

My windowsill

----- Gaetan 13.12.11 21:07

That’s so incredibly awesome! I would definitely plant some in my neighbor’s garden. She loves all sorts of plants, I think she would really like it. She’s also got a lot of dogs so that seed combination could work.

----- Alex Tsai 13.12.11 20:58

Pulling a drive by on the mean streets of Long Beach with little bundles of green goodness!!

----- Alex Balili 13.12.11 20:53

Where ever they happen to land once my boys have fired them……

----- Jo Taylor 13.12.11 20:53

I honestly wouldn’t want these for myself—I’d want to hand them off to a little kid to see what vacant lot or poorly manicured lawn they’d attack with that slingshot!

----- Annie 13.12.11 19:30

I love all the green attacks that people want to make on their neighbors.

I’d seedbomb rooftops, hoping to catch a clump of wet leaves in a gutter. I just love it when plants take root on rooftops. My old neighbor had a tiny tree of some kind growing out of his chimney a couple year’s ago, and it fascinated me to no end.

----- Greg 13.12.11 19:24

yayness! we were all so delighted by this we had to include a link to this proudct and the comp on our blog.we’ar would be so tempted to hurl them out the bus window on the way to work.. cant help but think that those verges would look so much more beautiful with delightful plantlife!

----- anya 13.12.11 19:24

Great idea, perfect for planting color on abandoned sites.

----- Mark 13.12.11 18:39

In the “managed” nature spaces here in Houston down by the Bayou

----- Tony F 13.12.11 18:30

I would plant trees everywhere!!

----- Wen 13.12.11 17:31

I would defiantly plant them in my front yard, the Canadian winter can be gloomy, it would give me something to look forward to doing in the spring.

----- Mehrdad 13.12.11 17:13

I would love to plant them between my house and the neighbors house… where the fence used to be ;)

----- Michele P. 13.12.11 17:12

I’ll plant them in a beautiful property here in Costa Rica! Those threes will love here!

----- Maria 13.12.11 16:15

I’d seed bomb vacant lots Philadelphia!

----- Robert W. 13.12.11 16:05

I’d like to build a window box and then plant them there.

----- Lara 13.12.11 15:56

I’d plant them near the building where I have my classes. There’s always so much construction happening in the area.

----- Iris 13.12.11 15:38

I’d put them in the little area behind my house, between me and this church. It could use some beauty in that little section between us.

----- Ashley 13.12.11 15:33

Probably around my tree house!

----- Nat R 13.12.11 15:20

i’d plant the in my apartment complex courtyard….love the bandanna!!!

----- noel drumbor 13.12.11 15:14

I’d plant them equidistant on my way to work.

----- Chris 13.12.11 14:54

I’d plant them in my backyard!

----- David 13.12.11 14:41

There’s an ugly vacant lot outside my best friend’s window. I’d love to use these to surprise her with something beautiful this spring!

----- Kat 13.12.11 14:36

huge vacant retail lot, downtown East Palo Alto.

----- Kay 13.12.11 14:28

I’d bomb the tree pit/cutout on my street. Granitic gravel is boring.

----- Andrew Chau 13.12.11 14:08

I’d plant my seedbombs on the side of my apartment building where rude neighbors refuse to pick up after their purse poodles. When life gives you dog poop, make a beautiful flower garden!!

----- Kimmi 13.12.11 14:04

I would seed bomb the heck out of these old abandoned car dealerships near my grandma’s house. The entire area is covered in pavement that is JUST starting to crack after years of neglect. Seed bombs would help beautify the property and eventually help decrease runoff!

----- Stephen 13.12.11 13:55

I would plant them in the barren, sad patch of dirt under my apartment steps and balcony

----- Diana 13.12.11 13:37

I’d plant seed bombs around my ‘hood ‘cause it needs some beautifying !

----- April B 13.12.11 13:28

I want to tossed them all over my neighborhood and yard!!! my garden should look so nice

----- Daniela 13.12.11 13:14

I’d plant them all over those walmart parking lots.

----- Tran Nguyen 13.12.11 13:08

in the park by my house in baltimore city. we are a city that needs more green!!

----- lindsay 13.12.11 13:01

in the park by my house in baltimore city. we are a city that needs more green!!

