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PST: Ice Cube Eames Poster Giveaway!- 01.22.12

wineames0.jpg It’s hard to miss Los Angeles’ massive art celebration right now… Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival is happening all over the city January 19-29, and is apparently ” the largest cultural collaboration ever undertaken in the region.” Amongst the art and experiences popping up… one of the most surprising and amazing videos to surface is the one of rapper Ice Cube celebrating his passion for the Eames. Did you know he studied architectural drafting in his pre-NWA days? Got to love the way he ends it - saying “Who are these people who got a problem with LA? Maybe they mad cuz they don’t live here.” Yay! For LA!

Ok ~ so the awesome folks at TBWA\Chiat\Day have given us limited edition (of 250) Pacific Standard Time/Ice Cube/Eames posters to giveaway to you guys! For a chance to win ~ leave a comment OR tweet us (@NOTCOT) with YOUR unexpected passion (you know ~ the one besides your obvious dayjob/primary passion.) And we will email or D tweet the winners on Weds Jan 25th, 2012. (Please follow @NOTCOT so i can D you if you win!)

… and for now see more pics of the poster as well as the video of Ice Cube on Eames on the next page!




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258 Notes

I like to try to find my real voice when singing.
Falsetto is too easy.
I often loose my voice/get sick from this.

----- Anders 25.01.12 19:51

Aside from working at this custom framing shop, I’m an Architect student.

----- Paulo Legaspi 25.01.12 18:32

My unexpected passion is gardening

----- Jacob 25.01.12 15:26

What! Did I read that title correctly? I remember listening to The Cube back in high school and always dug his snarl-face in them old school rap videos. But man, Eames and Ice Cube together?! That’s GOLD. If I win, today WILL be a good day… :) I’m a Registered Nurse whose biggest, secret passion is…..making beats! I love to compress, sidechain, reverse, compress again and just go crazy on tracks. I hope to be able to build up the nerve one day to allow other people to listen to them.

----- lyn 25.01.12 14:24

Ma passion c’est le temps. Comment en perdre. Comment en gagner. Le compter, m’en souvenir et le regarder passer et parfois en donner.

From a nigga in paris

----- Souklaye 25.01.12 12:25

Love the poster! And Eames. And I even have a l’il bit of a “thing” for Ice Cube as well, I always thought he was much cooler than either Ice-T or Vanilla Ice. Just sayin’

My unexpected passion is kids’ books. I kind of think I had a kid primarily so I could buy and read books for kids, which are often so gorgeously illustrated. I’m on a mission to put good books in people’s hands, and try and keep people from reading their kids books that are boring, poorly written and badly illustrated!

----- toria 25.01.12 12:17


----- Stephanie 25.01.12 11:50

Unexpected passion? How about sitting alone in my room when my girlfriend is out of the apartment and trying to add Ace Frehley-styled guitar solos to any song that comes up on my itunes shuffle. Yes - the spaceman’s technique goes surprisingly well over João Gilberto.

----- Michael Marsicano 25.01.12 11:43

I write about sports for a living, so people are always surprised when I tell them about my passion for baking!

----- Camille G 25.01.12 11:37

I work in the non-profit sector, which I love, but my secret passion is industrial/product design. If I could re-design products so they worked better, I’d be exceedingly happy. And cheese - I am incredibly passionate about cheese.

----- Lauren B 25.01.12 11:37

Cooking seems like such a cliché passion nowadays, but I find that nothing else brings me more contentment. Whipping up something tasty and beautiful with surprising ingredients is half the fun — serving it to people I love makes it even better. There’s something so satisfying about preparing something so essential to life with your own two hands.

----- Vanessa 25.01.12 11:03

I’ve got an unexpected passion for all things steampunk.

----- Gretchen Alice 25.01.12 10:44

Unexpected passion: comedy. Sketch comedy, standup, stupid internet videos, all kinds. I can’t get enough (partly the reason I want that Ice Cube poster)

----- Karl 25.01.12 10:39

I have not one but two secret passions - of which I love to indulge,
The first of which is cooking – I have acquired quite a bulge,
I am working my way around the world – making meals from A-Z,
And once the washing up is done I write some poetry!


----- Christopher Reynolds 25.01.12 03:44

What a combo. Two legends unite!
Refreshing morning swim in the ocean is my passion and inspiration.

----- Juha Perä 25.01.12 03:08

My unexpected passion is the pit bull!

And maaaaaaybe occasionally putting designer clothes/sunglasses on mine and posting the pictures online.

----- Greer 25.01.12 00:44

I love all vinyl toys!

----- Edgar 24.01.12 23:45

I have a passion for penny farthings. They are such a ludicrously designed object in terms of functionality, but I think that is part of their charm. And they look super sweet.

----- Thom 24.01.12 22:32

My unexpected passion is Tiki… all things tiki… mugs, carvings, art… anything I can get my hands on!!!

----- Jeremy 24.01.12 22:30

Unexpected passion: roaming around big cities via public transportation. :)

----- hoister 24.01.12 19:48

I have a passion for stick pins and tie bars, a little collection that’s starting to grow.

----- Ian 24.01.12 19:09

I love reading fashion blogs, despite the fact I dress like a slob. But one day… maybe…

----- Jeremy 24.01.12 17:24

Unexpected passion: Plants and Gardening. I would call it unexpected because I most surely don’t have the gift of a green thumb. But I’ll keep trying because I love it. Trying my hand at the art of Bonsai right now…it’s not dead yet!

----- Meredith 24.01.12 14:18


----- Dane 24.01.12 13:53

My unexpected passion is observing and reacting to the world that surrounds me…whether it means taking photographs, writing, drawing or discussing, it implies creating a certain basis for reflection.

----- Emilie B 24.01.12 13:48

My unexpected passion: Formula One technology. Its one thing to be excited about the racing and drama, but the beautiful machinery and engineering that lies beneath all those stunning liveries is amazingly cool!

