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TATE Blackout: Little Sun- 07.29.12

littlesun0.jpg The latest from London-based editor, Justine Aw.

Last night we had an incredible evening at the Tate Modern, exploring the surrealism galleries in the dark, experiencing the art of the Tate in an entirely new light (literally!). It was the first of a season of Tate Blackouts during which the gallery will dim the lights and invite visitors to explore and experience the surrealism galleries by the illumination of their own Little Sun.

The Little Sun is designed by Olafur Eliasson (who was also behind the Tate’s Weather Project) in collaboration with engineer Frederik Ottesen. The Little Sun can provide light to the 1.6 billion people worldwide who have no access to mains electricity. Safer and cleaner than kerosene lamps, the Little Sun is solar powered, turning 5 hours of natural light into 5 hours of Little Sun light, and with a 3 year battery life.

I loved the idea of bringing the Little Sun inside an art museum, and the fact that the object is simultaneously a resource for developing nations and itself an art object used to illuminate and experience modern art in a city like London! Playing with Little Suns inside a blacked out Tate Modern, meant beautiful light graffiti! More photos of the Tate’s surrealism galleries experienced by the light of the Little Sun on the next page!

littlesun1.jpg We each received our own Little Sun at the start of the night!


littlesun4.jpg We enjoyed drinks and unboxing our lights perched up on the 6th floor of the Tate Modern, overlooking the Thames and St Pauls. It was a beautifully clear night!

littlesun5.jpg Olafur Eliasson gave a rather inspirational speech on the importance not just of thought, but action and the importance of not just talking about things, but actually doing them and the value of shared experiences. A very fitting introduction to our later surreal gallery exploration.

littlesun6.jpg Switching on!

littlesun7.jpg Entering the surrealism galleries with Little Suns lighting the way!

littlesun8.jpg Exploring the galleries by the light of the Little Sun. I love the way it captures attention and how visitors move about the gallery, revealing where they stop and what they look at!








littlesun16.jpg The Little Sun exhibition on the second floor of the Tate with an opportunity to find out more about solar power and a chance to pick up your own!


Here are some of the postcards from the event! newsun2.jpg



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I was there. Fantastic pictures! How did you take the dynamic ones… was it a long exposure or were they staged?

----- irene lee 07.08.12 13:20

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