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The House Hotel Galatasaray, Istanbul- 07.19.12

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Currently in Istanbul! While here, decided to try The House Hotel Galatasaray. One of the three House Hotels (all in Istanbul), this is the four-storey mansion built in 1890′s and renovated by renowned Autoban Design. The result is a beautiful and unexpected mixture of late 1800 turkish styles with lots of geometric patterns which feel like modern takes on more traditional tile patterns… from the reception area to the closet to the ceiling of the bathroom. Additionally the juxtaposition of modern (custom!) furnishings, chandeliers, tvs and more to the wood flooring and ornate walls and ceilings leave you in a beautifully unique space! As Mr & Mrs Smith says, “The House Hotel Galatasaray in Istanbul is a masterfully modernised mansion, elegantly imperial with a hint of contemporary magic.” Take a peek inside our room on the next page!

First a peek from the website, because its nearly 4am and i’m too tired to run back downstairs and outside to take pics… house00a.jpg

The cute little door you enter… house0a.jpg

The reception desk… (I thought about running downstairs to take a pic, but the poor man at the front desk must have been out cold when we just got back, as he jumped pretty hard when we opened the door! I’d feel terrible to do it again!) house0b.jpg

Hallway view! 4 room/suites on each floor… house0c.jpg

NOW a peek into our room… well, our second room. Our first room had overheating issues… (Thank you, Mr & Mrs Smith for incredible service even after booking!) First thing in the door, you see the sitting area… and to the left, the entryway to the bedroom… and the pod shower! house2.jpg

The high molded ceilings and walls are an interesting contrast to the minimalist modern furnishings… including the gilded geese flying around the room… house3.jpg

…. including the gilded geese flying around the room… house4.jpg

Looking towards the bedroom… house5.jpg

the pod showers! It’s interesting to have freestanding showers ~ they almost feel like huge old school bank teller vacuum tubes of sorts… feels great, but it is a bit precarious exiting right to the slippery wood floors! house6.jpg

View from the bed back towards the sitting room… fun closet! house7.jpg

A view of the sitting room and the bathroom ceiling… house8.jpg

A peek into the bathroom! house9.jpg

Close up of the tiles look like test name plate tiles engraved for stores with their addresses. house10.jpg

The bathroom ceiling lighting… house11.jpg

Looking out the window… house12.jpg

And here’s a peek at the delicious specially made Turkish Delights for House Hotel… house13.jpg

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