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Chambre De Sucre- 03.07.12

sugar0a.jpg Sugar! Sugar! SUGAR! I’ve been on a bit of a sugar high since this mysterious packet of mini packets of sugar samples arrived from Chambre De Sucre and i tore them all open to shoot/taste it for this post. SO much sugar. And it’s all so delicately pretty. Oh, and we also brewed quite a few cups of espresso to try them with. We’ve been buzzing over here.

These sugars from Chambre De Sucre are not just gourmet sugars… “The sugars are handcrafted by one of the oldest family-owned businesses in Japan with the highest quality sugar possible. They are over 270 years old and have provided the Royal Family in Japan with their sugar since the time of the Shogun. Japanese artisans still use traditional methods to create this luxurious sugar for your cup of tea and coffee.” Their about page tells you a heart-warming story of Lisa’s past and what these sugars mean to her through her childhood experiences in Japan. They are the first to import these sugars to the US! The assortment of sugar options are mind blowing as you browse their site, and the packaging looks beautiful for gifting as well… on the next page you can see close ups of the many little samples sent over as we tried our way through them!









Oh no! It fell in the hole… sugar9.jpg




Here’s a peek at how the samples arrived… sugar-last.jpg

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@ amanda: its from the swedish brand rörstrand and called mademoiselle oiseau (artist; lovisa burfitt)

----- elke 11.04.12 00:56

I am in LOVE with your mug!!! Please, please tell me where it came from.

----- Amanda 14.03.12 18:44

such gorgeous pretty sweets… if only I can get some!!

----- Shirley 08.03.12 01:41

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