----- Jordan C 24.01.12 13:04

Oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God I love that poster. And it could not fit inline with my unexpected passion any better: Debating which hip hop artist of all-time best embodies the concept of Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’all. To which I contend Ice Cube has been most successful. Rap game. Art Game. Hollywood Game. It’s a match made in heaven…

----- Michael Wachs 24.01.12 12:47

Unexpected passion: cooking; especially breakfast :)

----- Earl 24.01.12 12:35

Snowglobes. As we speak I have 60+ in my office. I love them so.

----- Emily 24.01.12 12:26

my unexpected passion: all types of wood! I love mahogany, birch, oak, walnut… the possibilities of what you can create with wood are endless!

----- michelle 24.01.12 11:05

There’s nothing I’m more hiddenly passionate about than needlepoint.

----- Nate Asis 24.01.12 10:54

Shirly temple. not only was she genius, but she makes a delicious non-alcoholic beverage - period. Thats my unexpected passion.

----- Andrew 24.01.12 10:20

i have a secret passion for beef jerky!!!

----- Dennis 24.01.12 09:53

My unexpected passion? Vintage sneakers x trainers.

----- braxton 24.01.12 09:48

my unexpected passion is an abject love of musical theater. I can’t get enough.

----- Joe 24.01.12 09:31

This is so ridiculously amazing! My unexpected passion, what really fills my soul with happiness and smiles- is ANY museum. I’m an absolute museum junkie, and could spend days in museum stores. Maybe it’s the idea of curation, maybe it’s moments captured in time, maybe it’s pattern…

----- Sallyann Corn 24.01.12 09:25

Unexpected passion? Neckties! Now, after a family friend’s wedding while I was in kindergarten I *did* express to my mother that wearing a tuxedo every day would be the cat’s pajamas. I never expected that grown-up menswear in this Levi’s and Reebok’s town (Seattle) would ever take hold.

----- Brandon O. 24.01.12 09:05

My unexpected passion is yoga. I have recently discovered the art and instantly fell in love. Its a great workout for the body and the mind.

----- Matt Smiroldo 24.01.12 08:54

Copywriter by day. Collage master by night.

----- Tyler K 24.01.12 07:56

this poster is so rad. I can’t believe it’s not for sale! here’s to hoping my entry is picked… my unexpected passion is vegetarian cooking & eating. a former lover and eater of meat, I never would have guessed it.

----- April 24.01.12 06:57

I love math! (Don’t tell anyone.)

----- Ally 24.01.12 06:51

my unexpected passion is snowflakes!

----- Anne-Marie SA 24.01.12 06:30

since moving away from home, my unexpected passion has been cooking… although I can’t say I’m that good at it…

----- Stefan Falconer 24.01.12 06:14

my unexpected passion: ice cube lovin’ on eames design. i can’t get enough.

----- marissa 24.01.12 04:45

my unexpected passion? ice tea loving on eames design. i can’t get enough.

----- marissa 24.01.12 04:43

I discovered i have an unexpected passion for building stuff, my car, my furniture even my house i just bought! YEYE!

----- stefanvanderweele 24.01.12 03:35

My unexpected passion is to build bikes. People are always shocked to find a room in our flat full of tires, handle bars and other pieces.

----- Magdalena 24.01.12 03:01


----- Adrian Leeder 24.01.12 02:51

my unexpected passions are longboarding and cellular biology.

and i want this west coast warlord poster

----- Jeanba 24.01.12 02:48

My head so big like a jack in a box

----- jb R 24.01.12 02:43

I have two unexpected passions of which I like to indulge,
The first is cooking up a storm - I have acquired quite a bulge,
I cook food from different countries - travelling from A-Z,
And after all the washing up is done I write some poetry!

----- Christopher Reynolds 24.01.12 02:26

My unexpected passion is Music Supervisor

----- Michael W 24.01.12 01:49

The Ice Cube poster looks amazing. It looks as though it was digitally edited because of the subject’s precarious pose in the poster.

----- MicroSourcing 24.01.12 00:05

I realized I had an unexpected passion for baking. Although it takes a lot of time prepping and decorating, all the energy used to create a treat ends up being amazingly delicious and keeps the tummy happy!

----- erika grace riparip 23.01.12 23:43

my passion is good bourbon

----- Joe 23.01.12 23:28

My unexpected passion is learning about lost manufacturing methods and applying them to my current job (designer at a machine shop).

----- Dan 23.01.12 23:21

Charles and Ray!!! My all time favorite chair!

----- Matt P 23.01.12 23:16

one day i will learn to breakdance!

----- thu 23.01.12 23:05

My unexpected passion is watching people who clearly love their jobs.

----- Jen S 23.01.12 22:33

Simplicity is my unexpected passion, the pinnacle pursuit of any good design. Nice contest you’ve got going over there. Have fun reading these posts!

----- Garrett Allen 23.01.12 22:17

MY unexpected passion are, not a surprise to my friends tho, toys, from plastic to vinyl. I find them cooler than having gadgets.

one day i plan to combine it with my other passion, ZOmbies and RObots

----- steven 23.01.12 20:20

My unexpected passion is old movie posters.

----- John Paino 23.01.12 20:15

I love the joy of finding new meaning of things/feelings that connect in my life. Sometimes it would be a song I heard once in a foreign country that I absolutely loved that took me years to find to know that it was being played at my favourite bookstore back home. I love how life throws these little hints at you. Destiny or pure coincidence?

----- BIANCA 23.01.12 19:57

Love. This. Poster. Unexpected passion (guilty pleasure?) = yardsale’ing….never know what you’ll dig up

----- Jamie 23.01.12 19:56

My unexpected passion is furniture design especially Eames, and anything mid century modern or vintage/retro.