----- lindsay 13.12.11 13:01

Anywhere that needs a little more green. :)

----- Rachel Bain 13.12.11 13:00

I would plant them all around my favorite spots in Minneapolis, such as the greenway, lake Calhoun and near the stone arch bridge.

----- Laura 13.12.11 12:31

I would probably plant one in my yard and the rest on pathways in my neighborhood.

----- Asenh Tsan 13.12.11 12:27

I’d shoot them into my neighbors yard. That way I would have used the product as it was intended, but I could still hop over there to snack on it.

----- rey 13.12.11 12:21

I’d plant them in my bathtub.

----- Daniel 13.12.11 12:19

I would make an escapade to the empty lot on Telagraph Ave and spruce it up a bit!

----- Lizz 13.12.11 11:45

Near the elementary school in my neighborhood!

----- Becky 13.12.11 11:45

neighbors rooftop garden

----- eliot 13.12.11 11:44

I’d launch them in the park w my dog, it would drive him nuts trying to find them hehe

----- Austin 13.12.11 11:43

The empty lot behind my house.

----- Jake Sepulveda 13.12.11 11:42

Over the fence into some fallow land.

----- Ryan J 13.12.11 11:25

In the several unloved planters in my urban neighborhood.

----- Michelle 13.12.11 11:13

I would plant them in my garden and at the park where there is a lot of empty space and areas that could use sprucing up. I only just started gardening recently, but it is a big thing in my family so I am sure I would enjoy this gift set!

----- Patrick Flaherty 13.12.11 11:09

i would definitely seedbomb the park by my house, and probably some in my back yard, too!

----- bekee 13.12.11 11:07

Along the greenway, a bikepath built along old railroad tracks in Minneapolis.

----- Jessica 13.12.11 11:06

Where I wait for my bus in the morning - it’s pretty dismal there and everyone needs something beautiful when you’re about to start a long workday!

----- Ayla 13.12.11 10:46

I would seedbomb the empty lot behind the middle school near my house.

----- Domi 13.12.11 10:45

My block in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn needs a little love. Conditions and safety vary from block to block. The street I live on is tree lined and iron gated, with stoops and brownstones framing the view. Walk a block west, and the trees are gone, the houses not brownstone but cheap siding, some of them vacant marked with the looming X of condemned properties. On that block there is the backyard of the United Order of Tents, an African-American women’s lodge that assisted escaped slaves circa the 1860’s. To plant seeds in the area that was once looked over by escaped slaves would be a gift to the aging block, and to the community who know their history.

----- Mirza Molberg 13.12.11 10:42

campus square

----- steven 13.12.11 10:24

All over the Grassy knoll they call Kelly “Park” behind my apartment in Portland, Oregon.

----- sarah 13.12.11 10:22

I’d give it to my nephew to sling those greenades all over my bare backyard!

----- Chen 13.12.11 10:20

This is so cool! I would go around and shoot them in odd places around my city, wait for them to grow…. then take some dope pictures. ~iOne

----- Chris Rands 13.12.11 10:19

Definitely some of the seed-bombs would be going to the grassy areas at an industrial park. Maybe even the areas in my work parking lot.

----- Jennifer 13.12.11 10:17

I would plant them along the side of the boarded up houses in our community of Peaselburg in Covington, Kentucky.

----- Tess 13.12.11 10:16

I would plant them in the tiny little backyard i have. to make it look a little nicer

----- Garry Hannah 13.12.11 10:15

I would for sure plant them all over the the outside of my house so i could find them later after i forgot about them.

----- Nick Robles 13.12.11 10:15

Abandoned lots of demolished building removed to make way for progress that never came.

----- holly 13.12.11 09:53

Seems these bombs could grow pretty much anywhere with some rain and sunshine. I would aim them at flat gravely rooftops that you can see from above ground train platforms. So that when people are waiting on the train they can watch these little gardens growing

----- nikisalsa 13.12.11 09:51

I would plant these seedbombs in a little dirt patch by an electrical box in my downtown area.

----- Stacy B. 13.12.11 09:44

I would seed bomb my neighbors yard because they have no plants other than 1 tree!

----- Nicole 13.12.11 09:19

I’d plant my seedbombs next to a throughout my community at various locations that need a little greenery; like the industrial sector, the docks, the business park, etc.

