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IKEA Solarvind Wind Powered Lights- 02.07.12

ikeawind0.jpg IKEA has expanded their Solvinden spring/summer collection of solar lights (can you believe we’ve been writing about these since 2009?!?!) to now include not only solar but WIND powered lighting!!! It’s a fun idea ~ and designer, David Wahl, tells us more about them (and shows them in action) in the video on the next page! These were apparently “Inspired by the playfulness and movement of amusement park lamps” and “The designers and product developers worked closely with the supplier - even driving around holding a prototype out the window - to test the wind-power until everything worked.” Fun! Can’t wait to try these out in person… take a peek at the video and more pics on the next page!






Also ~ aren’t these new solar bird lights cute? ikeawind5.jpg

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Nice. But those rotating panels - wouldn’t you end up with flashing lights?

----- Jim 09.02.12 20:15

Hi, I Love Ikea!

----- Jill 09.02.12 13:57

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