----- Matthew Patrick 23.01.12 19:32

Hot sauce. I’ve learned everything about it. The science behind spice, growing and mating different peppers, and finally creating sauces. What started as a bottle of hot sauce that sat in a backpack pocket everywhere I went, turned into a passion.

----- Marcus 23.01.12 19:15

I have a few. Even though I’m a new media student (which means I work with computers a majority of the time), I love knifemaking, woodworking, sewing, and knitting. Recently I’ve been fascinated with bootmaking and leather goods. Oh, and I’m beginning archery! I work all day in front of a computer, I like to do tangible things when I can.

----- Nurie 23.01.12 19:11

Absolute unexpected passion for an internet professional: fountain pens.

----- MeganWest 23.01.12 17:47

CHAIRS CHAIRS CHAIRS! I love midcentury design, all things from architecture to furniture. Graphic lines and clean design craft a smile across my face!

----- Robyn 23.01.12 17:43

I like to sit in my Eames chair, feet on the ottoman, listen to “This Is Happening” and stare at my Ice Cube Eames poster, but wait…

----- Stephen Ridgway 23.01.12 17:40

Locating amazing examples of everyday beautiful building in my hometown. (MKE). Did you know that in a very crappy neighborhood there are four Lloyd Wright homes in a row? Two singles and two duplexes. One’s for sale right now; less than 150k. The duplexes are in terrible shape- someone aluminum sided them in the 1970’s. Sigh. I’ll stop now.

----- Christina Ward 23.01.12 17:33

My unexpected passion is being a Flâneur, “A person who walks the city in order to experience it.”(-Charles Baudelaire). I never tire of getting lost on foot in a new city.

----- Loretta 23.01.12 17:29

I work in publishing, but I’ve got a passion for pie.

----- Meaghan 23.01.12 16:32

That’s going green 1949 style

----- PHIL DENTON 23.01.12 16:12

My Unexpected Passion: Observing the intricate details of everything that surrounds us.
Watched the recent Eames feature film and Ice Cube’s homage, both very unexpected. It’s all about combining the unexpected, when two very different worlds collide, amazing things can happen. This is relevant in both design and music, i.e., Falling Water and Hip-Hop.

----- Evan L 23.01.12 16:00

My unexpected passion is… drumroll please… anything with dinosaurs. I. love. dinosaurs.

----- Chris B 23.01.12 15:46

Home brewing beer! Drinking a fresh and tasty handcrafted beer is so rewarding. Especially because to have to wait 1-2 months to see if it even turned out!

----- Gabe 23.01.12 15:36

I trace this back to my un-mispent youth, combined with an older brother’s music collection…. Ministry

----- Susanna 23.01.12 15:13

My unexpected passion is modernizing antique furniture. I was inspired when I found a rusted Singer treddle, which I sanded/painted and made into my first of 6 office desks. I am currently working on an 1940s television and a Hollow 1940s stand-up radio. Will display when they’re done.
- This poster would look awesome framed in our design studio :)

----- Javier 23.01.12 15:08

My unexpected passion is woodworking. I’m currently making a box joint jig for perfect box joint corners. With this jig, I’ve designed a stationary box for my father for his birthday. I’d love a poster as a gift though!

----- James 23.01.12 14:58

Unexpected passion: philosophy. I missed the boat in high school and college in getting to read in depth the major thinkers in history, so when I have the time I get lost in Wikipedia, articles, and books that I can understand.

----- Pasky 23.01.12 14:57

Watching each of my daughters discover the value of design before leaving elementary school.

----- Anonymous 23.01.12 14:54

Though I am an architecture grad student (Go KU!) my secret, unexpected passion is the circus arts. I train in contortion and do aerial silks on the side. I even teach a kids aerial silks class in my spare time :)

----- Mandy 23.01.12 14:41

Decanters, white objects, negative space, stripes, reclaimed wood, symmetry, cleaning supplies…and grey.
Also, designing and furniture with sex appeal.

----- Lauren 23.01.12 14:24

my unexpected passion is creating

----- Mark 23.01.12 13:56

That poster is badass! Despite studying art and languages, my unexpected passion is astrophysics.

----- Eleanor 23.01.12 13:46

I love old cameras, being able to play with all their different mechanics and functions reveals something new every time! Theres nothing like an unexpectedly beautiful photograph!

----- George 23.01.12 13:28

unexpected passion…Playing with my 3 year old’s hotwheels cars…
great poster…pick me…pick me!

----- Adam Jossem 23.01.12 13:27

My unexpected passion is Falconry. Living within the city lImits of Los Angeles and working a full time job have prevented me from making the time commitment to pursue my unexpected passion. When I’m old and retired some day, fully expect to see a gray-haired woman standing on a cliff with a screachy friend on her gloved arm.

----- Jeannette 23.01.12 13:03

I have a newfound passion for pushing myself past what I think my limits are and trying new things!

----- Ingo Pixel 23.01.12 13:01

TO WANDER. Realized it about a year or two into living in NYC. It’s so easy and exciting to do with all the stimulation in the city - really puts your senses to work/keeps you wanting more/keeps you alive.

----- ji 23.01.12 12:59

my unexpected passion: Fossil collecting

----- Marisa 23.01.12 12:55

Mid century modern rocks! If I get this poster, it will be framed and hung in my library (UCSD)for all to see.

----- Les 23.01.12 12:51

My unexpected passion ia cooking. I watched a cooking show one saturday morning and made breakfast inspired by what I saw, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve seen the poster before and love the attitude and simplicity it evokes.

Thanks for the chance!

----- Jorge Inchaurregui Elizarraras 23.01.12 12:47

My unexpected passion is collecting wooden medicine cabinets.

----- Kelsey 23.01.12 12:40

My other unexpected passion is food I love food and trying new food is always fun and delicious

----- Daniela 23.01.12 12:37

My Unexpected passion is learning other languages and cultures

----- Daniela 23.01.12 12:36

Autos: I love automobiles, fast ones, not something I talk about with my friends much :)

----- Kaimana 23.01.12 12:32

My unexpected passion: i love different types of wood - mahogany, birch, maple, oak… They are all beautiful and i love the endless possibilities of what you can create!

