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Corkers - Pushpin Cork Creatures- 01.29.12

corker1.jpg These made my day. Corkers are a design collaboration between Oded Friedland and Reddish Studio for Monkey Business are push pins that you can prick into wine/champagne corks to turn them into little creatures! The options are ‬Monkey‭, ‬Deer‭, ‬Buffalo‭, ‬Bear‭, ‬Bunny‭ ‬&‭ ‬Crow. The packaging turns it into a fun wine bottle hang tag/gift ~ perfect for the next bottle of wine… Take a peek at more details up close on the next page.






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4 Notes

Awesome I saw it at www.animicuausa.com super cool!!

----- LA 01.02.12 07:39

For more info go to www.monkeybusiness.co.il

----- MB 30.01.12 02:29

This project is a design collaboration between Oded Friedland and Reddish studio.

----- MB 30.01.12 02:27

So dang rad! This is one of those things that I wish was my idea because it’s fully too cool. Thanks for posting this.

----- Will 29.01.12 22:27

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