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Japanese Dark Choc Kit Kat- 01.27.12

kitkat0.jpg What is it about Japanese Kit Kats that are just THAT much more delicious ~ and beautifully packaged ~ and the dark chocolatiness is amazing too… Gave in to this at the Mitsuwa last night and it was too delicious and cute not to share. It looks like you can even add your own messages on the pack of the individually wrapped pairs that are nestled within the matte/gloss mixed outer box. One if particularly twitter looking… take a peek on the next page!






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I remember reading that Kit-Kat is close to “kitto katsu” an expression Japanese school children use to wish each other luck on exams. Because of this they give each other Kit-Kats as a way of saying it to each other. That might explain why there is a place to personalize you message on wrapper.

----- Joe Birdwell 27.01.12 12:29

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