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Ara Peterson & Jim Drain’s Fan Installation at Transmission LA: AV Club- 04.21.12

fan1.jpg Ara Peterson & Jim Drain created a mind trip of household fan driven pinwheels which are dizzying and fascinating to walk through at Avant/Garde Diaries Transmission LA: A/V Club at MoCA… Constantly spinning as you wander through them and feel slight breezes coming from different angles, they suck you in if you fixate too hard on a particular one… and looking back it’s amazing to see that it really is just regular fans strategically positioned moving them! See the video and more pics on the next page!


See? it’s all fan driven ~ with fan’s you probably have around the house! fan3.jpg

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i visited this exhibit a few days ago and am completely obsessed i loved it so much! gonna have to go back to see it again before it closes… love your photos and videos of it so much more than my own i had to share the link with friends and followers! great job!

----- holly- almost 40 year old intern 30.04.12 23:52

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