----- michelle 23.01.12 12:22

my friends know this but i’m a 30s white guy who grew up loving hip-hop, cut his teeth with NWA back in the day and have fallen in love with modern design.

my day job is to be a doctor, and i commonly shock people when i chime in with some fact about rap or hiphop in my work environment.
so, unexpected passion = hiphop!

----- Carl Dirks 23.01.12 12:18

If ever there was a person passionate about cheese, it would be me. The thing about cheese is that it is forever entangled with travel and culture. A pungent Tome des Bauges from France, a light Indian paneer, or a fresh Canadian Friulano. Cheese is the best part of every day, of every meal, and every type of cuisine.

I’m also passionate about Ice Cube Posters, if anyone’s asking.

----- Bernadette 23.01.12 12:18

My personal passion is hanging out and talking with small children.

----- Chris 23.01.12 12:01

I collect and am a member of the Hobo Nickel Society. It is a real thing. People carve images onto the old Buffalo coins and we collect them!

----- Joyce 23.01.12 11:55

My unexpected passions are bags and shoes…I’m a guy. Try explaining that over beer with the boys.

----- Cory M 23.01.12 11:51

Volcanoes! I live in Florida (no lava here) and have a liberal arts education, but I cannot enough of volcanoes and geology.

----- Lizzy 23.01.12 11:48

UNEXPECTED PASSION for poster art. I am an illustrator whos day job is at a vintage poster gallery. I have come to respect the poster as art as well as a cultural artifact for a specific event time or place.

I would give this the love that it deserves!!!

Look forward to hearing from you!.


----- Sean McElwain 23.01.12 11:41

Not Cot is my secret obsession,it is not the most likely thing to dig on being from East LA.

----- Scott Ruiz 23.01.12 11:32

Human rights : people who are not good friends are always surprised by that.

----- Stephe Kamykowski 23.01.12 11:31

great poster! i have an unexpected passion for knitting

----- Emma G 23.01.12 11:31


----- Andrew Visconti 23.01.12 11:29

my unexpected passion is watching baby bunnies sleep

----- Mike Brenner 23.01.12 11:27

Unexpected and awesome! I’d love to have a print of this.

----- Eric 23.01.12 11:21

Vintage packaging, I am a package designer and I love anything old and I like how the old feel is coming back.

----- Mike Hua 23.01.12 11:16

My unexpected passion: sharks! Why unexpected? As a city-loving designer/techie who’s not the best swimmer and is wary of swimming in the ocean, most people wouldn’t be able to guess that my life goals include swimming with whale sharks and jumping in a shark cage in great white-infested waters. Currently working on becoming a better swimmer and then getting my dive certification…

----- Annabel 23.01.12 11:10

Just saw the George Nelson exhibit at the bellevue art museum. The home and office design from that era is a passion everyone should be down with.

----- Paulie 23.01.12 11:10

My recent unexpected passion, Cigars! My Dad got me 2 boxes on my 30th birthday. Now I’m on forums, bought a humidor, cigar accessories, etc. New obsession out of nowhere, just what I needed, another expensive hobby. Thanks Dad!

----- Brenner 23.01.12 11:01

I like the v shape pattern the vacuum cleaner makes in the rug. I am passionate about that.

----- Mike Izzo 23.01.12 10:55

Steve Jobs

----- Sabrina 23.01.12 10:48

Yo, hook me up with that sweet ass poster. I’ve been a fan since his N.W.A. days!

----- Patrick 23.01.12 10:39

unexpected passion: biking home from my night job, its like I have the whole city to myself.

----- Byron 23.01.12 10:39

MY UNEXPECTED PASSION: Is finding the beauty in all things simple and complex. It’ not just that you find Ice Cube and Eames together, but it’s that PIPE, Perfect!

----- PAUL 23.01.12 10:38

I have a passion for water bottle design. If I see a great/unique water bottle design, I have to but it. I have 15+ bottles at home. Sig, Miir, Kor, Bobble, etc. I can’t help it. I am a sucker for good design.

----- Ryan S. 23.01.12 10:28

My unexpected passion is drawing and handcrafting! I have the luck of work in my preferred passion: architecture, but besides that, I’d love to work in a room full of tools.
Greetings from Chile!

----- Benjamin Goñi 23.01.12 10:24

An unexpected passion of mine would have to be skateboarding. Sure I’ll be 24 later this year and most people say “isn’t that something you do when you’re a kid?!” But the truth is, its opened up so many new windows and appreciations I thought I’d never have. There really is no greater feeling then rolling down the street with 5 or 6 of your good friends, not having a care in the world… just going from spot to spot and simply cruising. Now since I’m older I don’t do as many tricks but I still love cruising around the city. Its opened up so many other outlets & appreciations I thought I’d never have such as: opening up to different forms of art, a fine appreciation for architecture, loving to travel and also really diving into photography. How can I appreciate art? Well each board company has a specific style about them which usually is backed by an artist or two (who are usually really good). An appreciation for architecture because skate spots are everywhere.. something a pedestrian may look at as a simple staircase, I can look at it with a different perspective. Travel is another big one because wherever I go I bring a board and just go out and explore/cruise to see whats around. Its almost like getting lost… on purpose. And photography is a big one… I’ve always loved photography but through skateboarding I learned many new techniques to apply to different situations that has only increased my love of photography. Different cameras, different formats, etc etc.. everything is connected. How do all of these tie together? While flipping through a skateboarding magazine I can analyze and appreciate how an ad comes together or where it was taken. While it may still be a small industry, skateboarding has effected my life more than I can even imagine and is a clear unexpected passion in my life that I will continue to follow and appreciate for years to come.

