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Moo cards go LUXE!- 02.08.12

moo0.jpg The iconic Moo “business” cards which can easily feature your whole Flickr/photo library have taken it to the next level… now you can get Moo Luxe Business Cards! What makes them so luxe? Besides the awesome new packaging with the magnetic box? Mohawk Superfine paper with Moo Quadplex technology to make a card of triple thickness and weight (vs most ordinary cards) with a rich seam of color within the layers of paper… Take a look at the unboxing of the set they sent over (which i quickly made a variation of my old shorter cards…) on the next page!

First things first ~ no matter your order ~ the top card in the box has a fun movie quote/opening line ~ here were the ones i got ~ “I’m kind of a big deal.” from Anchorman ~ “You had me at hello” from Jerry Maguire ~ “I think this if the beginning of a beautiful friendship” from Casablanca… cute opener from Moo, no? moo0a.jpg

Ok but back to the unboxing… moo1.jpg

… pop open the box to Luxe! moo2.jpg

… and then the adorable box with the faux wax seal (its purple plastic) on shiny ribbon… moo3.jpg

… as you slide that off, there’s a reflective little moo logo (and moo.com text on the back) moo4.jpg

… snap open the great magnetic box… and there are your cards! moo5.jpg

Of course i was black and white all the way… so black in the middle! moo6.jpg

Here’s a peek at my adapted cards… honestly, i wouldn’t suggest printing an all black/colored side… or not to the edges anyhow… the edges were already a bit beat up… also my handwriting on these cards starts to look a bit more pixelated than usual ~ i wonder if it is because i used high res jpgs instead of the illustrator files my other business cards had? moo7.jpg

Oh! and the back of those movie line cards? It’s a card for you to share with friendsmoo8.jpg

All in all ~ gorgeous packaging, great price, super fast and they feel amazing ~ but the one thing i realized that made my mind and fingers feel a bit disconnected… they are stunning in pictures, and the paper feels great ~ but in my hand, i think a business card of that thickness feels like you’d expect more texture… letterpress?

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