----- Tyler 13.12.11 09:18

the empty lot next door

----- lauren 13.12.11 09:16

I would plant either my neighbors’ yards or some of the fields near my office.

----- Erastos 13.12.11 09:11

The new common garden area in the back of my condo on the Upper West Side of NYC.

----- wolfie 13.12.11 09:09

I’d plant them in my front lawn where the grass refuses to grow :P

----- Ian S. 13.12.11 09:01

on the mossy roof of my neighbor’s lawn mower shed…

----- sethernicus 13.12.11 08:57

These would get planted in the courtyard of the school I work at. We’ve just started an organic garden!

----- John 13.12.11 08:56

I’d like to plant them on the edge of a parking lot at BSU. Although the lot is just a simple, dirt lot, there is an area next to it between the sidewalk and street that could seriously use some pretty, random greenery.

----- Anna Burks 13.12.11 08:53

I would plant them on the farm where I am WWOOFing at on Kauai, Hawaii. There they would be tended to lovingly and the chances of them reaching maturity would be greatly increased. Then we would cut them, dry them and sell them to others at our local farmer’s market! Aloha!

----- Chelsea 13.12.11 08:53

Kiley’s park in Tampa!!

----- Angela Nguyen 13.12.11 08:53

I would totally seedbomb the any area that needed some plant love, That’s right I’m looking at you urban dystopia!

----- Matt Menefee 13.12.11 08:50

i want to plant seedbombs on the other side of my windows.
in this way i can see it grow up.



----- marta 13.12.11 08:45

i would invite 5 of my friends for a bike ride around the city. each person gets 2 seed bombs to sling where they choose. summertime we would do the tour of the gardens and who ever has the best wins dinner of choice that evening.

----- Leigh 13.12.11 08:45

Provo, Utah can always use a little more wild.

----- Clementine 13.12.11 08:44

The mall where I work.. it’s so drab.

----- Aly 13.12.11 08:40

I’d plant them in my home office window sill planters - they run across one whole 23 foot wall, it’d really make the space beautiful!

----- J Spence 13.12.11 08:40

The house down the street burned down last month and needs some greening up!

----- Mike 13.12.11 08:39

Around the senior center near my house (it’s currently surrounded by nothing but concrete and dirt.)

----- Laura 13.12.11 08:37

I would throw those seedbombs through cracked walls or on bare flat rooftops.

----- neza 13.12.11 08:27

I would bomb the heck out of the abandoned house beside my office.

----- OJ Desuasido 13.12.11 08:26

i’d plant them in my side yard so i could look out the window and see them!

----- jacklyn 13.12.11 08:25

My neighbors Onion farm!

----- Steve 13.12.11 08:18

In front of the county jail.

----- Andrew 13.12.11 08:08

Downtown Quincy MA. is a wasteland that would surely benefit from some serious seed bombing…

----- Jorge Lacera 13.12.11 07:52

Roadway medians.

----- Tom 13.12.11 07:48

Front Yard baby.

----- Adam Edwards 13.12.11 07:47

I’d plant them in my grandma’s garden.

----- Justin R 13.12.11 07:45

i would seed bomb the hell out of the area of north philly that i live in… our neighborhood is undergoing some major revitalization and all of the overgrowth and debris is being lifted from an area that has looked pretty sad for a really, really long time. seed bombs would be a perfect step in the right direction!

----- liza c. 13.12.11 07:30

I would launch a few seed bombs into the empty lot next to my office. All of that dirt could use a little green!

----- Yenn 13.12.11 07:21

I’d plant them in unsuspected friends and families gardens to fully appreciate the results… and a few random spots too

----- John Norman 13.12.11 07:20

I’d fire them out my window onto the space in front of my building—it’s desperately in need of some green!

----- Andy 13.12.11 07:16

I would use these around the DC Metro subway!

----- Russ McIntosh 13.12.11 07:16

I would plant them on my balcony in the spring, don’t have the luxury of a real garden.

----- Gino V 13.12.11 07:05

The giant pile of dirt next to the Newark train station. It’s hideous.

----- Jessi 13.12.11 07:04

I would actually give this to a friend of mine who is an avid gardener and biker in london. She would freak out!