----- Anthony 23.01.12 10:22

my unexpected passion is ice canoe racing! it is only practiced in estern canada and I am lucky enough to live there!

----- Valerie 23.01.12 10:22

Honestly. Curling. I have never played but every 4 years when the winter Olympics roll around I get really excited and watch it for hours on TV. There is just something about the precision of it. I guess I like it for the same reason I watch the amateur lawn bowlers nearly every day during my lunch break in the park by my office.

----- Brandon 23.01.12 10:15

That poster is rad. My unexpected passion is poster collecting.

----- Matthew Wettergreen 23.01.12 10:13

I’m Jen, and my unexpected passion is today!

----- Jen 23.01.12 10:12

I’m lucky that my passion is also my job — landscape architecture. There’s nothing like having one’s work positively impact the greater ecosystem and improve a community.

And oh! I happen to have a passion for mid-century furniture, too. Figure I can combine both passions by crossing my fingers, winning the poster and sticking it up in my office. Thanks for running the contest, NOTCOT.

----- Sarah M. 23.01.12 10:02

That is a seriously nice poster. The Ice Cube poster would be up on my Cube-icle. See what I did there?

----- John 23.01.12 09:48

My unexpected passion is knowing where movies were shot, specifically scenes in southern California.

----- Alfred Yson 23.01.12 09:41

My unexpected passion is entering and winning awesome poster contests! OK, well, yea maybe that’s not unexpected. Actually, one unexpected one as of late is tree stumps. I’ve gotten in the habit of documenting recently created tree stumps via photographs. It’s a mix of nature + human intervention that makes for a rather interesting visual design that also doubles as a sort of memorial to the grand tree that once stood.

----- Darrel 23.01.12 09:37

Unexpected passion? Its gotta be falling over, and realising that its pretty good. Especially when people laugh at at your broken face. I’m getting rather adept at it now.

----- Mauser 23.01.12 09:20

Fucking nice poster!!! would be sick to own!!!

----- Lykke 23.01.12 09:07

One of my passions is teaching music to underprivileged elementary school kids near my college.

----- Haresh Mistry 23.01.12 08:59

My unexpected passion is writing utensils/instruments. I love it all, from the humble Dixon Ticonderoga to the Montblanc rollerball, and everything in between. (This feeds my other unexpected passion, calligraphy and doodling fonts.)

----- Alex 23.01.12 08:56

unexpected passion: perfuming. My other unexpected passion (advertising) became my career. Before that my passion/career was music.

----- Jacob G. 23.01.12 08:56

I am a programmer who loves nature and aesthetic design.

----- Kuba 23.01.12 08:50

My unexpected passion is dance! Ballet, modern, tap, swing, you name it- I just love to move!

----- Atif Hashmi 23.01.12 08:43

such an awesome poster! my unexpected passion is working on old volkswagens :)

----- Mike G 23.01.12 08:42

Cheers to Ice Cube Eames love.

----- Joseph Guerra 23.01.12 08:35

I am a design student and teach art after school classes for elementary through high school kids at the local gallery where I live. I am obviously passionate about art and design. My Past passion was wine, I studied viticulture and enology and worked as a cellar hand for a few years…. But my unexpected passion is hot dogs. I can’t pass by a hot dog stand or gass station without resisting that savory allure. It’s terrible and a bit embaresing yet I have to admit it, especially with such a rad poster on the line.

----- Will 23.01.12 08:30

I am a design student and teach art after school classes for elementary through high school kids at the local gallery where I live. I am obviously passionate about art and design. My Past passion was wine, I studied viticulture and enology and worked as a cellar hand for a few years…. But my unexpected passion is hot dogs. I can’t pass by a hot dog stand or gass station without resisting that savory allure. It’s terrible and a bit embaresing yet I have to admit it, especially with such a rad poster on the line.

----- Will 23.01.12 08:29

My unexpected passion is interior design. Lovely poster.

----- John W 23.01.12 08:28

my unexpected passion is watching things fail, rot, and decay. it is beautiful.

----- kieranMARTIN 23.01.12 08:18

playing video games all day and pie eating contests!

----- Randy 23.01.12 07:59

I’m an architect with an unexpected passion for rap music (no joke!) This poster pretty much sums me up!

----- Gabrielle 23.01.12 07:56

My unexpected passion?
I Love to touch my dogs cold wet noses.
So sue me.

----- keith a 23.01.12 07:44

Unexpected passion for fashion!

----- PW 23.01.12 07:31

My unexpected passion: yodeling. Great fun – neighbors hate it, though.

----- Philipp 23.01.12 07:29

I do furniture design, which i love, but I’ve always wanted to be a detective.

----- Peter 23.01.12 07:20

yay ICUBE!

----- John 23.01.12 07:18

industrial designer by day, spinning on my head and other appendages by night, my unexpected passion is dance

----- ricky 23.01.12 07:18

My unexpected passion is doing trapeze! Thanks!

----- Simi Mahtani 23.01.12 07:15

I got a passion for fashion lol… and great design

----- B McG. 23.01.12 07:10

My unexpected passion is baking cakes.

----- James 23.01.12 07:04

The Haiku: NOTCOT gives away / Ice Cube drafting in L.A. / Eames, we celebrate!

----- Cesar 23.01.12 07:02

CUBE! It’s so cool to have seen this evolution from back in the day of being AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted to this.

----- thomas scott 23.01.12 06:54

Unexpected passion = 1960’s ‘painting by numbers’ paintings *double thumbs up*

----- Lucy Munro 23.01.12 06:51

my passion are tactical knives. I had designed a few…

----- Joel Pirela 23.01.12 06:49

My unexpected passion is construction design. I never grew out of the building phase that kids go through with toy trucks and the like, but my passion has evolved into reading about and studying construction engineering and looking at well designed power tools. I am a student studying fields that have nothing to do with this.

