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Acronym WS-JF26 Packable Shell Jacket- 03.21.12

acronym1.jpg I’ve been lusting after Acronym goods for years now… and perhaps, secretly loving that the jackets i liked were only for guys, so i couldn’t give in. Well for their new Acronym SS/12 collection… they did it. Their women’s WS-JF26 Hardshell Packable Windstopper Active Shell Jacket is awesome. And i’m smitten… all the brilliant design details… including my favorite JacketSling feature… recut and fitted for ladies!

The WS-JF26, which they describe as: “Light and soft almost to the point of invisibility, WS-JF26 floats in at a feather weight 150g. Enabler of this feat is the new Windstopper® Active Shell™ fabric; a windproof, water-repellent, highly breathable, highly compressible, ultralight ghost of a textile. Rolled into its own stow pocket, JF26 forms a tiny package that you can take with you anywhere. Hang it off of the carabiner, or wear it over your shoulder on the Jacketslingæ. Pack carefully and the zippered pocket will even hold all of your essentials (card, key, phone) for day or nighttime sorties.”

Best way to fall for it… see the video of it in action on the next page, as well as lots of detail pictures! (and a bonus, also see the awesome men’s E-J23 Lightshell Epic Vehicular Jacket has a magical Escape Zip that lets you unzip it off while carrying a messenger bag or seatbelt!)




Here’s a look at how you use the Escape Zip on the E-J23 Lightshell Epic Vehicular Jacket: acronym5.jpg

Here’s a great interview with founder Errolson Hugh…

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OMG, where can I get my hands on one of these?

----- Sophia 21.03.12 15:23

Great look, but why does the model look so angry? :)

----- Jeremiah Andrick 21.03.12 10:16

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