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Mike D + Mercedes-Benz Necklaces- 04.20.12

mikemerc00.jpg It’s another 4am and with so much inspiration from today to share, trying to just pick one to post before passing out… just back from the launch of Mercedes-Benz’s Avant/Garde Diaries: Transmission LA: A/V Club, curated by Mike D of the Beastie Boys at MOCA. A stunning body of work on show, great performance by Santigold, and a peek at the new Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe… but before we get to any of that…

I never thought i’d be the girl wearing a heavy gold chain… especially a gold chain with a Mercedes Emblem! But tonight it happened… I remember as a little girl, being terribly confused when my dad’s Mercedes emblem was stolen. He tried to explain that people turned them into necklaces… It was the 80s. I was pretty young… and it wasn’t until years later that it all started to make sense. Mike D has apparently always had a thing for the car emblems, and even Inspired Fad Boosts VW Emblem Thefts when he was wearing a large VW emblem off a car on a gold chain… So it’s only natural that when curating this art festival (which they gave him carte blanche on!) he created a HUGE Mercedes emblem hanging on a large chain in the central pavillion of the exhibition… as well as a few huge emblems tucked around the space… and then around 25 special chain necklaces with authentic Mercedes-Benz emblems for the artists and key brand folks…

As a girl with a passion for logos and brands since a young age… it was absolutely fascinating to see how far this brand nostalgia goes, and the amusement everyone had seeing the HUGE chain necklace logo pieces as well as the select few roaming the party wearing the Mercedes Necklaces! Christoph Horn (Mercedes-Benz Director of Global Communications) generously gave me his necklace before heading off to china for the autoshow mid party! The details and story of the automotive chain necklace motif are far too fun ~ so take a peek at them (HUGE and life sized) on the next page… they are sure to bring a grin to your face.

p.s. Also take a peek at the brilliant cassette tape USB press kit!

Driving up as we looked for parking we snapped this picture out the window not knowing what it was… mikemerc0.jpg

Upon entering the outdoor area of the space hung this huge emblem on a chain… mikemerc1.jpg


There’s another tucked away at the end of a corridor in the exhibition… mikemerc3.jpg

Here’s a “then and now” look at Mike D… remember the VW necklace that sparked more thefts? mikemerc4.jpg

Here’s Anders-Sundt Jensen, Head Of Brand Communications, modeling one of the necklaces! mikemerc5.jpg

You can really see how huge they are relative to the people as the crowd filled in… mikemerc6.jpg

Here’s what i found in my purse by the time i made it home tonight… (Thank you, Christoph!) And how cute is this cassette USB key? mikemerc11.jpg

As for a close up of the back, you can see it’s an actual Mercedes-Benz emblem… mikemerc12.jpg

The Mercedes-Benz’s Avant/Garde Diaries: Transmission LA: A/V Club event is on for 17 days! mikemerc13.jpg

Ok. Past 4am, i’m off to sleep now, but more to come on the inspiring art and designs of the Transmission LA adventures soon!

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