I also love Ice Cube. I even saw are we there yet because he is in it. It was terrible.

----- Matt 23.01.12 06:45

My unexpected passion is collecting well designed posters!

----- scott taylor 23.01.12 06:42

I am a Art Director by day, but like Ice Cube I also studied Architecture before settling into a degree in design. I still have a huge passion for architecture that directly influences my design. Some of the worlds greatest designers were architects.

----- Bob Ewing 23.01.12 06:35

collecting Mercury Head Dimes & Lincoln Pennies.

----- Christopher Leal 23.01.12 06:31

passion for sneakers

----- Scott Harrison 23.01.12 06:31

Dumpsters. That is all.

----- Matt 23.01.12 06:24

I love this poster almost as much as I love to dance.

----- Matt G. 23.01.12 06:14

Cooking and baking. Unexpected because my family never valued good food and I was a very picky eater.

Also, I have a serious compulsion to research small islands. They tend to have interesting histories for much the same reason that they have interesting fauna/flora.

----- Jason 23.01.12 06:13

I am a designer BUT I am also a hip-hop head. One of my deepest passions is Gangster Rap, primarily because it scared the hell out of me as a child. I grew up listening to NWA and everything else Oshea released. While I am not a rapper, I am quite the historian on all things hip-hop.

----- Brett Golliff 23.01.12 06:12

Unexpected passion for this poster.

----- Fredrik 23.01.12 06:01

unexpected passion, it boils down to making fun things happen with friends and collaborators. In the last year it has ranged quite a bit, but I’ve always enjoyed making t-shirts. Getting a message out there and the thrill of seeing someone you don’t know wearing your design is awesome…but not as awesome as this poster. If I win, I’m looping Friday and letting everyone know, “Today was a good day.”

----- jamie 23.01.12 05:56

unexpected passion, it boils down to making fun things happen with friends and collaborators. In the last year it has ranged quite a bit, but I’ve always enjoyed making t-shirts. Getting a message out there and the thrill of seeing someone you don’t know wearing your design is awesome…but not as awesome as this poster. If I win, I’m looping Friday and letting everyone know, “Today was a good day.”

----- jamie 23.01.12 05:56

I suppose my unexpected passion is baking. Not so much cooking, but the process of making a loaf of bread is both relaxing and rewarding.

----- Ross 23.01.12 05:51

I have an unexpect passion for chairs. I grown to love all types of chairs from all ages and designers. Some of my friends think its weird…meh.

----- Fil C 23.01.12 05:45

My passion is soccer club logos. Symbols, heraldics, semiotics, icons, stories…

----- Per Holsteen Larsen 23.01.12 05:40

I have two unexpected passions, gang violence and family movies.

----- Dan 23.01.12 05:39

My unexpected passion is cat stalking. I know where all the cats in the neighborhood hang out and when I get back from work petting them makes my evening

----- Sophie 23.01.12 05:34

Hi Notcot! I’m a young french boy and when i was a child i would have to be the last Mohican. Now, i’m architect. My unexpected passions are nature and architecture. Eames Brothers were this example of nature simplicity’s and architecture precision’s. And Ice-Cube is so cool with his pipe!

----- Thomas 23.01.12 05:10

My passion for the visible manifestation(the poster)of my 2 great loves (design & hip hop) is unexpected! I really, really, really want one of these posters :)

----- Sean 23.01.12 05:07

My unexpected passions are the mythology of superheroes (I’m a girl, and for some reason this still surprises people) and the sociology of horror movies of the 60’s and 70’s. Also an intense love of hip hop, particularly 90’s hip hop!

----- Deirdre 23.01.12 04:52

My unexpected passion is realizing when contrasts turns out to be in perfect harmony - like a rapper talking architecture.

----- Mike Hojrup 23.01.12 04:50

My unexpected passion: Jesus Christ

----- Ben Bubar 23.01.12 04:32

i unexpectedly and passionately just fell in love with a rapper…believe dat!

----- kristin elise 23.01.12 04:30

I luv buying old vintage ties… and i don’t even wear suits.

----- david 23.01.12 04:23

My unexpected passion:
For sure is to ride my Harley through the city late at night. Be part of the concrete mass of the city. It’s Just Awesome.

----- Daniel Campello 23.01.12 04:20

I want this poster!! to put in my wall in São Paulo Brasil!!!!

regards from Brasil!

----- Pepe Gallegos 23.01.12 04:10

My unexpected passion is DJ’ing and organising / promoting my underground electronic music events concept in Brussels.

----- Thibault 23.01.12 04:09

if bills needn’t be paid, i’d do away with my corporate desk monkey job…and pursue letters, typrography, handwriting, calligraphy…i love letters, words, symbols…not sure specifically why…i just do, i don’t question it…i just try to indulge in it as much free time dictates…

----- jano 23.01.12 04:02

Playing cards……..pride of the pack is an old Waddington’s Number 1 pack found in Brussels….and obviously the cheap pack i get in my stocking every year…

----- Kit Ambage 23.01.12 03:51

I have a passion for old Churches in the countryside.
The dusty, musty smell. The space, the quiet.
The moments away from the hub-bub of everyday life.
The quality of building materials. Light streaming through old stained glass windows. Lovely.

----- Andrew 23.01.12 03:36

My unexpected passion would have to be Industrial Design, specially furniture, which I discovered by accident while studying to become a lawyer. I don´t have to say that I dropped off the law course to start I.D…. cheers!

----- Joao Mendonca 23.01.12 03:31

My unexpected passion is a big one. Growing up I always wanted to be a Cop and was about to go to police college after school. But then i got into studying Design (did not expect it all). Now i live for Interaction design and the psychology behind User experiences and Usability.

----- Marty Dunlop 23.01.12 03:22

Learning and speaking as many languages as possible (7 so far).

----- neza 23.01.12 03:00

I have a passion for soccer club logos. The aesthetics, the renewal process, the icons and symbols, the heraldics and semiotics….

