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Illustrations by Sophie Alice Wiltshire- 06.18.12

illmug0.jpg The latest from London-based editor, Justine Aw as she checks out the press preview of Show RCA 2012. The show opens to the public on the 20th of June and closes on the 1st of July.

Another highlight from Show RCA 2012, is the work of ceramist and illustrator Sophie Alice Wiltshire. Wiltshire’s beautiful illustrations make gorgeous mugs and stunning tiles! Her illustrations are inspired by visits to the incredible spirit collections at the Natural History Museum, London (which are my favorite collection there too!). More photos of her beautiful natural history inspired pieces on the next page!


One of Sophie’s favorite specimens at the NHM is the iconic giant squid, captured here in tiles.



I love these mugs capturing fluid preserved specimens! Such a range of specimens too!


Here’s a closeup of an fluid preserved octopus mug.


A lovely tile of an enormous squid beak and the small pet octopus that belonged to Charles Darwin


Dinosaur plates! A sophisticated, grown up version of what every kid wants its dinner on?


The artist among her work!

And for those who love their fluid preserved specimens, UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology is definitely worth a visit too!

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