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Incase DSLR Sling Pack Camera Bags- 04.09.12

camera0.jpg The perfect camera bag is hard to find. I even have categories of them ~ functional for travel (hand carry and/or check in) ~ perfect incognito bag (usually a big purse!) Lately i’ve been needing a good solution for the travel/hand carry side of things. Something padded to carry my usual amount of tech and basic purse essentials when paired with a roller carry-on for quick (or efficiently packed) trips. Intrigued by the Incase Camera Collection, i was also overwhelmed and baffled by the sizing and options… when narrowing it down, most alluring were the DSLR Sling Pack and DSLR Pro Sling Pack. But was the Sling big enough? Was the Pro Sling too big? The pictures on the site were hard to decipher for sure… SO ~ the kind folks at Incase sent both over for me to compare and share! Take a peek at the sizes and how they seem as i cram things into them on the next page!


Both the DSLR Sling Pack and DSLR Pro Sling Pack have the sling design for easy access (but note that these are righty bags… our resident lefty had a bit of an issue getting used to slinging it in that direction), have adjustable velcro dividers and lots of pockets and zips tucked away… Biggest differences are how much each can hold and the Sling Pack can fit an iPad/Macbook Air 11” whereas the Pro Sling Pack can hold up to a MacBook Pro 15”… little differences are things like the larger bag having a rain cover, waist straps (that can be tucked away!), etc.

camera1a.jpg DSLR Sling Pack

camera2.jpg DSLR Pro Sling Pack

First test was playing with the DSLR Sling Pack - Macbook Air 11” fit like a charm, next in Canon 5D MKIII with 16-35mm lens, then pack of chargers (for both, phone, usual basic cables)… big wallet and camera… and it was FULL. So it’s PERFECT for the bare minimum of tech/purse as a handcarry. And you still have the slim side pockets for flat stuff… from phone to filters, to little notebook/pens. camera4.jpg (photo taken on cell phone since main camera and lens was inside!)

Side by side you can start to see how much larger the Pro is… camera5.jpg

And far more options inside! camera6.jpg

The DSLR Sling Pack has a few mesh/elastic pockets built in, as well as one on a velcro panel. camera10.jpg

The color coded buttons on the unique velcro panels in the DSLR Pro Sling Pack help you fit them into place in addition to the velcro. Additionally, in the picture above, the “easy access” lens compartment is just made up of these dividers - both that section and the main opening open right into the large compartment. camera9.jpg

Both bags have nice easy handles to grab the bag from the top… the Pro’s lies flat. camera8.jpg

Likewise to grab it from the side, both have lie flat handles (one of my favorite details!) camera7.jpg

Other nice little touches… zippers that slip in to protected sleeves and elastic to keep straps from flapping about. camera11.jpg

Conclusion? The DSLR Sling Pack is perfect for me as a super tech/travel purse replacement… as in, it holds my essentials and barely anything more (macbook air 11”, DSLR+lens, charges/cables, wallet) - i’m barely going to be able to sneak a magazine in there on a flight. The DSLR Pro Sling Pack is far larger than it seemed in the pictures ~ and is perfect for carrying a 15” macbook pro, camera/s, lens/es and/or flashes, etc… and might actually be ideal as a nice, versatile, weather/everything prepared bag (so nicely padded all around!) when you want to to carry more than what’s in the sling, but actually fit toiletries and basic overnight/weekender stuff in it as well!

And if you want to go even larger… and instead of a sling, have two straps backpack style - there is also the DSLR Pro Pack camera3.jpg

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Hi, I realize that this review is a bit old, but reviews for these bags are pretty sparse on the web. Was wondering how the DSLR Pro Sling (the bigger sling pack) faired on a plane? Was it able to fit under the seat in front? (A guestimation is fine) - Any other stylish recommendations for bags that could comfortably fit a 15” Macbook with room for some moderate camera gear? THanks Notcot!

----- Darren 05.08.12 16:52

Wow, this was incredibly helpful. I’ve been getting back into photography and been wanting to invest in new lenses and a pack to hold it all, and I’ve been trying to decide between these two.

It looks like I’ll be going with the Pro Sling Pack.

----- Randall Tabula 09.04.12 23:39

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