----- Per Holsteen Larsen 23.01.12 02:57

Ooooh weeee! Love Cube, love Eames!!!!!! Would love to frame this one!

----- Harold 23.01.12 02:51

I collect magazines and other print stuff, under my bed is ridiculous amounts of creative review and books.

----- Joe Robinson` 23.01.12 02:32

My unexpected passion? Kamen Riders. Watched 1 series a few years back and never looked back since.

----- Guan Liang 23.01.12 02:14

Hi there. Well … besides the stuff that you’d expect I really love to go fishing. When I was a kid my grandpa showed me how to do it and I loved ever since … Cheers. S

----- Sebastian Groebner 23.01.12 01:58

My passion is finding old discontinued, expired film and shooting on it … beautifully deconstructed, unexpected and destroyed perfectly.

----- Jonathan 23.01.12 01:57

In my normal life, I’m a taxonomist/geek librarian. But I’m obsessed with street art.

----- Ashley 23.01.12 01:44

old taps and brass bits, im in grade 10 and for a couple years i’ve been collecting and sketching brass plumbing parts and taps. there is a draw in my room full of them, its addictive.

----- Harrison W 23.01.12 01:42

I went on a one day glass blowing course and it was awesome! Something about crafting solid objects from a molten blob is so viceral and appealing.

----- Dan Gilmore 23.01.12 01:41

I like picking pva glue off my fingers

----- jack 23.01.12 01:39

LOVE designer furniture and hip-hop. This poster would look dope in my office!

----- Simon P 23.01.12 01:36

i collect action figures of the joker. thus making the most disturbing shelf in bedroom history.

----- Simon 23.01.12 01:30

My unexpected passion would be teaching architecture, most fulfilling.. L’Architecture, mais bien sur!

----- Samir Bantal 23.01.12 01:05

My passion is “products meet people” and area in life that influences consumerism. The secret relationships between people and their purchases. Learning more and more every day, through many different mediums.
Just like this competition, what makes it so appealing, the beautiful fusion between 2 icons, both from different areas that people like to identify with, fused together in something that can be appreciated on a day to day basis in your home, that requires no upkeep or effort….just look at it an smile.

----- caine 23.01.12 00:51

i passionately collect fonts - and i’m proud of it.

----- panelomo 23.01.12 00:51

i have a passion for all things swedish. pick me!!

----- margot 23.01.12 00:48

Gardening! I donno if its very unexpected but my love for plants and vegetables would be the main secret passion of mine :) It’s good to finally share it :P

----- SoHail Sadeghzadeh 23.01.12 00:33

Travel is my passion :)

----- James 23.01.12 00:30

During the past months I became a boy again and found a new old passion for pocket knifes. Just the classic versions with one blade only and nothing too scary. It’s all about the beauty of these handy tools and not about being armed.

----- Kai 23.01.12 00:25

My unexpected passion would be tequila! (That can be a passion, right?) I took a tequila tasting class and now I always want to try new kinds.

----- Karyn 23.01.12 00:13

I stumbled upon an eames/ Herman miller shell chair in a thrift store for $5 much like the one in this poster, i bought it and was later inspired by it to want to go into furniture design.

----- matt 23.01.12 00:02

Design. I have been learning about colors, fashion and typography on the side. I am starting to eat it up more than my business I am running now.

----- J Alexander 22.01.12 23:56

For this west cost liberal arts educated young lady my other passion is watching hockey. (But especially the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships!)
Sure I could say Cooking, Artisanal cocktails, or Crafting but let’s be honest when those skate hits the ice it’s on!!

----- Olympia Showman 22.01.12 23:47

Mixed media projects! I’m in law, so, that’s unexpected in that crew.

----- LP 22.01.12 23:41

Great poster. My unexpected passion is geography. Despite the fact that my girlfriend thinks I’m wasting her time, I can’t stop spending hours looking at maps, flags, mountains and read about remote locations around the globe.

----- Henrik 22.01.12 23:37

Awesome Poster! Me wants :)

----- Jonas 22.01.12 23:19

My unexpected passion was starting a denim brand. Its coming to fruition nicely but I feel its not developed enough (legally) to publicly release info or media regarding the products due to foreseen potential knockoffs of my competitive edge.

----- August Larson 22.01.12 23:15

Classic poster! I have a strange obsession with finding amazing software that I don’t need to know and trying to learn it.

----- DaneT 22.01.12 23:07

My unexpected passion:
Pigeons! when i sit and wait for some one hwos late, i will stit and look at the beautiful bird!
i have this in my living room: http://kennethnuigen.blogspot.com/2011_02_01_archive.html

but rember thats my UNEXPECTED passion - I have more and graphic design is one of them!

----- Tau B. Rosenberg 22.01.12 23:03


My name is Chris and my unexpected passion is very heavy and aggressive hip hop music.

Thank you.

----- Chris Scott 22.01.12 23:03

Today was like one of those fly dreams
Got to see Ice Cube in a video about the Eames
No helicopter looking for a murder
Two in the morning got the fat burger
Even saw the lights of Disney Hall
And they made me think Cube’s still on the ball

----- Mr. Six 22.01.12 23:02

My unexpected passion is B-list black comedies

----- Chris 22.01.12 22:56

Batman, anything and everything Batman.

----- Robert Fielder 22.01.12 22:47

Design is my passion. Design in this world. In everything I see and interact with.

----- Ken K 22.01.12 22:37

Cupcakes. Lots and lots of vegan cupcakes.

----- Lucas S 22.01.12 22:35

oh, oh! pick me! pick me!

----- Lucas S 22.01.12 22:31

My unexpected passion is backpacks, I have this need to collect all kinds of backpacks. I don’t even recall how I became so appreciate of them. I guess I find beauty in their different forms and functionalities.

