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Unboxing the Pentax/Marc Newson K-01- 02.25.12

pentax1.jpg Thank you, Pentax for sponsoring us to play with your awesome new Marc Newson designed K-01! This is the first in a few posts of our experiments with it ~ first up the UNBOXING of course!

Ok, so i’m sure you’ve seen this camera floating around all the design/tech sites. The new Pentax K-01 been hard to avoid… after all, it’s a new hybrid of dslr-like cameras ~ mirrorless, yet uses most of the Pentax lens line up ~ it has a 100-25600 ISO range, shooting amazingly in the dark ~ it even does HDR IN CAMERA ~ shoots 1080p video ~ oh, and it’s designed by Marc Newson. He even designed the super crazy thin pancake 40mm lens that goes with it! Ready to take a peek at our first look? To the next page!

First, the box… covered in a very Marc Newson like print… it definitely stands out differently from your usual camera boxes!



It’s pretty basic inside the box ~ camera body, charger (and power cable! i wish they made this smaller!), usb cable, battery, strap, and booklets. k01-5.jpg

As for the cameras ~ we took a look at the black and white ~ the primarily white bodied camera is my favorite! The yellow is interesting, but i’ve always been more of a black and white girl as you can see from all of NOTCOT! Shawn got inspired by the black and white and started playing around with the cameras on our Design I/O’s Here and There prints that were on the pool table ~ they make for a lovely backdrop! pentax2.jpg

All the photos of the White one on the black and white prints were shot with this Black one! Except when you see the lens or the black camera… then it was back to the 5D MKII. pentax3a.jpg






Look at how crazy thin this 40mm pancake lens also designed by Marc Newson is! pentax4.jpg




And on random details ~ this rubber piece to get access to ports and SD card, i may just be a fidgety shooter, but my thumb keeps peeling it open while shooting! k01-8.jpg

As for the black and white prints that we were shooting on… they are Design I/O’s Here and There prints “for kids” - “Here to There (“City” and “Jungle”) is the first pair in a series of experimental posters for children that combine science, nature, algorithm and design, to feed their imagination and curiosity. We developed a suite of software tools using openFrameworks to programmatically build elements based around concepts like algorithm, permutation, cause and effect, and topology to name a few. These elements are the building blocks for the different worlds and become a part of the stories being told. The programmatic designed elements are mixed with hand illustrated forms and quirky creatures to create a bizarre hybrid world that talks to both hemispheres of the brain. Some of the programmed elements are quite obvious but others like extracted elevation data from a Hawaiian volcano and craters from the surface of the Moon are much more subtle. We even have the waveform of our voice as a part of the landscape.”



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I’ve had the (black) K-01 for three weeks now and love it. I use it a lot and have even taken it with me instinctively instead of my Leica M8. That says a lot, I think. The Image quality is outstanding, the layout of buttons great and the design just beautiful. I know by now it’s a “love it or hate it” camera as far as the design is concerned, but… if you’re really interested in great design *and* great image quality, then get one I would say. The 40mm XS lens is really good and being able to use my other Pentax lenses on the K-01 make it even better. Highly recommended! I just wish I could also pick up the white version, but unfortunately it’s not for sale here in The Netherlands. Last but not least: Thanks for your “unboxing” article. Very well done!

----- Ron 21.04.12 18:41

looks horrible!

----- noelieboy 29.02.12 07:38

Just one shot with a hand or something in it to give a sense of scale would have been good…..

----- Glenn 27.02.12 03:14

I second the video test. I’ve been closely following the coverage of this camera, and if the video mode is nice, then I’ll be purchasing asap.

----- Ben 26.02.12 16:30

Tell us more about the K-01…

----- Zach 26.02.12 13:47

Cool, do you shoot video with your 5d mkll? Could you please give us a review of how the k-01 performs with video shooting in comparison with the 5d?

----- Paul 26.02.12 06:10

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