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Darragh Casey’s Shelving the Body- 06.18.12

shelvingthebody4.jpg The latest from London-based editor, Justine Aw at the Central Saint Martins 2012 Degree Shows.

Darragh Casey’s series Shelving the Body. Darragh’s dad used to put up a shelf every time was bored and this inspired the furniture design student to explore the relationship between people, shelves and the objects they are designed to hold. Rather than creating generalist shelves that support all nature of goods, he began experimenting and creating shelves which rely on people to use their own bodies and weigh to support or counterbalance objects or require users to carefully configure their objects on the shelves. Some shelves require the user to take a certain position and in his shelving the body project, shelves are designed to support human bodies themselves! I love the ‘shelf portrait’s that result and the excellent participation of Darragh’s family across the generations! See more pictures on the next page!


The shelves at the show (sadly without bodies to support!).


The delightfully ludic Shelf Portrait series capturing the artist himself along with members of his family, all cleverly supported by shelves. Even the family dog has his own place!




For his playful ‘shelf portraits’, Darraght recruited members of his own family and mounted the shelves on a sturdy metal wall to hold their weight. Here’s a timelapse video of that process:

Darragh has created a great booklet capturing all of the permutations of his shelving experimentation. Here are just a few of our favorites.


The Vitruvian Shelf.


Straddle Shelf 3.


The Alan Shelf, which relies on the user for support!


The See Saw Shelf, which balances either with the user or careful arrangement of objects.

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