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20 Years of Cartoon Network- 08.01.12

cartoonnetwork0.jpg Home and cleaning through things after the last month of nearly non-stop travel, found this Cartoon Network 20th anniversary poster from SD Comiccon ~ can you believe its been 20 years?!?!?! And even crazier ~ can you find all the characters in the poster? Larger view of the poster and the check list on the next page!

cartoonnetwork1.jpg Here’s a peek of the back of the Cartoon Network booth at the show ~ there was another wall similar outside the convention center!

cartoonnetwork4.jpg Dee Dee was always one of my favorites…



Click the following to view larger! cartoonnetwork2.jpg


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7 Notes

Adventure Time reigns supreme! ;P

----- Smiling Fox 07.06.14 03:53

This would make a great blotter sheet.

----- Charlie 23.05.14 22:57

@TRAVIS it got canceled, but if thats not what you where talking about then LOL

----- Trent 30.10.12 17:10

I still watch cartoon network with my niеces.

----- Jimmy 25.09.12 02:27

What an effort of work by cartoon network. I remember when I was kid I loved it.

----- Asif 07.09.12 08:46

So this kind of kicks a whole lot of ass, and I want a copy/poster or something. Let’s figure this out.

----- CJ Holden 21.08.12 16:29

what ever happened to Robot Jones?

----- travis 21.08.12 00:50

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