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Grow: Rare & Unusual Succulents in Cambria, CA- 05.23.12

succu00.jpg We love succulents here at NOTCOT ~ remember the amazing patterns and incredibly gummy looking ones? The geometry of the patterns they create and emerge in are just mesmerizing… not to mention the colors and flowers and how tiny they start out and how adorably they evolve! Anyhow… while driving back down the 1 from Monterey to LA, we got curious and started pulling off to see the main streets of the towns along the way, including Cambria! And my eyes did a double take when i saw a bright, playful sign reading “Rare and Unusual Succulents” ~ we HAD to stop! And it is amazing. First you go through a house of garden goods… through their large patio… then you see it. Another house! With another “Rare and Unusual Succulents” sign on top… and within the Grow Nursery is loads of air plants (even in bubble gum machines!)… and out to ANOTHER patio FILLED with truly rare & unusual specimens. It was like a succulent wonderland, and we met the lovely Jan Moon, who blew our mind with her knowledge of them, rattling off scientific names and families and lots of information on which were new hybrids, what to expect, how to water, and more!

So check out the adorable and amazing space of Grow Nursery’s Rare & Unusual Succulents as well as the assortment we gave in to on the next page!









Amazing to see these all soaking! succu9.jpg

Here they are nestled into the back seat on the drive home! succu10.jpg

As for the goodies we gave in to… succu11.jpg









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I bought a petopentia natalensis at the SF succulant show i cant find info about plant can you help

----- barrie g 23.06.14 15:25

This is neither thoughtful, intelligent nor amusing … where are you located? Are you open to the public?

----- Marcia Rosenberg 06.03.14 16:46

you need to name the plants !! what’s that one that looks like snakes comeing out the top (7th from the bottom of these pics) and looking like it’s blooming ???????????

----- mary 08.11.12 05:16

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