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Design Behind the NEW Nike Free - 04.02.12

free1.jpg I’ve been mesmerized by the pics of these new Nike Free Running Shoes since i saw them on Acquire… there’s something so… naturally inspired about them… and/or the way they are photographed… also glowing… i think they remind me of nudibranchs when they swim, it’s that shape and the colorful nature of them. (Can you imagine Nike Frees actually inspired them?) Anyhow ~ back to the DESIGN! I’ve been loving my grey/red Nike Free, so light, comfy, and packable (it’s fun watching shoe design evolve as everyone goes superlight lately!)… and the details of this latest edition of the Nike Free designs keep those, and take it even further. Take a look at the pictures on the next page as well as videos with their designer, Mike Miner, discussing the creative inspirations and process behind the latest!







Here’s the new collection… free8.jpg

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i prefer the presto air which preceded the first nike free. and i prefer the first nike free w/ out the tongue and in the ultra suede type material to the current model. yours are beautiful, i just find the others, esp. the prestos, gave more of a spring to the step.

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