----- Matt Flick 13.12.11 06:59

There’s a giant vacant lot that’s been an eyesore here in NYC on Broadway, above 200th street, for years now. I would carpet-seedbomb that.

----- Jason 13.12.11 06:50

In front of my apartment of course.

----- Ayumi 13.12.11 06:49

I’d plant them all around the JMZ train in Brooklyn, it’s where I live and we need some HELP over here.

----- Brennan McGrath 13.12.11 06:45

I’d plant these all over Detroit.

----- Spencer 13.12.11 06:28

the abandon lot on 13th street i walk by everyday

----- Geoff Genzano 13.12.11 06:22

I’d plant them in overgrown empty lots. At least one in our neighborhood and a huge one across from my work.

----- Doug 13.12.11 06:12

Couldn’t tell you because I haven’t bought the land yet. ;)

----- Anders 13.12.11 06:04

I’d plant one in my yard, and then I’d save the rest for empty spots that look like they need some life brought to them.

Awesome bandana btw

----- Chris Wilkinson 13.12.11 05:42

I have 30 acres to shoot randomly into, just have to wait for the passing Kangaroos.

----- Gareth Whitehead 13.12.11 05:38

My street!

----- L Mc Farland 13.12.11 05:25

I’d plant on the front lawns of all the frat houses at school.

----- Matt 13.12.11 05:22

Id plant them in the small tree squares outside my apartment. when irene rolled through the east coast it took out the trees leaving small squares perfect for mini gardens!

----- Natalie Kay 13.12.11 05:20

Thse are great! I have an ugly bank that seperates my neighbors and me. I would bomb that area.

----- Barb 13.12.11 05:05

There is a vacant lot next to my place that would be perfect!

----- Cianan 13.12.11 04:59

The torn up area of my workplace that just underwent new construction.

----- Erin 13.12.11 04:46

I would use the power of the slingshot to create a garden in the middle of a muddy mound in the middle of our local canal that has been that way for years! Bring back the green!

----- Jon 13.12.11 04:09

they will land on the roof of my university

----- pappviki 13.12.11 03:36

I would tag my city… I love when nature takes back its rights, like a tree root pushing up pavement or a flower growing in a sidewalk crack!!

----- Roger 13.12.11 03:20

I would plant them as I pass bus and rail stops

----- Max 13.12.11 03:10

I’d plant some seedbombs near the alleyways in my neighborhood. We need a lot more green!

----- Jay B. 13.12.11 02:42

I’d plant it in my barren back yard at my new rental!

----- jane 13.12.11 02:34

I would plant them over the grave of my grandmother.

----- Gianluca 13.12.11 02:07

Outside our office window is a derelict lot next to a train line. It’d be great to see some greenery when I look out the window!

----- Dan Gilmore 13.12.11 01:59

The headquarters for the DMV, which are located in my city.

True story—I gave people a ride once on the condition that they plant their excess marijuana seeds on the grounds of the DMV headquarters.

----- james 13.12.11 01:58

I would seed bomb all the derelict/empty seed boxes in the opposite buildings!

----- Tain 13.12.11 00:54

I’d shoot them into a dead tree

----- sam foster 13.12.11 00:48

The woods by my community where stupid kids set fire to the woods

----- Julio Benitez 12.12.11 23:44

It would be great to seedbomb the previous “Occupy Vancouver” site where campers tore up the grass in front of the Vancouver art gallery!

----- Anita 12.12.11 23:23

I would plant them along the street on my way to work.

----- Jim B 12.12.11 23:17

I don’t have a huge green thumb but if I won I would throw the seedbombs in front of the homeless shelter to bring some beauty to the area that could bring fourth some smiles that would be my way of giving back

----- Ashley 12.12.11 23:06

I would plant them in the little patch of grass under my window.

----- Thu 12.12.11 22:59

In front of my apartment, for there to be reason for the excess donated fecal matter from neighboring pets.

----- Michael 12.12.11 22:37

downtown at the park

----- Levi Montez 12.12.11 22:32

I would plant them in my neighbours backyard that he destroyed by putting an above ground pool

----- Angelo Jorge 12.12.11 22:23

I’d plant them in my nature strip so that everyone in the street could have access to a communal herb garden !!

----- Charlotte Fliegner 12.12.11 22:16

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