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Free Key Press-To-Open Keyring- 02.04.12

freekey0.jpg I wish i had some of these now ~ just broke a nail swapping keys around on traditional key rings this weekend! These Free Key “Press-To-Open” flat keyrings by Eric von Schoultz made of sand blasted stainless steel are nail savers ~ just press/pinch and the leverage helps open the end! Nice and easy to slip the keys on and off when needed. Cute packaging as well ~ see lots of pics on the next page!








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hello to you it is my 50 birthday on the 8 of October so cud you send me a free key ring to celebrate my birthday if you can send it to Anthony Stephen craddock to 48 newton park hove edge brighouse west Yorkshire hd6 2lw UK thank you if you can send me one

----- anthony stephen craddock 23.09.12 09:38

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Just found the Canadian distributor at www.freekey.ca

----- Ada 29.08.12 14:13

Where are “FREEKEYS” available in the USA? Great idea that is long overdue.

----- BARRY THALER 14.08.12 03:31

These look very helpful. Are they for sale in u.s.? If so where?

----- Kim grant 12.02.12 20:37

These are already for sale in europe. Some stores listed in previous comment already.

----- Jean/NOTCOT 07.02.12 10:03

Will this be a “for sale” item, or just a good design…move on

----- Kev 07.02.12 08:19

Love this concept, when does they come to Denmark or an online webshop?

----- Simon 07.02.12 00:52

Here is the Link to german Manufactum, if you search for:

----- Sven 06.02.12 00:45

not sure where they are available in the US yet ~ but so far found them at Design Torget in sweden and Manufactum in Germany/EU online

----- Jean/NOTCOT 05.02.12 13:15

Wow, these look fantastic! I’m confused though, the website has a few elements in English, the rest of it is in Swedish. Is there an outlet for these yet?

----- The Slapster 05.02.12 12:45

These would be awesome if:

made of titanium.

Big “free key” ring was smaller (maybe 22mm instead of the probably 32mm).

Still look pretty neat though.

----- Jay 05.02.12 06:12

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