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Dom Pèrignon x David Lynch Launch- 06.21.12

dommain.jpg Last night i ended up at Milk Studios in Hollywood for the unveiling or the latest David Lynch also created the whole experience of the evening… creating a fascinating series of spaces and experiences as each room opened up throughout the night. Starting with champagne on the steps as you enter… to gentlemen in top hats handing you chalk to sign your name on the wall… then passing through a mysteriously glowing foggy tunnel… to explore various dramatically lit dioramas of Dom bottles showing part of the process of how they came to the limited editions… while enjoying delicious molecular gastronomy from The Bazaar by José Andrés… and beyond to the reveal of the new bottles and performances by The Kills and Diplo! It was a spectacular night not to be forgotten… take a picture at the experience on the next page!

The teaser…

David Lynch’s arrival… lynch1.jpg

First stop was the chalk wall… lynch2.jpg

He found a space and signed his name… lynch3.jpg

Just below the Dom insignia! lynch4.jpg

Then you pass through the long glowing, foggy tunnel… lynch5.jpg

… at the end is a big neon Dom shield… you can see some of the food coming through from The Bazaar by José Andrés… this one is the shrimp cocktail with pipettes of cocktail sauce piercing through them. lynch6.jpg

Here’s a look at some liquid nitrogen mixing up gazpacho… lynch6a.jpg

The DJ was mixing on the Maschinelynch6b-repl.jpg

To get the final shots ~ David Lynch brought on some set/lighting designers to play for 2 days ~ exploring the unexpected ways to capture Dom Perignon… at the event, they set up a few different lighting set ups to see Dom in a new light… newdom1.jpg

the classic bottle shot lighting… lynch6c.jpg

A projection of the Dom shield in a foggy case… lynch6ca.jpg

What that shining glow looked like above… lynch6ca1.jpg

A spinning plate of sparkle with lasers shooting at it… lynch6d.jpg

An aquarium of moving bubbles around the bottle… lynch6e.jpg

… see it in action!

Here are the resulting two images for the limited edition bottles! newdom.jpg

Passing through to the next room… lynch7.jpg

… The wall lifts up to reveal the new bottles! lynch8.gif




David Lynch signs the two magnums… lynch12.jpg


A peek at the party around the bottles… lynch15.jpg

Then one of his favorite bands, The Kills come on and play an amazing set! lynch16.jpg

Then came Diplo! lynch17.jpg


… and he closed out the night! lynch19.jpg

And on random fun facts ~ playing with the interactive Kinect walk way ~ did you know glass isn’t detected by it? lynch20.jpg

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