----- REN 22.01.12 22:30

Beer. Specifically, I homebrew beer. For my family and friends. I have four batches currently in process. There can never be enough!

----- Nick 22.01.12 22:04

Chasing Waterfalls. Not so much to catch a waterfall but more in the finding of them. i could spend hours driving my friends crazy searching for a good waterfall, running up and down the paths following the sounds of falling water. Oh and eating cheese (no so unexpected)

----- Dave S 22.01.12 22:02

First off, this is such an awesome poster. My unexpected passion would have to be skateboarding. It started as something to do because my friends did it, and now only my very close friends and I have stuck with it. Honestly, now I can’t see myself not doing it, its a source of inspiration for me.

----- Brett Smith 22.01.12 21:59

Unexpected Passion: “unboxing” anything, be it small/simple/large/complex/new/old. Taking the time to admire the packaging and presentation is just as fun as the product itself, especially when thought is put into them!

----- David G 22.01.12 21:57

I am an engineer but I love writing and keeps a journal.

----- Gorden 22.01.12 21:56

Genius marketing/poster! My passions list is mighty strong & long, but to save on tangential, epic, run-on sentences I will highlight 2 for you, which are 1) my passion for pebbles- you know the little guys on the ground next to the big guys, or stuck between things in your shoes or other rocks or trees, or best I’ve seen but not admired in person yet myself are the ones at Moonstone Beach in CA + 2) my passion for photographing hearts- not the thumping ones, but any graffiti ones, kids pictures of them, advertising relief that includes them, album covers with ones hidden in them (ex. Roberta Flack’s Feel Like Makin Love album cover has a bed frame with hearts), and I once had the mad pleasure of looking at the sky while driving down the interstate in my my home state of SC and the white clouds perfectly formed the shape of a heart with sky blue inside and surrounded by skyu blue elsewhere. Thanks for your awesome site ;)

----- Braden Kuhlman 22.01.12 21:51

My unexpected passion is music, and this is why I need this poster!

----- Jake 22.01.12 21:45

Unexpected passion(s): Off beat design products and their designers- contemporary and classic (Droog, Stark, Alessi, Ingo Mauer, Marcel Wanders, Eileen Gray etc). National parks. Fencing. Really beautiful shoes. Funny British Sci-fi TV shows. Installation art in unexpected places. J.Crew (yeah- a little embarrassed to admit that one). Locally grown comestibles. Great Design blogs. Action packed films. Dutch still lifes. Anything that can make me laugh out loud and of course a really fabulous and unexpected graphic… good for Ice Cube- this poster makes the cut.

----- Kumi 22.01.12 21:43

My unexpected passion (unless you know me, in which case it’s totally obvious) is trivia. I love knowing random facts, and I even enjoy taking tests if the topic is one that interests me.

----- Courtney 22.01.12 21:38

My unexpected passion: Architecture. Not actually designing buildings but the appreciation of, preservation of and restoration of architecture is wholly gratifying.

----- Dan Niemeier 22.01.12 21:35

I very much enjoy going to estate sales mainly to look through the weird stuff people hoard.

----- Randy 22.01.12 21:32

My unexpected passion is wood turning. Not that exciting, but I do really love the image of Ice Cube maxin and relaxin in that eames chair.

----- Dave 22.01.12 21:29

I get bored easily so an unexpected passion would have to be rearranging the furniture in my apartment to create new spatial experiences every now and then. It livens up the space and I just feel so refreshed after!

----- Caroline 22.01.12 21:27

My unexpected passion is cooking. I’m always trying to streamline or improve recipes.

----- Scott 22.01.12 21:27

I learned to weld last fall and I love it.

----- KariAnn 22.01.12 21:26

My wife appliques and I’m finding myself more and more thinking about things to be appliqued. Weird.

----- Aaron 22.01.12 21:23

Actually my unexpected passion is architecture. I’m a contractor by day but architect by the rest of the time!

----- Levi 22.01.12 21:18

Unexpected Passion: Trips to the desert. Bottles of rum or scotch depending on which coast I am. Oh and winning one of those sick posters.

----- Jeremiah Andrick 22.01.12 21:12

My unexpected passion is beekeeping, can’t wait until spring!

----- Daniel 22.01.12 20:41

My unexpected passion is finding every dive-y little restaurant in Oregon (yes, there’s a whole state outside of Portland) and experiencing them. The #1 rule is No Using Yelp. You have to stumble upon it and experience it the way we used to find things before the internets. If you ever want a greasy spoon recommendation from rural Oregon, I’m your girl.

----- Zara 22.01.12 20:33

My unexpected passion: Lego Bricks + Japanese Robots. It’s been a decade since I’ve had time to work on anything new as the style of the website shows but a lot of people still enjoy what I created back them. Hope to find time for it again soon. You can see some of my old creations at www.foundrydx.com

----- Sun 22.01.12 20:05

my unexpected passion: brewing beer.
I started with my dad in the 6th grade,and have enjoyed the art of craftbrew for years now.

----- Sean D 22.01.12 19:31

love the poster. my unexpected passion is cooking :D

----- Mike 22.01.12 19:17

secret love for old cameras

----- jill 22.01.12 18:26

My unexpected passion: wooden crafts. Woodcuts, totem poles, furniture. Especially wooden puzzle boxes.

----- Jamal 22.01.12 17:58

awesome poster! My “other” passion would be kitchen gadgets, I’m always looking for a better spatula if you’ve got one in mind…

----- Nick C 22.01.12 17:53

This is some kind of awesomeness colliding

----- nike chapman 22.01.12 17:30

Not many people know this about me, but I’ve now visited almost every property in the National Trust. Despite not being English, nor in my 50’s, I love seeing the houses/mansions/cottages that make up the history of a nation. (Also, they usually have farm shops with really good cheese.)

Not sure if that counts as a passion or not, but there you go.

----- Sanam 22.01.12 17:24

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