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Sweet Potato Latkes & Smoked Apple Sauce- 01.31.12

latke0.jpg This post is coming to you from MiO. Change your water. Change your day. What do you want to change?

Our Tasteologie editor, Jackson, took on the challenge of shaking the usual up to mix and match unexpected tastes for a surprisingly delicious experiment this weekend! Here are his results!

My favorite thing about food, apart from its uncanny ability to keep me alive, is its flexibility. Flavors, textures, ingredients, regions… can all swivel about and inject new life or old comfort into just about anything. Growing up, some of my favorite meals came from visiting relatives down in North Carolina. The flavors of soul food and bbq just make me smile. Other friends have some of the same warm fuzzy feelings of family and home associated with Jewish food during the holidays. Combining the two together seemed like something we had to do.

We’d been playing around with smokers lately and I was keen to put one back to work. Inspiration came in the form of the wonderful smoked applesauce from The Gorbals in downtown LA. On a lazy Sunday afternoon the course became clear… sweet potato latkes with a smoked apple sauce. See the process on the next page…

While the sweet potatoes were pretty straight forward we got a wide variety of apples to see what would work the best.


A little charcoal, a little hickory, one fire starter cube… and we we’re good to go!


The smoker works its magic by softening up the apples and giving them all a deep smokey flavor. The sweeter apples, like Fuji and Braeburn, seemed to take to the smoke the best.


The Cuisnart soup maker is equally happy making apple sauce. We blended up our batch with a little Chandelier Creative Montauk Surf Shack honey and some spices.


Next up… latkes! The key is to avoid grating your knuckles along with the sweet potatoes.


Eggs and flour help it all clump together and then they get squished down into the oil to fry.


Two worlds collide into deliciousness.


They are enjoyed best with a little dollop of apple sauce on top. In the end we have a dish that smells like a bbq and somehow reminds you of Hanukkah. It’s smokey, slightly sweet, sort of like candied yams, definitely a latke, a twist on your expectations, and very tasty.


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Yum, smoked applesauce! I have made roasted applesauce but this puts a whole new spin on things! great post! Thanks.

----- saltandserenity 01.02.12 08:12

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